Dont forget the good habit of cooking at home

 Dont forget the good habit of cooking at home

As early as 2014, a survey conducted by the Chinese society of food science and technology showed that 67.1% of Chinese people thought traditional cooking was troublesome, and only 8.8% of 18-30 years old would like to cook at home. The data recently released by China Internet Network Information Center also confirms this point. By June 2020, the number of online takeout users in China has increased from 295 million in 2017 to 409 million, accounting for 43.5% of all Internet users. Affected by this years epidemic situation, 106000 new takeout enterprises (subject to industrial and commercial registration) were added from January to may, an increase of 766% over the same period in 2019.

The number of takeout has soared, and the number of people eating in restaurants has not decreased. According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, the sales of key retail and catering monitoring enterprises in China were about 1.6 trillion yuan in the past 11 holidays, and the catering markets in many places were hot and the phenomenon of parity was endless. One online restaurant said it was normal to line up for 1000 tables.

Not only in China, but also in many countries, people dont like cooking any more. Michael Bolen, a famous American writer, once pointed out that Americans only spend 27 minutes a day cooking, less than half of that in 1965. Home cooking is also less and less in the UK, with sales of fast food and frozen food soaring. Every community in Singapore has a canteen where people dont have to cook their own food.

Zeng Qiang, chairman of the health management branch of the Chinese Medical Association and director of the Health Management Research Institute of the General Hospital of the peoples Liberation Army, said that there are three main reasons for peoples lack of Cooking: first, the cost of cooking time is too high, and the sense of ritual of cooking makes modern people feel cumbersome and a waste of time and energy. Second, the pace of life is speeding up and social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed. Restaurants, takeout, convenience food and automatic food vending machines can basically cover everyones demand for eating. Cooking is no longer a necessary skill. Third, the post-90s generation are used to stretching their hands in clothes and opening their mouths when they are young. As a result, there are very few young people who can cook, and many of them have never touched the pots and pans from childhood to adulthood.

Cooking at home is responsible for your health

It is often asked, students can eat canteens, office workers can order takeout, so tired every day, why do they have to cook their own? Experts say that cooking more at home is responsible for their own health.

Reduce the risk of illness. Researchers from Harvard Chen Zengxi School of public health conducted a survey on 100000 people and found that people who eat at home often have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes compared with those who eat out a lot. In addition, hepatitis A, tuberculosis, Helicobacter pylori and other infectious diseases, the most likely to spread in a meal, eating out without public chopsticks, dirty tableware, may be infected. Zeng Qiang said that cooking by oneself can ensure that the tableware is clean, the ingredients are fresh, the cooking is healthy and the seasoning is reasonable. It can also be adjusted according to its own situation to achieve nutritional balance.

Develop a combination of eating and moving. Many people hate cooking at home, mainly because they dont like to clean the table, wash dishes and chopsticks. As the saying goes, after a walk, live to 99. Although vigorous exercise is not recommended after meals, and walking quickly is not good, it is very appropriate to get up and do housework. According to statistics, it takes about 136 kcal per hour to wash dishes and clean up tableware, 200 kcal to mop the floor, 250 kcal to sweep the floor, and 150-200 kcal to empty the garbage. In soothing exercise, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help food digestion. On the contrary, after dinner directly paralyzed on the sofa to watch TV, play mobile phone, prone to abdominal obesity.

Promote family affection. According to a study by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, people who often cook by themselves are happier than those who dont, because the effort they put into making food increases their sense of value. Studies also show that children who eat at home often are less likely to be depressed or have eating disorders. The significance of cooking is not limited to eating. In the Chinese concept, a family around the table is a symbol of family reunion. Washing, cutting, cooking, the family division of labor and cooperation, each person to make a good dish, exchange cooking experience with his family, add a strong taste of life, more can experience the fireworks of life and the beauty of ordinary life.

Select intelligent cooker. Traditional open fire steaming, frying, stewing, cooking methods, smoke is not healthy, the cooking requirements are also high. You can find some substitutes, such as cooking with induction cooker, steaming things with electric steamer, pancakes with electric baking pan, etc. The cooking utensils, such as egg boiler and soybean milk machine, can save time and effort in cooking and preserve nutrition at the same time.

Change the way you make it. Frying, stir frying and other cooking methods are complicated. It is not only simple but also more nutritious to change into steaming, boiling and mixing. Cucumber, tomato, purple cabbage, lettuce, sweet pepper, cabbage and many other crisp and tender vegetables are suitable for cold mix. The meat can be cooked more at a time, divided into small portions and put into the refrigerator, and only need to be heated when eating.

Source of this article: Peoples Daily - Peoples daily editor: Ma Yiyang_ NN9577