How do boys see girls chasing themselves?

 How do boys see girls chasing themselves?

If you are a good boy, if you dont like you, you will be rejected directly. Slag mans words all benefits, but all kinds of hanging you, ha ha. Be sure to polish your eyes! Remember! I dont feel for you. Its just a layer of barbed wire, or the one that can electrocute people.

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Its true that there are women chasing mens barriers, but not necessarily. I think the reason is that most men dont know what kind of people and life they want.

Most of the boys think that girls chase after themselves, whether they like it or not, they will accept it. A small part of them will not accept it if they dont like each other. Of course, these are different from person to person.

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I asked a boy friend, he said that he did not like to actively pursue her girl, he felt too active to accept.

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How can this girl be so stupid and look so low? She has to find a good family.

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There is a friend, she took the initiative to chase the boy, the boy used her as a cash machine.

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Its my dish. Ill be more active than her. If I dont feel like Ill keep a distance, Ill just order it if I cant.

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Have the initiative to express directly from, after all, to appreciate their own girls can not resist.

Heartache, or to say that the love of their own.

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I know you like me, but I pretend I dont know, so how, now or how, why? Because if I liked you too, I would have taken the initiative to hook up with you.

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Take the initiative. Dont put it upside down.

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If you have appearance value, you can separate layer yarn. If you dont, you wont talk about it.

Uncle said: girls take the initiative to chase boys, must pay attention to two points: first of all, to see whether he likes you. He also likes you, and if you take the initiative, you will be happy. If he doesnt like you and you dont take the initiative, the result will be no different. Secondly, it depends on the character of boys. Boys with good moral character, even in the face of girls who do not like it, will not hurt their self-esteem to refuse tactfully. If they meet a girl who likes to express their love, they will cherish it more; those girls who do not cherish it can only say that they have bad character.