I like to socialize with people who are measured

 I like to socialize with people who are measured

Everyone likes to socialize and work with people who are measured.

Speak with propriety and dont expose others

The writer Liu Yong told the story of Huang Junbi, a master of Chinese painting.

Before looking at the paintings, Huang Junbi asked the woman, have you bought all these paintings?

The woman told him triumphantly that it took a lot of money to get back some national treasures from abroad.

During the conversation, the woman told her entourage to unfold the four paintings one by one.

In the middle of the first painting, Huang Junbi frowned.

In the third picture, Huang Junbi gazed for a long time and said meaningfully:

When the fourth one was only two-thirds displayed, master Huang clapped his hands and said, this one looks good and worth appreciating.

After hearing this, the woman couldnt hide her loss. After thinking about it, she thought that two of them might be authentic works, and she liked Yan Kai.

Liu Yong was puzzled: since they are all fake paintings, why didnt you just say so?

Money is a small thing to her, it hurts her face, but its a big deal.

She has already bought those paintings. Whether they are true or not, it is a foregone conclusion. If she breaks them in person, she will be ruined and hurt her feelings

Words are the voice of ones heart, and ones heart is always filled with others, which is not embarrassing. This is self-cultivation.

The measure of speaking is the yardstick of life.

Seeing through without saying anything is not only respect for others, but also wisdom of dealing with others.

To say is a kind of ability; not to say it is a kind of wisdom.

It is the highest level of cultivation to be able to hold back ones tongue and not expose ones scars.

A truly intelligent person knows not to talk about peoples private affairs, but not to expose their shortcomings.

People who dont speak in a proper way and dont cover up will always live as an island in the end.

Leave room for things, dont do things absolutely

It is said in Zhu Zis family precepts:

We should leave room for everything, but we should not go back to our complacency; we should leave room for doing things, and we should be responsible for the good, and refrain from saying everything.

Words do not say full, things do not absolutely, in their own free, in people at ease.

Life is a kind of echo, what kind of cause is planted, what result will be obtained.

A dream of Red Mansions in many happy characters, but I prefer pinger the most.

Wang Xifeng acts shrewdly, but Pinger is pure and good-natured.

Pinger never bullied others by bullying her. She was compassionate and sympathized with the servants whose status was similar to or lower than her.

When you Erjie passed away, Wang Xifeng said that he had no money to do the funeral. Pinger stole two hundred taels of silver and handed it to Jia Lian, which managed the situation.

Pinger always leaves room for himself.

Neither Sister Feng as in the heart of only me, there is no one else vicious, not like Sister Feng do things absolutely.

After Feng Jies death, Daguanyuan is in a state of decline. However, pinger has been helped many times to tide over the difficulties and finally get paid back.

We should leave room for doing things. We should be good at doing things and refrain from saying everything.

Make the best wishes, tie the middle fate, and enjoy the lower blessings;

The first couplet is to say that people should be broad-minded, only seek medium fate, and live the life of ordinary people.

The second couplet is to say that we should be far sighted when we look at problems, we should be low-key in life, and we should leave room for doing things.

This couplet was written by Zuo Zongtang. The rich man liked it very much, so he hung it in his office to keep an eye on himself.

Work to leave a space, their own road will be more and more wide, to go further.

Nietzsche once said, when you gaze at the abyss, the abyss is staring at you.

Leaving room for things is not only a matter of propriety, but also a kind of wisdom.

Communication does not exceed the rules, not beyond the bottom line

A netizen told such a story.

During college, she and a roommate had a good relationship. On weekdays, they went shopping and chatted with each other.

Near graduation, the two were invited to a dinner party with a group of industry elders.

When chatting, the elder asked her about her plan for the future, because she paid great attention to the dinner party and thought about it again and again.

She is not interested in her major at all. She just wants to be an Internet celebrity.

After listening, everyone looked up and laughed, but she turned red and couldnt laugh.

After this happened several times, she gradually alienated her friend.

I like this passage of Emerson

Speak with measure, play with measure; grasp the measure, familiar with the moment.

Sanmao once said: no matter how close a friend is, you should not lose your sense of propriety.

When Sanmao moved to the Sahara desert, he had a good personal relationship with his neighbors. The best thing was that he lived next door to guka.

But guka always steals the things of Sanmaos family when they are not known.

Once, guka took Sanmaos high-heeled shoes to her sister without authorization. When she returned the next day, the shoes had become ragged.

Sanmao cant help but lose his temper to her, so they are very unhappy.

Therefore, to maintain a good relationship, sense of propriety is very important.

No matter how familiar you are with the people around you, you should master the sense of propriety and not easily overdraft each others relationship.

It is the best way to maintain a relationship by keeping a sense of boundaries and not reaching out to other peoples lives.

It is the respect to others and the embodiment of ones self-cultivation that one should grasp proper measure and be familiar with ones manners.

People with a sense of measure are highly cultivated people, and it will make people feel comfortable to communicate with them.

They behave in a proper manner and speak in a proper way. They will keep their sense of propriety in a proper way and leave space for others.

Whether it is family, love or friendship in getting along, propriety is very important, not because the relationship is good, we should not give up the propriety.

Those who should respect should respect, and when they should restrain themselves, they should restrain themselves in time.

If you dont say enough, you dont have to do anything absolutely. If you can talk about propriety, you should pay attention to your level. If you can leave room, you will stay in the world.

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