New function of wechat: goodbye, chat record

 New function of wechat: goodbye, chat record

I think so.

Ive had a similar experience.

When a message is sent to a person and there is no reply, the hypothesis begins

Am I too bold?

Thinking about it, the dialog box that did not reply, became particularly eye-catching.

The chat record of self talk is more like a hand stretched out and left out in the air.

So, I cant help but delete the dialog box quietly and disappear with the chat record, pretending that nothing has happened.

But deep in the heart, there is clearly something, in the faint unwilling ah!

Maybe there are too many people with such a small mind. Wechat has recently launched a very intimate new function - dont show the chat.

As long as you hold down the dialog box, swipe to the left, and select dont show, the dialog box will instantly disappear, as if it doesnt exist, so that you can be out of sight, out of mind.

The biggest difference between it and delete is that once the other party replies to a message, the dialog box and chat record will automatically appear to help you find back the friendship you once had.

In fact, people are not as proud as they think.

If you ignore me, I will swear I wont pay attention to you any more.

However, as long as you are willing to reply again, you will find that I still love you as before.


I dont know from when, peoples contact, full of careful exploration.

Everyone is worried that they are not so important in other peoples hearts.

During the national day, I went home. On the bus in my hometown, I suddenly heard my name called.

I looked at the eyebrows and eyes above the face mask, superimposed with the memory of more than 20 years ago, but I didnt dare to confirm for a moment.

We used to be such a good friend, primary school in a class, junior high school in a dormitory to sleep all over, is even talking about people who dream.

Later, she got married early, and there was no news from then on.

Now we meet again after a long separation. We are so happy that I dont know where to start. We can only exchange greetings awkwardly and take our seats respectively.

I had an idea. I thought of chatting with my family some time ago and mentioned her, so I sent her a screenshot.

I began to regret: after all, I havent seen it for more than 20 years. Is it too naive to do so? Would it offend her?

Until I got on the train, the mobile phone just Ding Dong a ring, she sent two laughing expression, said: this is fate.

I am finally relieved to know that my 20-year thoughts are not self indulgent.


Its really hard for adults to maintain a distant friendship.

Those who speak first are afraid of losing.

I even began to appreciate the voting link, so a simple request can break the deadlock that has not been contacted for a long time.

One by one, the bottom replied, yes.

The canvassers were happy.

Not only did the childs vote count get better, but he knew that old friends were there all the time.

Finally, there is a simple way to tell old friends: I still care about you.

Its like manna for people who dont express their social fears.

In addition to canvassing for children, activities such as breaking red envelopes, bargaining and inviting friends on various shopping platforms have become less annoying.

I will smile, as if I met an old friend in a foreign land: its a coincidence that you are as poor as I am.

Once you are sure that you and I are not so rich as to be unattainable, what else can not become intimate?


They will automatically slow down when they pass you on rainy days.

They fold the used tissue squarely before throwing it into the trash can.

Dont let everyone in the dialog box respond to your last message in time.

With such a person, you will get a great sense of security, never have to worry about yourself is bold, embarrassing existence.

Dont let the person who cares about you wait for a reply. After self doubt, slide the dialog box to the left and select a dont show chat record.

Compared with delete or black.

Not showing is such a humble pride. Proud to pretend to be invisible, humble to call back.

This is like a sentence written by Bing Xin:

With his face on his back, his head bowed and his lips pouted, he said, if you had known that you had come to coax me again, why did you ice me there at the beginning?

People who deliberately dont show the dialog box are mostly as eager as children, waiting for someones response.

While waiting, he bowed his head and pouted his mouth, deliberately taking a gamble.

But as long as the other party gives a definite reply, he can immediately reply to his anger and be happy.