Rent Ge Liang appeared in Bund conference ant chain technology helps it leasing industry realize qualitative change

 Rent Ge Liang appeared in Bund conference ant chain technology helps it leasing industry realize qualitative change

The the Bund conference is a global financial technology event hosted by Alipay and ant group as the guidance unit of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples government. The Bund conference was held in the area of Shanghai Binjiang World Expo Site China Ship Pavilion. It was held in the form of offline meeting and online live broadcast. More than 500 influential financial technology giants, top scholars, industry leaders, and hundreds of well-known institutions and partners were invited to participate in the conference. This paper discusses the practice of cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation and the future core technology viewpoint, so as to promote the cooperative development of global commerce, economy and social ecology.

Of course, the original intention of this Bund conference is that every ordinary person can participate in it and understand it. Therefore, in the overall venue building, there are not only application displays in the fields of finance, commerce and digital life, but also modules such as one click code scanning to obtain live blockbusters. For those who cant attend the exhibition in person, the online cloud viewing form is also opened to ensure the real-time and comprehensive transmission of every detail of the conference.

In addition to cross-border payment, the ant chain is realizing qualitative change in these scenarios

As a matter of fact, the implementation of cross-border logistics and payment chain is closely related to the implementation of common people and payment chain. In this regard, Jiang Guofei specially mentioned that ant chain has solved the efficiency problem of cross city subway in the Yangtze River Delta with Shanghai as the center. He said that the biggest difficulty of cross city travel is: Cross City ticket settlement. Now, the relevant ticket information is recorded on the blockchain, so that each city subway company can directly obtain the corresponding section and price from the chain, and successfully conduct real-time settlement.

At present, when residents of 12 cities, including Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Nanjing, go to other cities, they only need to open their own citys subway app, and they can scan the code and take a bus in other cities, which greatly facilitates transportation.

The application of blockchain technology can easily solve the problems of Li Kui , Li Gui and radish chapter . Li Guoyun, CEO of rental Geliang, one of the earliest it leasing platforms in China, expressed his view that blockchain technology has enabled many scenarios with multiple collaborative nodes and long links to achieve rapid development, In particular, it leasing industry has a great role in promoting, can be said to make it on the fast lane of development.

The intervention of blockchain technology has reestablished the healthy relationship among it leasing institutions, investors and users. On the one hand, the ant chain can not be tampered with, reliable and traceable, so that the owners can rest assured to make loans. On the other hand, users can purchase an equipment leasing insurance to apportion the risk. Among them, as the platform side, rent Ge Liang does not account for a cent, and the funds completely flow into the hands of equipment manufacturers, which solves the problem of heavy assets in the leasing industry. It can be said that this process realizes the healthy operation of high efficiency, low risk and low cost.

Talking about the ability of hope ant chain to continue to open up in the future, Li Guoyun thinks that for the leasing industry, it is hoped that ant chain can penetrate into the whole chain and realize both ends of the industrial chain, including the personalized customization mode of the equipment side for orders, the normal settlement of funds and the constraint on the payment behavior of terminal users.

At the Bund conference, Jiang Guofei also expressed his ideas on the future development of blockchain technology. He said, at present, our ideas and understanding are all traditional. At the beginning, the development of the Internet was only to solve the problem of communication. We would not expect that there would be e-commerce, social networking and other new industries on the Internet in the future. The same is true of blockchain. We can only accumulate step by step and constantly land one scene after another, Do something that really creates value for the customer.

The first Bund conference was successfully concluded in the eyes of the public. However, the appearance of cutting-edge technologies and the collision of forward-looking views and thinking left a deep impression on the world. The conference not only served as a window to show the inseparable relationship between science and technology and finance, but also conveyed that ant group integrated a number of technologies to create value for customers, The original intention of realizing more ordinary peoples equal and convenient life and work. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485