Those who dare to have a second child are warriors! It is necessary to have a second child

 Those who dare to have a second child are warriors! It is necessary to have a second child

In 2019, Chen Xiaochun suddenly announced at the concert that Ying caier was pregnant for three months.

This is their second child, whether it is a boy or a girl, Chen Xiaochun said: thank Ying caier.

On the stage, he was happy like a child, and when the camera shot Ying caier and Jasper sitting under the stage, they were also very happy.

The whole scene was full of happiness, and Jasper seemed to welcome new family members more than his parents.

When Ying caier participated in the program wifes romantic travel, the program team replayed the video of Chen Xiaochuns proposal.

The domineering Chen Xiaochun was even nervous to incoherent, and finally just said to Ying caier with tears in her eyes: marry me. After that, the two people hugged each other warmly.

Although now has a happy family, but Chen Xiaochuns early life is not satisfactory.

Such words as irascible, unruly and ruffian are suitable to describe young Chen Xiaochun.

After getting along with the ancient spirit of Ying caier, Chen Xiaochuns cynical attitude has completely changed and his temper has become gentle.

He likes Ying caier to smile happily every day. After being with her, he feels that his life has hope.


What is the best love for children in the family?

He grew up in a loving family. He has enough sense of security for this family. He believes that even if there is a younger brother or sister, he can still get love, and this love will not be reduced.

This has proved once again that only if the relationship between husband and wife is good, the relationship between parents and children can be good.

How can we have a happy family and marriage?

1. Pay attention to the relationship between husband and wife

Some families, after having children, will put all their love into the children, and the husband and wife in addition to quarrel is indifferent.

Such a parent-child relationship is not a good example for children.

Huo Siyan and Du Jiang are also models of loving couples in the entertainment industry. They never avoid showing love in front of their son, hum.

Even in front of hum, two people will hug and kiss, and they are very concerned about each other in life.

In such a family atmosphere, the children not only have love in their hearts, but also dare to express their own ideas.

Well, I often say to my mother, I love you, which is very warm.

Children who live in the love of their parents for a long time will be influenced by them.

Learn to understand what is love, and with their life, lay a certain foundation for his later growth.

Some parents think that as long as they dont quarrel in front of their children, they usually dont talk more than 10 sentences at home, even in the cold war.

In fact, this is also a kind of harm to children, the childs mind is very fragile.

They can feel the change of their parents relationship. Even if they dont know what kind of behavior is love, they absolutely know what kind of behavior they dont love.

The relationship between parents is tense, and the family is often in a state of quarrel or cold war.

If this kind of tense and depressed mood is held in the heart for a long time, the child will be very depressed, and his character will become sensitive and fragile.

Broken feelings will not only destroy the happiness of the couple, but also the life of their children.

Just like Chen Xiaochun and Ying caier, one is making trouble and the other is laughing.

Although the unfortunate families are different, they also have one thing in common, that is, their parents like to complain, and the family atmosphere is full of negative energy.

Only when parents are in harmony, can they educate children with good character.

These children grow up carefree, confident and know what love is.

Growing up in love, children will be like the sun, warm everyone around, and will be more easily loved by others.

Father and mother love children, children also love their parents, such a family will be a happy family.

If you want to give children better love, you should first learn to love your other half, which is the best education for children.

2. Family happiness is the foundation of second child

Some couples have a lot of concerns about the issue of having a second child. Those women who dare to have a second child will have deep confidence.

Because only a woman who is loved has the courage to have a second child.

Every happy family with two children is full of love and responsibility.

The love between Chen Xiaochun and Ying caier has been talked about with great interest.

His love for Ying caier is obvious to all. He is not only very gentle to his wife, but also responsible and responsible to take care of the whole family.

Now why does the State encourage people to have a second child?

Because now many young women are not worried about children after marriage, and even choose not to have children at all.

Because they know that giving birth to children will not only lead to career failure and lose shape, but also worry that their husbands have no sense of responsibility and can not bear the heavy responsibility of raising children. Many families do not dare to have children.

If the husband can let his wife get rid of these worries and willingly give birth to a child or even a second child, then she must be the one who is loved.

3. The best blessing is the expectation of the boss

Many families are hesitant to have a second child because of the attitude of the boss.

If the boss has always been more resistant and resistant attitude, then the second child plan is easy to be stranded.

However, if the eldest child is expecting to be the eldest brother or elder sister, then many happy second child families will be achieved.

On the contrary, why some children are against the second child, but some children are as happy as jasper.

In fact, the most essential reason is that parents do not love the eldest brother enough.

If a parents love for his child is enough to make him feel that even if he has a second child, his status will not be shaken, then such a parent will have the capital to have a second child.

Childrens heart is to have a person to accompany him to grow up, they worry that parents will be more inclined to their brother or sister, with them, parents will not love themselves, they will resolutely resist.

If the eldest brother firmly disagrees to have a second child, it means that the parents do not do well enough and do not give the child enough sense of security.

If the eldest child is very happy with the arrival of the second child, then it can be regarded as a qualified and qualified parent for a second child. Only by taking care of the eldest child can we have a comprehensive second child.

Happiness itself is a challenge

Xie Nan once tweeted that she would never have a second child.

But before long, she changed her mind and began to face the arrival of her second child.

Later, Xie Nan said about the change of her mentality during this period of time.

In general, she is not ready to raise another child again.

But when she was ready for her second child, her mindset began to change.

She is no longer worried about the future problems, but believes that she can solve all the difficulties on the road of the second child, and she will become an indomitable warrior for her children.

The author Zhang Huiwen holds the national professional qualification of the second level psychological consultant and the third level national professional qualification of marriage and family counselor. She has been working for 5 years and has accumulated rich cases. Love is a kind of learning and improving ability.