Less than 30percent of merchants have set up online operation teams, and meituan takeout needs to train millions of new shopkeepers

 Less than 30percent of merchants have set up online operation teams, and meituan takeout needs to train millions of new shopkeepers

First, in terms of business service system, meituan takeout provides merchants with self-service access and one-stop problem-solving entrance. Take the launch of new businesses as an example, the businesses that meet the requirements can apply to the store online within 3 hours at the most.

Third, in terms of personnel training system, meituan and the education and training center of the Ministry of human resources and Social Security jointly train takeout operators. In mid October, the first batch of 62 takeout operators were certified. Miao Hongjuan, a delivery operator, runs a light food store. After taking part in the meituan takeout training course, the monthly order volume of the store is increased to 3500-4000 orders through online operation.

Affected by the epidemic situation, more and more businesses began to carry out digital transformation. Wu Guoping, founder of the grandmothers family, said that the epidemic has forced the online business of the enterprise. At first, we didnt pay attention to the export. Now, the take out of the oven fish alone has increased by four times. This year, our takeout may increase by 50% compared with last year.

However, the online digital operation of the catering industry is still in its infancy. According to meituans takeaway survey, nearly 90% of the merchants think that the online operation of catering industry should have professional technology and ability, while at present, the digital rate of catering businesses is generally less than 10%. In this context, meituan takeout launched the new restaurant manager plan. In the next three years, it will discover and cultivate 1 million new shopkeepers who understand both offline and online operations. In traditional catering business, the design of dishes depends on experience, the location of stores depends on location, and the operation analysis mainly relies on inventory, and there is almost no after-sales service. Compared with the traditional restaurant shopkeeper, new shopkeeper embraces the digital trend, has a strong desire for digital operation, grasps the new technology of using digital tools, has the ability of online and offline operation and service, and obtains new customers and new income through online operation. (Ziqing)

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541