Liaoning entrepreneur sentenced for 21 years for gangland related crimes

 Liaoning entrepreneur sentenced for 21 years for gangland related crimes

The local villagers thought it was incredible that Wang Julin was sentenced. In the petition signed by more than 2000 villagers, it is mentioned that we dont understand Wang Julin as a underworld. He has never clashed with us, bullied us, or even scolded others. the Baisha Bay fishing port has made it convenient for us, and has never been forced to buy or sell. .

Private entrepreneurs accused of forced trading illegal profits of more than 20 million

It is reported that Guizhou town, located in the central part of Liaodong Peninsula, has a 7.6 km long coastline. Some villagers live off the sea by breeding seafood. In 2010, in response to the investment promotion policy of Guizhou town, Wang Julin registered and established BaiShaWan Fishing Port Co., Ltd., which is engaged in fishing vessel berthing, repairing business, bottom sowing mariculture, seafood processing and sales, etc.

On August 25, 2018, Wang Julin was detained by the Public Security Bureau of Dashiqiao City and arrested on September 29 of the same year. He is now in custody in Yingkou City Detention Center.

According to the indictment, in 2013, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Marine Fisheries built a UAV observation station in Baisha Bay, Guizhou town. Wang Julin took the opportunity to solve the problem of fishing boat berthing with BaiShaWan Fishing Port Co., Ltd., and extended the river protection dam to gradually become his own wharf.

On June 5 of the same year, Wang Julin obtained the aquaculture contract signed with Guizhou office by illegal means. With this contract, he began to delimit the sea area. He demanded compensation for crossing the sea for the construction of UAV observation station, and expanded the scope of sea area use. He began to look for people to patrol the sea and watch the beach. He used threat warning, cutting nets to destroy cages, beating and abusing, chasing and intercepting ships and fined them A series of illegal and criminal activities such as forced trading. Taking the contract on June 5, 2013 as the landmark time node, a criminal organization with underworld nature headed by Wang Julin gradually formed.

According to the judgment, after Wang Julin began to control the Baisha Bay Sea area on June 5, 2013, he forced the fishermen to catch and trade razor clam and conch in the so-called contracted sea area, and then sold them at a high price. The sales volume of razor clam alone reached more than 50 million yuan, and he illegally gained more than 20 million yuan from it.

In addition, the prosecutor also accused Wang Julin of establishing the criminal organization of the underworld and organizing the members to chase the fishermen many times from 2014 to 2017. Cui Dehai also threw bottles from ships on the ship during a chase. Many fishermen were chased away by members of the organization.

The court found that Wang Julins underworld organization structure is clear and the division of labor is clear. Wang Julin is responsible for the personnel management, division of duties, interests distribution and planning of the criminal organization.

The court held that the leaders and backbone members of the organization are basically stable, closely connected, and have a group of relatively stable participants. It is a stable organization that has organized illegal and criminal activities in a certain area for a long time. Wang Julin should be identified as an organization and leader, and other members should be identified as active participants and general participants.

In September 19, 2020, the peoples Court of Dashiqiao sentenced Wang Julin to commit crimes of organizing and leading a criminal organization, committing crimes of causing trouble and making trouble, committing crimes of forced transaction, committing crimes of intentional destruction of property, committing fraud, committing illegal occupation of agricultural land, committing illegal mining and committing several crimes, and sentenced to twenty-one years imprisonment, deprived of political rights for three years, and confiscation of individuals. All property.

More than 2000 villagers signed a petition saying they were not bullied

According to the petition, Wang has done a lot of good deeds for Guizhou town, and has never seen Wang Julin fight and scold others.

With regard to Wang Julins forced buying and selling in the Baisha Bay Sea area, the villagers said, the built Baisha Bay fishing port has made us a lot more convenient. We have never been forced to buy and sell by force. We are all from the same town and get along well. He is not a fussy person in the town.

The petition, which was 78 pages in total, was signed by more than 2000 villagers and their fingerprints were pressed.

Before that, I have never heard of Wang Julins conflict with anyone, let alone bullying the common people, buying and selling by force. Jiao jinhou said.

Party concerned: to prevent unauthorized fishing is to safeguard ones own legitimate rights and interests

Wang Julins younger brother, Wang juduo, told reporters that in the first instance of the case, seven confessions were excluded, and the pleadings were actually made later. There were no lawyers present in the previous seven confessions, and the signatures of lawyers were all supplemented later. After being found, the previous seven confessions were excluded by the court.

Wang Julin said in the appeal petition that the court copied and copied the accusations of the prosecution, and the investigation and prosecution related to the underworld were completed in seven days, turning a blind eye to the obvious fraud of the procuratorial organs in the confession and punishment procedure, copying all the statements of guilty confession which are obviously not objective and true, and clearly do not constitute a crime, such as the road blocking forced delivery charged by the prosecution In the case that the forced transaction of easy labor and employment services rather than commodity trading obviously does not meet the requirements of transaction and violence, it still copies the indictment.

The whole family spent more than six years buying razor clam and conch fry to breed in the contracted sea area. They employed fishing boats to catch and sell them normally. They did not use any illegal means. The proceeds were not used by any other persons involved in the case, but were used for normal production and operation, Wang said

In the appeal form, Wang Julin suggested that there was no criminal organization in the case, nor was it a leader. The so-called organization has only seven members, including Wang Julin himself. According to the statement made by the above-mentioned personnel in the court trial, we have no idea what the Underworld Organization is. All of the above-mentioned personnel are relatives and employees. They are only engaged in mariculture business together. There is only legal employment relationship. Wang Julin has no control over other people, and even has little or no intersection.

Wang Julin said that the so-called black and evil are only limited to preventing outsiders from fishing their own razor clam and conch in the contracted sea area, and their behavior is to safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests.

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