Shenzhen (Shanghai) foreign investment promotion and exchange conference held successfully

 Shenzhen (Shanghai) foreign investment promotion and exchange conference held successfully

Wu you, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Peoples government, Zhou Mingwu, deputy director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Huang Feng, President of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association, and Guo Xiaohui, executive president of Shenzhen Association of foreign investment enterprises, attended the event.

Wu Wengui, vice president of China Singapore Chamber of Commerce

Director General of Japan commerce and Industry Club in Shanghai Nakamura

Li Jie, Emersons global vice president and general manager of China

Guo Tao, global vice president of Qualcomm

Elisabeth Staudinger, President of Siemens Medical Systems Asia Pacific

Chen Xin, general manager and chief financial officer of DuPont China Group Co., Ltd

Huang Yaohe, managing partner of PWC in China

Mr. Damen and Ren, general manager of weikekai (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Xu Jian, managing director of Omron (China) Co., Ltd

Cheng Shengyi, chairman and general manager of Nikko electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Yuan Zhi, vice president of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (China) Co., Ltd

Joachim poylo, founder and chairman of Eaton group

Cheng Jinsong, general manager of Valeo automotive internal control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

At the meeting, deputy secretary general Wu you delivered a speech.

He said that Shenzhen plays an extremely important role in the national strategy. As one of the most important places for foreign investors to come to China, foreign-invested enterprises are not only witnesses but also participants of Shenzhens reform and opening-up, and are important forces to promote the economic and social development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the past 40 years. As of the first half of 2020, the total number of foreign direct investment projects in Shenzhen has exceeded 94000, the contractual foreign investment amount has exceeded 296 billion US dollars, and the actual use of foreign capital has exceeded 117 billion US dollars. Over the past 40 years, foreign investors have brought new technologies, new industries and new models to Shenzhen, making great contributions to the social and economic development of Shenzhen. In the future, Shenzhen will continue to adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, opening up, scientific and technological innovation, and legal development, so as to realize the leapfrog development of Shenzhens utilization of foreign capital, and create a more fair and orderly business environment for foreign-invested enterprises from all over the world.

Huang Feng, President of Shanghai Foreign Investment Association, delivered a speech.

Huang Feng said that the development of Shenzhens high-tech industry has become a national flag, and Shenzhen is also one of the central cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macaos Great Bay area. The event once again set up a bridge for communication between Shenzhen and Shanghai, enterprises and the government, and invited foreign-invested enterprises in Shanghai, world top 500 enterprises and investors from all over the world to learn from the opening and innovation of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone We should further emancipate our minds and seek common development plans.

Zhou Mingwu, deputy director of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced in detail the excellent investment environment and foreign investment policies in Shenzhen.

Looking at the 40 years of reform and opening up of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen attracts more and more foreign-invested enterprises to take root in Shenzhen with its openness, innovation and internationality. As a city of opportunity, a city of dreams and a city of science and technology, we welcome you to Shenzhen to share its good business environment, livable environment and industrial environment.

Huang Yaohe, a Chinese partner of PWC, makes an analysis report on the investment situation of foreign-invested enterprises from the aspects of localization process of foreign-invested enterprises in China, foreign investment situation in Shenzhen, strategies of multinational enterprises in China (investment, optimization or exit), and investment opportunities brought by the government for multinational companies.

He said that Mitsubishi UFJ Shenzhen has developed from its initial representative office to a comprehensive financial institution providing professional and global services to customers of Chinese and foreign enterprises, and has become a window and bridge for Japanese enterprises to understand and invest in Shenzhen. Enterprises have witnessed the development of Shenzhen and benefited from the development of Shenzhen.

With the Shenzhen speed and Shenzhen mode that shocked the world, Shenzhen has built a vibrant international innovative city in 40 years, nurtured the city spirit of daring to explore, dare to be the first, inclusive and sharing, and emerged a large number of world-class enterprises and high-tech start-ups who are well-known at home and abroad. He believed that Shenzhen, with its flexible and open market environment and dynamic humanistic environment, with its continuously optimized business environment and with its enterprises courage and courage to innovate and forge ahead, will surely usher in a more brilliant future.

Leaders and guests at the meeting spoke highly of the event.

The Shenzhen (Shanghai) foreign investment promotion and exchange conference aims to introduce Shenzhen investment development opportunities to enterprises, and provide a platform for foreign-invested enterprises to communicate with each other, so as to boost the investment confidence of foreign-invested enterprises. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485