Shanghai marathon starts in November: focus on epidemic prevention! Only 9000 people will run in the whole course

 Shanghai marathon starts in November: focus on epidemic prevention! Only 9000 people will run in the whole course

According to reports, this years Shanghai marathon canceled the previous 10 km and 5.5 km healthy running events, and only retained the whole marathon. The scale of participation is planned to be 9000. Foreign athletes will not be invited to participate in this full marathon project, and competitors from current or high-risk areas will not be accepted. At the same time, the winners will be screened with big data once a fortnight. If the risk in their area is increased before the competition, they will be automatically disqualified and the registration fee will be refunded. The forecast name has been opened in the afternoon of October 21, and the lottery results will be announced in the afternoon of October 27.

The starting point of the competition will adopt the way of spot shooting to ensure the safe distance between the players. The starting gun was adjusted from one shot to three shots, each with 3000 people. There are also many optimization routes to meet the requirements of keeping a safe distance in different time periods. After the competition, the staff will issue masks and ask them to wear them. The starting point of the competition is in Taurus Plaza, the Bund, and the end point is Xuhui Binjiang West Bank Art Center. The location of the bag is located in the exhibition hall of the art center.

Epidemic prevention is an important work this year. After repeated communication with relevant epidemic prevention departments, the organizing committee has formulated detailed epidemic prevention measures. The data of all participants will be screened regularly to closely track the changes of high-risk areas and health codes. All participants and front-line staff (such as emergency runners and volunteers who have contact with runners) should submit nucleic acid negative test report and health and safety responsibility commitment signed by themselves before entering the competition and taking up their posts.

During the competition, the contestants should wear masks at the equipment collection site, the starting and ending points of the competition and the assembly area to wait for gun firing, so as to maintain a safe social distance and avoid unnecessary communication and physical contact. Face recognition system is set up at the starting point of the competition to avoid such behaviors as running instead of running and rubbing. When entering the competition area, players must show their ID cards for face recognition, temperature measurement and follow-up code. Only after the triple verification of identity, temperature and health code can they enter the assembly area.

According to reports, there is no viewing area in the starting and Finishing areas and along the track, so the on-site security personnel will dissuade the crowd from gathering; all areas and facilities will also be disinfected every two hours to ensure the safety and health of public areas in an all-round and high-frequency manner.

Source: responsible editor of Xinhua News Agency: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651