Leaving Europe is like moving to a new home? Johnson overturns the negotiation table and business depression

 Leaving Europe is like moving to a new home? Johnson overturns the negotiation table and business depression

Johnson did not hesitate to offend two groups of people in one day -- Manchester municipal government and domestic business tycoons, or it can be seen as a strong signal to the European Union -- this person in charge of Downing street is not bluffing, but really will say to do it and burn his bridges. Therefore, if the European Union is not ready to make substantive concessions, it will not want to negotiate again.

Syed Kamal, a former member of the European Parliament and director of academic and research at the Institute of economic affairs, a London think tank, believes that the UK is not just talking about it. In fact, it is preparing for brexit without agreement at the level of the civil service and the government. However, the EU is worried about the adverse impact of brexit on other member countries, so the key to its negotiation strategy is to let Britain leave the EU As difficult as possible.

Who should give in

Despite claims by both sides that the door to talks is open, brexit talks between the UK and the EU have failed to break the continuing deadlock.

The negotiations between the two sides have been stuck on two issues: one is the fair competition environment, and Brussels hopes to ensure that the British governments assistance to enterprises will not lead to unfairness, thereby weakening the status of EU enterprises; the other is that EU fishermen can continue to enter British waters to fish.

Barnier said at the EU summit on Friday that he had suggested to the UK that his team go to London on Monday to continue the talks, but was rejected by the latter.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister responded that although the door to resuming negotiations is open, it can only be achieved if the EU fundamentally changes its approach.

In a pre recorded video released on Friday, Johnson attacked Brussels for wanting to continue to control Britains destiny and freedom and fishing in a totally unacceptable way..

A spokesman for the prime minister went further, saying at a subsequent briefing: the trade talks have come to an end and the EU has effectively concluded the negotiations by saying that they do not want to change their negotiating positions.

The UK wants the talks to turn to legal texts in all areas, as part of a concession gesture that Mr. baniers attitude towards this has shifted from a previous refusal to a willingness to accept after Mondays telephone talks. However, British officials have suggested that formal talks will not resume unless Brussels accepts that negotiations are now under way with an independent sovereign state.

Goff said in the house of Commons that the UK could not accept such an agreement, requiring the UK to continue to provide EU member states with fishing rights of their own waters at almost the current quota, as well as the national assistance system that the EU has jurisdiction over.

Such negotiations are meaningless and will not bring us closer to a viable solution. Goff said.

EU leaders still doubt whether Johnson really wants to reach a brexit deal. Johnson made it clear on Tuesday that the outcome of brexit without an agreement has no fear for the government..

Who is the best player

Johnson set a deadline for the talks at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, warning that after that, if local governments did not agree, the central government would take unilateral measures without local government support.

The time limit was up and the negotiations were fruitless. In the afternoon, Johnson announced that the city of Manchester had entered the highest third level limit since midnight on Thursday, with all restaurants, bars, casinos, game halls and entertainment venues closed, different families avoiding indoor mixing, and the government would provide u00a3 22 million in local support.

Burnham initially asked the government to provide 75 million pounds to the city to support the affected businesses, but later dropped to 65 million pounds. Downing Streets willingness to pay 60 million pounds is only 5 million pounds short of that.

The UK chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi sunak, said the affected employees could be offered two-thirds of their wages. In response to novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreaks that cost more than 200 billion pounds, SNAC is clearly required to limit public spending as much as possible.

Will Johnsons negotiating stance with the local government in Manchester really be used against the EU? To a large extent, this depends on the degree of hardiness of the bargaining cards that both sides self identify.

Berlin has always been uneasy about brexit and the corresponding geopolitical consequences, which is why German Chancellor Angela Merkel preferred constructive dialogue with London during the whole process of brexit negotiations; while French President Emmanuel macron has always been more tough on brexit, regarding it as an opportunity for France, and hopes that Britain will deeply appreciate it The cost of leaving the EU.

So far, the dispute over fishing rights has not been resolved because France has taken the lead and refused to give in.

Can we accept brexit at the expense of fishermen? No Said marklon. He stressed that the brexit talks were about the future relationship between the UK and the EU as a whole and how to regulate it. In his view, the British need the EUs single market more, so they are more dependent on us..

But Mr maklon has to admit that once Britain chooses to leave without an agreement, it can cut off access to its exclusive economic zone, which means EU fishermen will no longer be allowed to fish in British waters. Currently, 42% of all fish caught by EU fishermen, including France, come from British waters, which, according to the European fisheries Union, could halve the overall net profits of European fisheries and lose at least 6000 jobs.

ANA boatA, an analyst at Allianz, pointed out that if the UK does not have an agreement to leave the EU, the loss to the euro zone may be as high as 33 billion euro. Germany will be the biggest loser of the EU Member States, with an estimated loss of 8.2 billion euro. The Netherlands and France will also suffer losses of 4.8 billion euro and 3.6 billion euro respectively.

According to J u00fc RG Kr u00fc mer, chief economist at Commerzbank, Frances tough stance on fisheries is a small gain for the EU as a whole.

Free trade agreements must not fail because of the interests of fisheries, because the macroeconomic importance of fisheries is negligible. He said. He believes that the German Chancellor should put pressure on MR makron to compromise.

Frances minister for European affairs, Cl u00e9 ment Beaune, called for no loss of calm in the last few days of the talks, hinting that he would wait for his opponent to give in. He set the time limit for reaching an agreement in early November and told the French national assembly that the EU would not adopt any new approach until then.

The question is, will Britain give in?

On the afternoon of the 20th, Liz truss, the British Minister of international trade, confirmed that the fifth round of trade talks with the United States had begun, and both sides agreed to strengthen the talks before the US election. Due to the size and importance of the trade relationship between the United States and the United States, it is believed that this will greatly promote the Johnson Administrations brexit plan.

The trade volume between the United Kingdom and the United States in 2018 was GBP 2016 billion, accounting for 15% of the total UK Trade in that year.

Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative, also said that he was very satisfied with the progress made in the bilateral trade agreement negotiations with the UK since May this year. More than 30 groups are currently negotiating at the same time, and optimistic that the agreement will be reached soon.

It may not be Johnson but Barney who is most anxious about the brexit deal right now. The EUs chief negotiator will be 70 by January 9 next year. According to the EU Commission staff regulations, EU officials will retire at the age of 66, with a maximum of four years to 70.

In the latest round of competition, the senior French politician seems to finally realize that Johnsons negotiation tactics seem crazy, but he has the courage to put them into action.