Why do girls always talk about breaking up?

 Why do girls always talk about breaking up?

But the easier it is to say it, the less sincere it is.

Although they didnt really want to break up, in fact, they always mentioned these two words in love, which really hurt their feelings. Most of the time, once or twice, its OK. If they mention it many times, it will come true. Because when you repeatedly input the word break up into your own ears and the other partys ears, it will be implanted into your mind and gradually become a matter of course.

What about boys? When he blurted out these two words, most of them were carefully considered. Day after day in the measurement of the feelings between you, finally decided to break up this matter, and at this time the break-up is mostly an established result.

The more will not easily say export, once said the export is doomed to no way to change.

When a girl wants to test the value of this feeling in the heart of a boy by breaking up, she hopes that the boy can pay more attention to her. If you feel that she is unreasonable at this time, she will feel that you do not love her so much, and she may do more things to test and prove whether you really dont love her.

Tired? Well, it seems to be very tired. The boy might as well regard this as a game and play with the girls. She asks you to prove that a thousand times, you perform a thousand times. When the girls are satisfied, everything is in peace. But girls cant take this as a routine to toss about, and then love you, there will always be a day of physical and mental exhaustion, when you exhausted his love for you, the ending, good, then break up.

On the other hand, the reason why a girl will try is because the boys behavior makes her very dissatisfied and insecure.

Men have a sense of existence based on a sense of strength, while women have a sense of existence based on a sense of security.

The sensitivity of girls nature will make them feel uneasy when they are a little rusty. Sometimes a careless word or an action of a boy may set off a big ripple in the girls heart.

So when girls break up frequently, there must be some very important problems for girls. So at this time, boys should reflect on what is not done well, and then communicate rationally. Even if there is no mistake, you can also pretend to reflect, let her see you have action, and then communicate, then the knot will open.

Which girl doesnt like sweet talk? If you say more words that she likes to listen to and hug her hard, its easy to be satisfied. Once she is satisfied, her heart is soft, everything is easy to do, isnt it?

For girls, its a good thing to play guessing games to add interest, but guessing becomes the pressure of boys, which leads to too many quarrels, which is really harmful but not beneficial.

I remember the last program said that real love should be more rational than emotional, so as to maintain a good balance of love in addition to physical and mental pleasure.