Clench the fist to save the keyboard

 Clench the fist to save the keyboard

3. Breathe deeply to relieve the stiff feeling of shoulder. High pressure causes shallow breathing, stiff and tight upper back, neck and shoulders. Changing breathing patterns is the key to relaxation. Often do slow, deep abdominal breathing. When you inhale, you feel your abdomen bulge outward; when you exhale, you feel your abdomen contract inward.

4. Sitting upright can relieve neck pain. Back neck pain is often caused by looking at the computer too far forward. Always remind yourself to pull back your head in the center, just above your shoulders.

5. Clench and loosen your fist regularly. Prolonged typing causes pain in both hands and wrists. It is recommended to clench the fist with both hands for 3 seconds, then release and open the fingers, and repeat 3-5 times every half hour.

6. Toe yoga reduces foot pain. In order to reduce the pain of standing for a long time, you can practice toe Yoga: when standing, try to lift the big toe off the ground, and the other four toes are close to the ground; then try to lift the other four toes off the ground and keep the big toe still.

8. Yoga relieves dysmenorrhea. According to a study published in the International Journal of environmental research and public health by health management experts at Yishou University in Taiwan, China, specific yoga postures (such as cat and cow pose, baby pose and downward dog pose) combined with breathing can relieve dysmenorrhea.

Source of this article: Peoples Daily - Peoples daily editor: Ma Yiyang_ NN9577