58 days worth 2 trillion! Ma Yun just got the quasi birth certificate of science and Technology Innovation Board

 58 days worth 2 trillion! Ma Yun just got the quasi birth certificate of science and Technology Innovation Board

According to the past situation, it will take at least 13 working days before it is registered and listed on the science and technology innovation board, which means ant group is expected to land in the capital market in early November.

In terms of Hong Kong stock listing progress, on October 16, ant groups application for listing in Hong Kong has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the time of offering has not yet been determined. Previously, some industry insiders have speculated that the Hong Kong shares of ant group may be offered from next Tuesday to Friday (27-30 days), and a + H shares will be listed simultaneously in early November.

During the period of IPO application, the company was approved by the group for one time. Not long ago, some foreign media said that regulators were investigating the potential conflict of interest of ant groups planned IPO, so it delayed the approval of its listing plan. This conflict has been speculated by the outside world that Alipay is the sole agency for strategic placement of 5 ants.

In response, ant said details of the strategic placement fund had been fully disclosed and it had not underwritten its own IPO. As a strategic investor, the fund participated in the initial public offering of ant group, which has been operated independently by the fund company. As for the postponement of listing, ant group also responded that the listing process of ants was advancing orderly in both places.

At present, the above delayed IPO rumors are self defeating. Looking forward to the future, the outside world is looking forward to the impact of this Internet giants login to a shares.

An organic person told the securities times u00b7 e company that for a long time, American stocks and Hong Kong stocks have been the preferred listing places for many Chinese Internet companies, which makes A-share investors rarely have the opportunity to participate in sharing the dividends of the development of the Internet industry. However, with the IPO of ant obtained the registration of CSRC, this history is about to change.

In fact, the decision of ants to be listed in a shares has a long history. In 2014, Ma Yun expressed the regret of Alibabas failure to list on A shares, when he said, I hope Alipay will be able to list on A shares in the future. Six years later, ant, which has become the worlds largest unicorn, submitted its A-share listing application and became the first company in Chinas Internet first echelon to list on A-share.

From the global market point of view, the head of the Internet companies have a very positive role in driving the stock market. For example, the head technology company represented by faamg (Facebook, apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google) in the US stock market is not only the ballast stone enterprise of the US stock market, but also an important driving force for the growth of the US economy and corporate profits and the realization of the long bull of the US stock market.

According to the data, among the top 10 companies in the U.S. stock market, there are 7 technology companies, including faamg; there are 4 technology companies in the top 10 of Hong Kong stock market value, such as Alibaba, Tencent, etc.; while the number of technology companies in the top 10 of a stock market value is 0, the emergence of ants will change this situation.

From the perspective of valuation, ants listing is expected to become the largest IPO of this year, and many securities companies have also estimated its value: Guoxin Securities, through absolute valuation method and relative valuation method, gives a valuation range of 1.7 trillion to 2.5 trillion yuan. The Morningstar Stock Research Report valued ant group at HK $2.45 trillion (equivalent to RMB 2.1 trillion).

More than 1 billion users, 118 trillion transactions!

According to the prospectus, from the current business scale, ant has more than 1 billion annual live users, more than 80 million connected businesses, 118 trillion yuan of transaction volume and more than 2000 cooperative financial institutions. At present, Ma Yun controls Hangzhou Junhan and Hangzhou junao indirectly controls 50.5177% of the shares of ant group through Hangzhou YUNPU. As the actual controller of the company, the total number of new shares to be issued by ant group in a shares and H shares is no less than 10% of the total share capital after the issuance, and the total share capital after the issuance is no less than 30.3897 billion shares (before green shoes), which means that it will issue no less than 3 billion new shares to raise funds To help upgrade the digital economy, strengthen global cooperation and contribute to global sustainable development, further support innovation, investment in science and technology, and supplement liquidity. According to the prospectus, after the global IPO, the ratio of foreign shares of issuers will not exceed 50% of the total number of shares of issuers at that time.

At the Bund conference recently concluded, Hu Xiaoming, CEO of ant group, said that the most important thing after listing is to invest technology. According to the prospectus, ants technology has been leading the world in the industry: technical personnel account for 64%, covering all business lines; at present, it has patents or patent applications in 40 countries or regions in the world, with a total of 26279; in the blockchain field, it has the worlds first patent application for four consecutive years, with 212 patents granted, ranking the first in the world; its database product oceanbase has global performance First. Source: editor in charge of E Company: Zhong Qiming_ NF5619