Cannavaro: paolinio cannot or does not need taliska. I have to say that he has made mistakes

 Cannavaro: paolinio cannot or does not need taliska. I have to say that he has made mistakes

Kasai first commented on the game: very satisfied with the process of the game, in the case of injuries and fewer games, but also in the elimination of the game as far as possible to let each player have time to play, adjust to a good state. In the first half of the first half of the first half, we still gave the other side some more threatening counter attack opportunities, organizing the attack in the back field and making mistakes in passing and receiving the ball in the front field. We still controlled the game in our rhythm, and the deployment in training and before the game was very good

When it comes to paolinios good state, Cannavaro said bluntly: the 100% state of the players is not only that paolio has not reached, but also many players have not reached the peak state. Its not only my team that has this problem, but also other teams. This years special competition system, coupled with no fan atmosphere, makes it difficult for players to reach their usual best state in the league. Speaking of him, he is indispensable, not only in the number of goals, not only on the court, as a top player outside the field, for getting along with the Chinese people, respecting and helping all Chinese personnel, but also playing an exemplary role for Brazilian players, which is greater than the role on the field. The skills and tactics on the field are very helpful to the team. If there are more such foreign aid in the league, the football team will be better off The development of the ball plays an important role, not only as an example, but also as an important role on the field

At the 30th minute of the first half of the match, Kasai made a move to clap the bench. Speaking of this action, he said: we dont mention the name of the players. In our training, we are ready for training before the game. We know when Hebei will come out to snatch, and we are ready to break through the opponents snatch before the game. In 30 minutes, there was one time that he failed and was robbed in the back court, which posed a threat to the other side. But its not allowed to complain about young players. You cant complain because the players have little experience. I have been saying in the team that technical errors of players on the field are allowed, and no one can make mistakes, especially young players. The responsibility lies with me. I send young players to make mistakes. The responsibility is borne by me, not for any player. It is also for taliska. My midfield told him that in the first half there was a long-distance cross fault that caused the other side to counterattack. He was very good in this game, not a surprise to me. In my opinion, he has no problem playing in the top five European leagues. As a manager, Im very happy. Every player gives you 100% cooperation, which is a good signal for the coach to work in the team

For Wu shaocong, who was the first left back in the game, Kasai commented: first of all, he is not a left back. He has always been a standard left center back. However, due to the special situation of the teams position, we let him try this position. He is a natural left foot, which has advantages over the right foot players, especially forward, and the left foot is more convenient. He is very young and keeps improving Every extra game will change a little bit and he is very promising. For me, there is an extra weapon in terms of technique and tactics. He is still a U23 player. He can rotate with Yang Liyu and Yan Dinghao

Cannavaro said: its not for training. Its the 16th game of the year. The most important thing is the score at that time plus the first leg advantage. Some players have yellow cards and dont need to take risks. They also want to give some players more time.

Hua Xia assistant Huang Qingliang commented on the game: the game is over. Generally speaking, the score is not very good. This is the first time that I took the place of the head coach to direct the game. The first 25 minutes were good. I always told the players that it was a 90 minute game. Some discipline and tactics didnt play well. Its not terrible to lose the match. We will play the following game as always. At the same time, we ask the players not only to have a sense of normality, but also to have a sense of responsibility. We require the players to reach a balance of 90 minutes

When it comes to the next goal of the team, Huang Qingliang said bluntly: the goal is to play well in every league. The first goal of the league is to train the team, because we play in the championship group. As you can see, at the last moment of today, we sent young players to make them adapt to the CSL.

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