From pink girl to astringent girl: you, me and her happiness are always on the way

 From pink girl to astringent girl: you, me and her happiness are always on the way


We think that the classic, there is another meaning is: can not be copied. Now, lets take a look at the ladies in the astringent girl published by Guan Xuan. What can I say? Even the heroine of a cartoon is more vivid than a real person. If you cant surpass the remake of previous works, whats the point? That is, in order to have a million fans, a mans wife, a marriage maniac and a sister in the world? I tolerate it. I accept it reluctantly. Because we are all looking for happiness. Happiness, if not on the road, is at the end of the road; waiting for you.


Are there any fans now?

Of course, all fans are angel faces and devil figures. If you want to look good, cosmetic surgery is OK. If you want to have a good figure, it is also a variety of whole. However, Im afraid there are no fans like Wan Ling? Wanrenfan also has original love words. What else does the new version of wanrenfan have besides external beauty? Looking at that shape, I felt particularly embarrassed. In addition to plump, I can not find the so-called amorous feelings. Wanling, the first generation, finally chose to marry. Women find a good home, is not not the beginning of happiness.

Are there still marriage maniacs?

In pink girl, Liu Ruoyings marriage maniac is crazy. Once there is something about a man, she will be wandering around. But she soon regained her rationality, because although she hated marriage, she did not marry herself casually. In this era, there are many marriage maniacs, but they are more low-key. You wont drool when you see a handsome man. You wont see other peoples eyes shining when they get married. But inside, the desire for happiness is conceivable. However, marriage is so far away.


Are there any men and women now?

To put it mildly, this is a woman who can live well without men. Its just that men and women nowadays are all secretly poking. It is not so obvious to let others see their own manly heart, and still can pretend to be the master. Whats up? Pretend that you are not so man and come to show off at a critical moment. Man woman has a better title, that is woman man. The difference between goddess and woman man is not a thousand miles. Woman, actually very gentle.


Do you still have hamei?

There are so many. Its terrible. You see, the people who mix with fan circle are crazy to the extreme, even to the point of no more. However, there is only one idol and only one love bean. Even if youre an illegitimate? Lets get back to real life as soon as possible. Xiao Zhan has said that he hopes his fans can live a good life. So are other idols. They will be happy when you have a good time. Your happiness is their first wish.


No matter Pink Girl or astringent girl, are the most realistic you, me and her. On the road of happiness, lets run!

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