Full time live broadcast helps to hold the 4th Southern Information Conference

 Full time live broadcast helps to hold the 4th Southern Information Conference

The artificial live broadcast of full-time cloud conference can be applied to various enterprise internal propaganda meetings, internal and external training, marketing and other activities. Through the conference live broadcast, hundreds of parties can be online at the same time, which can not only reach more participants, but also help the conference parties to save costs.

Intelligent hardware, conference room experience upgrade

In addition, a full-time display of intelligent hardware, full-time box, was also carried out on the conference site. As a professional conference hardware product of video conference room level, the full-time staff demonstrated how to use its hardware equipment to conduct more intelligent conference room meetings for participants, and received unanimous praise. Full time box adopts the most advanced conference level configuration at present, which can provide users with unparalleled HD video and high fidelity audio experience. The all-time intelligent router provides the functions of packet loss compensation, data security and intelligent routing for the full-time box. Combined with audio pre-processing technology and audio forward error correction, the conference is clearer and smoother.

With the continuous upgrading of the full-time strategy, the continuous updating of products and services, and the continuous expansion of cooperation ecology, todays full-time business in the cloud conference, live broadcast, hardware equipment and other business areas maintain a sustained high-speed growth. It not only serves for conferences and meetings, remote collaboration, business training, etc., but also has been widely used in the field of government affairs and local associations. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485