Live, low-key life, high-profile work

 Live, low-key life, high-profile work

Broaden your horizons, aim high, but keep your feet on the ground. In the face of difficulties and failures, we should maintain the spirit of braver and more frustrated. We believe that after storms, the rainbow will still hang in the sky.

Hard work is the embellishment of life, everything goes all out, others seven minutes of energy is not slow, you must pay very fast to complete.

Dont worry about the way forward, whether someone applauds, the mood is always in a vigorous state, even if the light is very bleak, also let oneself have a pair of black eyes to adapt to.

We should put the overall situation first. We should forget our selfishness, be open-minded, lose the mediocrity in our life, pursue knowledge and culture, and keep pace with the development of science and technology. We will not be abandoned by the times at any time, regardless of age.

Everything in life is in a hurry, can start and finish well, keep a high profile, low-key life. Ability on the road of life, complement each other, more go more smoothly.

Life is full of flavors, and the world is full of glitz. People with depth must know how to be modest and low-key. Sometimes their fame is like Epiphyllum. Dont chase and show off too much. They are willing to be indifferent to honor or disgrace, and calmly face the ups and downs of life.

If you dont hold on to your talent, you should be cautious and modest. You should understand that there are mountains outside the mountains and there are people outside people. No matter how high the ideal is, we must set out step by step to reach it.

With people and things, away from you fight, I fight for right and wrong, can not change others, must adapt to the society. A lot of time, use your energy to save yourself. No matter what time, my heart is clear like flowing water, and I understand the bottom line and principle of being a man.

To be a low-key person, melt into the circle, but not around others, lose dignity to flatter. Its not a person who is timid and does not take responsibility in the future. It is easy to take, flexible, tactful, not trying to show themselves, showing off eloquence.

Think more and speak less. Dont be arrogant in front of others. Dont blame others for no reason. Life is never too old to learn. Although the character is simple, it is easy to write. But it is full of profound philosophy, a left on behalf of high-profile work, but ultimately inseparable from a low-key personality to support.


Author fan Xiuchun, online name April lily. Born in 1970. He was born in Chicheng County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. This is a columnist of huakaixinyizhan. Micro signal, 277654929


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