Recitation: this autumn, I wish you well

 Recitation: this autumn, I wish you well

In life, there will always be so much too late, some scenery, not enough time to appreciate, has gone, some love, not enough time to say, has gone away, some stories, not enough time to start, it has ended.

As Xi Murong wrote many years ago, in fact, we have been missing, missing yesterday, and missing the present.

A person walking on the street, the evening wind blowing, has some cool, Bi Jing is autumn, whether you adapt to or not, everything around has changed the mood, changed the scene.

Maybe people should learn to accept it. What you cant change, you should learn to adjust your mood, forget what should be forgotten, keep it close to the collection, life is not easy, and line and treasure.

For a long time, there is no word in my heart. Maybe with the growth of age, my heart tends to be peaceful. I dont have so much expectation for the romance of love. I am indifferent to the coming and going of friendship. I also learn to bear the ups and downs of life

Time, finally is the achievement of my uneventful, perhaps this road is too busy, in a hurry, do not have time to touch the pulse of time, so, looking forward to this autumn, the pace can slow down, take a good look at the scenery.

Autumn morning, really some thin cool, open the window, there will be a breeze blowing in, stretch out both hands, then around the finger cool. Because of this cool, some of the momentum of publicity, there is no corner, the wind roll bead curtain, brush the wall between the flower shadow, are long feelings.

In fact, life is full of flowers and flowers. Although it is good, it is necessary to calm down and return to the plain. In the chapters of the book, spring breeze is ten miles, and plants are plain and autumn are also vivid. When you think of Feng Zikais sentence, you should not be confused with your heart, be not trapped in feelings, do not think about the past, and be afraid of the future. So, if you live affectionately in the thin and cool world, you can keep a warm and cold life and like more, that is to understand.

The beauty is just right. The autumn rain with the leaves carefully depicts the character of autumn, so that all the noise in the world is far away, and it is easy to touch the silence. It makes the autumn water long day, with the feelings of clouds and breeze, as well as poetic and distant.

Autumn wind blowing through the branches, the vicissitudes of the branches and leaves full of autumn poetry, if the four seasons compared to life, I think autumn is middle-aged. Middle age, the heart to become pale, in the past time is fresh clothes and angry horses, in the past things can be a heavenly horse, but now, finally indifferent, understand the precipitation and convergence, heart light as chrysanthemum. There may be silence behind the prosperity, more is the precipitation and massiness after the experience.

The sunshine of autumn gives people warmth, just like autumns inclusive mind. In fact, autumn is not only withering, but also blooming. The flowers in autumn can be seen everywhere. They are not as warm and rich as summer flowers, but they are simple, emitting a light fragrance, such as the fragrance of soul.

Open so natural, not kitsch, no carving, open in the valley, or open in the roadside, is so humble, in the sun to the full stretch of the waist, silent interpretation of the story of nature, give people strength, silent blooming, but full of ordinary sense of excitement, and the awe of life. Always feel, there is a flower, there is a beautiful, live, and do their own, is a perfect.

The rush of time, stranded lush and blooming, when the leaves fall in love with the autumn wind that moment, it is destined to wither. But it is no regret, because once prosperous, there are so many beautiful memories, forever in the heart, so it has no turning back.

How many love stories everlasting longing for each other is doomed to fly in the fire, but the outcome of the long face is written. How much will it keep watch, which is the distance from an autumn? Empty mountain pines fall, you should not sleep, who is the sentimental pen, the full moon of Acacia in autumn, let those sentimental, like that fall in the ancient words, rendering a feeling of autumn.

Autumn should be very good, if you can be present, I believe that everyones life will have beautiful people stepping on the faint fragrance. Maybe when life is colorful and flowers are in full bloom, you cant know who is the real warmth in life. When the time is old and the flowers are all over your shoulders, you can see who is the person who is accompanied by the wind and rain. Maybe, many people can Accompany you to see the gorgeous fireworks, can accompany you to see the long flow of water, there is only one person in his life.

Standing in some cool autumn wind, watching the mountains are still green, imagine, this autumn, what kind of people will meet, what kind of story. Maybe you will meet an evening flower in full bloom, maybe you can pick a wisp of osmanthus fragrance under the osmanthus tree; maybe you can meet the person who looks at the flower under the first rising moon; maybe you will collect some warmth for the cool autumn when the maple is red.

Life landscape, heavy mountains and rivers, there will always be separation and reunion, and why ask the leaves scattered, is the tree indifference, or the wind does not retain.

There are many fallen leaves in the Palm Court. Its autumn. The years are full of wind and smoke. Half of them are warm and half are cool. This autumn, I wish you well.

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