Signal of the heart: did you get Guo Qilins criteria for choosing a mate?

 Signal of the heart: did you get Guo Qilins criteria for choosing a mate?



Lets analyze them one by one

First, appearance is the first impression

Dont say Guo Qilin is superficial, just first impression. That is to say, the first impression is good. This preconceived is the common feeling of everyone. Like is like, not interested is not interested. After all, this determines whether people have the premise to continue to understand. Should it be further developed? First impressions are decisive. The standard of beauty is not unique. You like that woman, she is the best.

Second, he is cheerful but can not be publicized

This is too important. Why dont people like sister Lin? Beauty is beauty, but its too tired to be with her. Regardless of whether she is often ill or not, such physical fitness is not suitable for certain Sports. Personality is not cheerful, facing her you are not in a good mood. Or if there is something happy, it will completely wither when you come here. Cheerful personality, bring you sunshine and warmth. But it cant be publicized. Publicity will bring unexpected troubles.

Third, never listen to cross talk

This, isnt it incredible? Is it clear that Guo Qilins fate with crosstalk? But this girl never listens to cross talk? Ha, I suddenly think, is this a strong mans dark poke performance? You dont want to listen to other peoples cross talk, you just need to listen to my cross talk. However, you only listen to my crosstalk in my life. Other times, you dont have to listen. Just listen to the crosstalk Im talking about for you. Oh, Im thinking too much?

Fourth, it is acceptable under the age of ten

Well, its no surprise that a girl is ten years younger than herself. But as it is said here, thats the upper limit - less than 10 years older than yourself, which is acceptable. That is to say, can you accept the love between sister and brother who is ten years different? Its no surprise. Its not a problem at all. Moreover, sister is more able to take care of younger brother. Can understand each others intention more, two people want to quarrel can not find the opportunity. Moreover, the mature and steady sister is also a mans favorite.


Some netizens half joked: do you have girls who meet the standard and line up together? hey.

Have you got Guo Qilins criteria for spouse selection? Who is the lucky one? rub ones eyes and wait......