Double 11: behind the crazy shopping, is it the embarrassment that single dogs cant hide?

 Double 11: behind the crazy shopping, is it the embarrassment that single dogs cant hide?


However, I vaguely remember that November 11 is 1111. The legend of the big singles day, there are small singles day. For example, November 1, January 11, and so on. Anyway, its four singles this time. It can be called Singles Day in singles day. There is no time for single dogs to revel. The shopping cart is waiting for you to empty. Its a great time every year. How can I miss it? Are you worthy of yourself? Do you deserve Red Bulls? Even if you earn more money, you will still want to spend a penny as if it were countless.


I saw a sentence from re search, which said: todays double 11 has changed its flavor and lost the connotation of traditional festivals. I hope you will not forget your original intention, and do not forget the fact that you are single just because you are crazy about shopping. Dear, why do you remember this fact? I wish I didnt remember being a single dog at all. What do you mean by reminding me? This is called which pot is not opened, which pot is very unkind. Why do you treat me like this? As for the original intention of double 11? Its nothing more than shopping, letting you find the right opportunity.


If, in order to double 11 and then brush app every day - this, I do not agree. Moreover, not all products can be reduced in price. Youd better see. Some say its a price reduction. In fact, raise the price and then reduce the price. Maybe its more expensive than the original price. So dont think youre very smart. Merchants, there must be more ideas than you. Otherwise, how to make money? You can know who is the winner of the double 11 Carnival just by making money for others. However, you spend money to buy happiness. Anyway, as long as you need it.

As for the 1111 singles day, dont worry too much about it. If you are always sensitive to the word Bachelor, it will not help solve the problem of singleness. Even, it affects the life and the mood. What we need to remind ourselves most is: dont consume impulsively or even retaliatory because of the double 11. So, before the baby gets to you. It is estimated that you have begun to repent. Then, there was a frenzy of returns. Please, please, this is not the interpretation of double 11, OK? Your life should not be so messy. Embarrassed? Why should we have known that?


I hope youve got your favorite baby on the double 11. As for singles? I wish you, I and she can take off the bill as soon as possible!