West B - Wu Lei continues to be absent, the Spaniard home 2-0 defeats Milan

 West B - Wu Lei continues to be absent, the Spaniard home 2-0 defeats Milan

This battle, Wu Lei continues to be absent because of injury, Spaniards attack line is still by de Thomas partner puado. Compared with the last round, coach Moreno rotated four people on the sidelines, Oscar hill, Pedrosa, merendo, and nbalba came into the game to replace Migron, didak, Vargas and dadel.

Although the Spaniard made a conduction error at the beginning of the match and gave mirandez a chance to attack, they still made a fantastic start in the third minute with a set piece in the front court. Oscar Hill gently step on the ball, melida with the ball to the top of the forbidden area, directly start to hit the goal, the ball draws a curve straight into the left side of the goal, 1-0!

In the 16th minute, the referee on duty became the focus of the game. At that time, the Spaniard was making a second attack after positioning the free kick. As a result, the referee collided with merendo at the front of the penalty area. Then he stopped the game and limped to the side of the court for medical treatment. Fortunately, after a simple treatment, the referee returned to the game.

In the second half, the Spaniard deployed his men soon after the start of the second half, and 19-year-old Carreras replaced Prado, who nearly broke the goal soon after his appearance. The 57th minute, Carreras in receives the de Thomas straight plug after forms the single knife, but his shot is blocked by the opposite goal goalkeeper oyeer. Then merenzo organized a second attack and passed it to Carreras, but the other defender blocked his shot again. Finally, David Lopez volleyed the ball wide of the goal.

In the 73rd minute, the Spaniard once shot a low shot from the backcourt of Thomas De Tomas to catch kafreira. However, the referee and the VaR referee team confirmed that de Thomas was offside when receiving the ball and the goal was invalid. Then the two sides failed, and the Spaniard finally beat Milan 2-0 at home.

Spaniards: 13 Diego Lopez / 27 Oscar hill, 5-carlislo (566-euys Lopez), 4-cabrera, 3-pedrosa / 14-merendo (7010-dadel), 15 David Lopez, 8-merida (8526-losano), 23-embalba (7019-badillo) / 11-de Thomas, 9-prado (5629-joffrey Carreras)

Mirandez: 13 Raul Lizzie / 21 letic, 5-vivian (814-bellocar), 24 tregros, 2-carlos Martin / 36 Pablo Martinez, 16 Gennaro, 14 Munoz (628-caballero) / 11 Eric, 39 Sergio Moreno (7422-nicholas Jackson), 7-ivan Martin (7423-douala)