Guo Jingming, youve made a mistake this time!

 Guo Jingming, youve made a mistake this time!

In the last season of actor please be in place, Li Chengru left a deep impression on the audience, such as a lump in the throat, a thorn in the back, and a needle in the back.

In front of the original author Guo Jingming, he said, is this a best seller?

This season, Li Chengru and Guo Jingming once again had a dispute.

Guo Jingming has to give his s card to he Changxi, a traffic star without acting skills.

Seeing this, Li Chengru took a deep breath.

According to Guo Jingmings bullshit, he said new actors should be encouraged.

In order to persuade others, he once again demonstrated the Guo style sophistry

Im not. I have students, seeds and special. (the last word is wrong)

There is no doubt that his actions have aroused public anger.

But the circle has been rolling for many years, and other directors have become a little more tactful.

Throw the microphone to Li Chengru, Mr. Chengru, dont fall asleep.

Li Chengru obviously held back for a long time.

Come up is a bomb: I dont like turning hands for clouds, hands for rain, all kinds of practices.

Then it points out Guo Jingmings double criteria: one is to select people for cooperation; another is to say that selection is not for cooperation.

Li Chengru thinks: you can use the excuse to encourage those who perform poorly, so how can you crack down on those who perform well?

Guo Jingming is not flustered. He is the last move of Guo style sophistry

You may not like what you dont like, but please allow it to exist.

This sentence is very interesting.

Therefore, what Guo means is that any debate is meaningless, and existence has its value?

At this time, Li Chengru pointed out that Guo Jingmings expression was wrong and fundamentally refuted his statement that existence is reasonable. There is a reason for being.

By now, Li Chengru has won.

Who ever thought there would be a provocative host.

Dapeng said: who said that just now?

I didnt say it was reasonable. I said there was a reason.

Unable to sophisticate, Guo Jingming began to quibble.

Not only Li Chengru is stupid, but also I am.

Li Chengru was in a hurry

Cant those three directors not see that a sword pierced into the chest, a piece of dead flesh, not even suffering, were chosen?

This sentence is short of composition and logical confusion, which shows how angry he is.

Even after a long time, in an interview with the media, he was still very tough, I will definitely not agree with this!

But Li doesnt care.

The night is not enough to cry.

Li Chengru, who has seen the wind and rain, has already formed a firm belief.

Li Chengru is an old Beijing. He didnt have a good family background when he was young. He came out to work hard when he was young.

Director Yang Jie cast a glance, too thin.

He was left to do odd jobs.

When journey to the west was broadcast, Li Chengru was also lucky to appear in his name.

He made the ginseng tree.

He took care of the white dragon horse.

If you dont have him, youre missing a hand, she said

At that time, Chinese film and television were born. Those who can stay in the crew are all capable masters.

Li Chengru also learned a lot in the process of serving these masters.

After all, poor, see many people run to business.

Li Chengru heart horizontal, give up the dream, go to sea.

Eight years later, Li Chengru opened his first clothing mall in Xidan, Beijing, called special.

Li Chengru has become a real tycoon with a good reputation.

When he met a waiter who had a good attitude towards him, he paid $100.

Many years later, Lu Yu asked Li Chengru what it would be like to be rich.

Li Chengru said with a smile, you will be confused.

After being rich, Li Chengru was too inflated.

Watch others fry foreign exchange to make money.

He didnt know anything. He put all his money into it.

In the end, it was paid in full.

After the failure of his business, Li Chengru was lost in thought

I have experienced the ups and downs of the business sea and the big money. What kind of life do I want?

A voice suddenly told him: its performance.

After struggling for a year, Li Chengru sold all the industries.

For Li Chengru, acting is the most beautiful dream in his heart.

Who do you want to learn?

At that time, Li Chengru thought that Dong Xingji of Beijing Peoples Art Troupe had a good voice and strong penetration.

Oh, Mr. Dong?

Seeing that the boy was bold, Dong Xingji asked him to come for an interview.

I didnt expect to have a good posture in singing opera, so I let him stay.

To test Li Chengrus perseverance, Dong Xingji asked him to come once a week.

The industry has said: Dong Xingji will not die, who dares to call himself a bull in Chinas recitation session.

Its not easy to be his apprentice.

Li Chengru is also well aware of this.

Later on, when he talked about Dong Xingji, he said, its so severe that I want to drill through the cracks.

Fortunately, Li Chengru can bear hardships.

I get up at six oclock every morning and stand under the wall to practice my lines, whether in the middle of winter or in the beginning of summer.

This persistence is ten years.

This can also explain why Li Chengru is so harsh on actors lines?

Guo Jingming is a flow director, not lack of fanatical fans.

Li Chengru and the flow of hard Gang, that is to ask for trouble.

His micro blog has left traces of their burning.

Compared with Guo Jingming, Li Chengru has no representative works.

But being a leading role doesnt mean acting.

Some supporting roles can be dazzling.

The drama is not much, but it is popular in Beijing.

Wang Shuo asked director Zhao Baogang, where did you find this grandson?

I dont know if anyone has seen big shot..

Li Chengru is the neuropathy who steals the limelight of all the characters.

In the end, the speech was clear and full of vitality.

Even if you cover the subtitles, the effect of delivering the content is the same.

Its a skill.

This is the result of Li Chengrus hard line practice.

It also solved a puzzle of many young audiences: I dont have to watch subtitles.

Chen Kaige said: there is no leading role face or supporting role face , only actors who are not ready to play the leading role.

Although Li Chengru is acting as a supporting role, he always pays as hard as the leading role.

This movie is called big shot. There are many big names --

Ge you, Yingda, Guan Zhilin, etc.

He and Feng Xiaogang said, there must be no mistakes in the middle. Let me go through it without losing one.. If you dont pass one, the second and third will never pass.

Just separated from the state of high concentration, Li Chengrus hand was shaking.

And the big names are standing around clapping.

Whether out of respect for his work or in awe of the industry, he has the strength and qualifications to urge actors to contribute better performances.

The young actor was not moved and couldnt shed tears.

He said: its tasteful, tasteful, so boring.

He said to Yang Kun, who is a member of the cross industry, that I am a bit ungrateful to praise you for your good performance.

Ni Ping, a veteran of the same industry, also suffered from vicious hands:

He also spurred on the whole performance team of fairy sword: what are these things?

There is an old saying in the troupe: if you dare to tell the truth, you cant do it on stage. Thats to put money in your pocket.

Li Chengru has been adhering to this principle, but now many people can not accept it.

On the contrary, it left a reputation of old drama bone disdaining young people.

In Li Chengrus mind, there has always been a ruler.

If he despises young people, he wont give a thumbs up to Shen Mengchen and Xing Fei, senior! I want both to stay.

Li Chengru picked up the microphone and said, the first time I saw your play, it was very good.

After evaluating her play, Li Chengru finally said, thank you for your wonderful performance.

Im a little moved here.

At the same time, I feel a sigh.

When Guo Jingming makes several 4-point movies, he can sit down with Chen Kaige and comment on his acting skills.

Zhang Jizhong refused to use the traffic star, but there was no script for him in two years.

Li Chengru, who has practiced his lines for 10 years, has a leading role only after playing a supporting role for 20 years.

He Changxi, who has zero basis, got an s card by his face.

The program deliberately invited Li Chengru, just like inviting a clown to create a topic.

Other directors are respectable people.

Li Chengru became a bad old man with low EQ and relying on the old and selling the old.

With the popularity of the program, the flow.

At the end of the competition, how many people really take Li Chengrus words as one thing?

He wants to improve the chaos of the industry, but it has become a pawn of the flow society.

Who can understand his loneliness?

After Wang Shasha and Li Zhinan made a bad performance, Li Chengru deliberately said, its very good.

He said, its not good to always be the one who says no

As a post-95, I do, as some fans say:

Because of this farce, I knew Li Chengru for the first time.

Only then did I know that there was Li Chengru in the film circle.


Author: Tu Lu