UEFA Champions League - Lukaku double hit points, inter home 2-2 draw

 UEFA Champions League - Lukaku double hit points, inter home 2-2 draw

In the fifth minute of the first half of the match, pericic crossed from the left, and Damian headed the goal. The first 13 minutes, Eriksson penalty free kick in front of the goal was confiscated by Sommer. In the 17th minute, danbrosio was warned by a yellow card for a foul while fighting.

The first 21 minutes, Damian base line inverted triangle back knock, Eriksson push shot the door was Ginter block out. The first 31 minutes, Lukaku points the ball, Eriksson with the ball to the top of the arc after the attack was blocked out of the bottom line. The 41st minute, Sanchez sent straight, Lukaku the right side of the restricted area swing open angle after the volley attack, the ball deviated from the goal of the far end of the baseline.

After the half-time break, inter took the lead in personnel adjustment, lautaro Martinez came out to replace Sanchez, and then the two teams changed sides to fight again. In the 49th minute, bidal picked and passed the forbidden area, lautaros header was not surrounded by his team-mates, danbrosios bottom line inverted triangle hit back, Damians head-on push was blocked by the defensive players, Lukakus small restricted area volleyed the goal, and inter took a 1-0 lead.

In the 53rd minute, Damians strafing attack was blocked. Then inter then organized the attack, barera straight into the restricted area, Lukaku volley attack was blocked. The 60th minute, little Thuram fell in the forbidden area, the referee first ignored, and then personally went to the court to check the var. Little Thuram was kicked down by bidal in the forbidden area and the referee awarded a penalty kick. Bensabini took the penalty kick in one stroke, and the score was tied 1-1.

In the 84th minute, menxing blocked straight in the back field. Hoffman easily pushed the goal into the forbidden area with a single knife. After communication between the chief referee and the video assistant referee, it was confirmed that the goal was effective, and menxing was 2-1 ahead. Mikolafs header in the penalty area 89 minutes.

The 90th minute, inter corner ball, Bastoni before the head ferry, Lukaku after the point hit the goal, the score was leveled 2-2. In stoppage and stoppage time, Kolarovs free kick directly hit the goal and hit the side net. In the end, the two teams drew 2-2.

Inter Milan (3412): 1-handanovic / 11 Kolarov, 6-de vrai, 33-danbrosio / 14-pericic (7995-bastoni), 22-bidal, 23-barella, 36 Damian / 24-eriksson (7977-brozovic) / 7-sanchez (4510-lautaro-martinez), 9-lukakumensing (4231): 1-somer / 25-bensabani, 30-elvidi, 28- Jintel, 18 Lena / 32 Neuhaus, 6 Kramer / 10 little Thuram (90 + 511 - Wolff), 36 - enboro (757 - Herman), 23 - Jonas Hoffman / 14 - preya (9013 - steindel) extended reading of the Champions League - its invalid to break the goal in stoppage time! Real Madrid are 0-3 behind 2-3, the negative miner in the Champions League - Koeman has 2 shots and 1 pass! Toriso world bobairen home 4-0 Atletico Champions League - Aguero punches jingduo Ann Shibo! Manchester City 3-1 reverse Porto. Source: Netease sports Author: Yuanqi editor: Liu Kai_ NS4812

Inter (3412): 1-handanovic / 11 Kolarov, 6-de vrai, 33-danbrosio / 14-pericic (7995 - Bastoni), 22 - bidal, 23 - Barrera, 36 - Damian / 24 - Eriksson (7977 - brozovic) / 7 - Sanchez (4510 - lautaro - Martinez), 9 - Lukaku

Munhing (4231): 1-somer / 25-bensabini, 30-elvidi, 28 jintal, 18-lena / 32-neuhaus, 6-cramer / 10-little Thuram (90 + 511-wolff), 36-enboro (757-herman), 23-jonas Hoffman / 14-preya (9013-steindel)