0-4 after 2-8! Su was killed by Bayern twice in 68 days

 0-4 after 2-8! Su was killed by Bayern twice in 68 days

Barcelona were humiliated by Bayern 2-8 in the quarter final of last seasons Champions League. At the start of the second half, Suarez used his personal ability to score a goal for Barcelona and he made it 2-4. That game was also the last game of the Uruguayans Barcelona career, and he was one of the few players in the team who played normally.

After being put on the transfer list by Barcelona, Suarez was finally sent to Madrid by the Rossoneri almost for nothing. In Atleticos Champions League debut this season, Suarez suffered a big loss in front of Bayern. In Munich, Atletico lost 4-0 away from home and Suarez made his debut in the Champions League. In 68 days, the Uruguayan was twice humiliated by Bayern Munich, the total score was humiliating 2-12. Fans ridiculed Suarez wildly on social networks. His head was put on the famous why is it always me picture of Ba Shen.

In Munich tonight, Suarez had only one shot in 75 minutes, and he pushed a short shot wide. The Uruguayan has made contribution for Bayern, Felix originally scored a goal, but because Suarez offside position blocked Noels line of sight and was blown out. In whoscoreds post game score, Suarez only got a passing score of 6.02.

It is obviously not objective to put all the blame on Suarez, but we have to admit frankly that the 34 year old Uruguayan is no longer a top centre forward. Suarezs body has been noticeably overweight in recent years, and his body has been unable to keep up with consciousness. The weight gain also led to a decline in Suarezs flexibility, which greatly reduced his ability to break through. In todays football, fast attack after high position close snatch is one of the most mainstream attacking methods, but Uruguayan can no longer speed up.