Yan Junling has returned to Shanghai, thanks for your attention

 Yan Junling has returned to Shanghai, thanks for your attention

In the 37th minute of the match with Shenhua, Shenhua sent a long pass from the backcourt. Bi Jinhao followed up and prepared to rush for the spot. Yan Junling attacked and spread out his hands. As a result, he had a physical collision with Bi Jinhao. After eight minutes of treatment by the team doctor, Yan Junling could not insist, and Chen Wei came on the stage as a substitute.

In the process of treatment, Yan Junlings left eye is also high and swollen, team doctors constantly test Yan Junling, but Yan Junlings eyes appear double shadow, as a goalkeeper, this situation is certainly not good. Although Yan Junling tried to stick to the game, the Shanghai coach team let Chen Wei warm up at the sidelines for the first time, and finally let Chen Wei substitute in the 45th minute. Yan Junling regretted to leave.

On the way to the dressing room after leaving the court, when he went down the stairs, perhaps because of his eye injury, Yan Junling stumbled and nearly fell down. Fortunately, many staff members helped him in time. After supporting him, Yan Junling even had some difficulties in walking in a straight line.

After the game, Yan Junling updated the social platform for the first time: Thank you for your concern. Now I feel much better, just not good-looking.

At 19:35 on the 23rd, Shanghai will usher in the second round match with Shenhua. The 0-0 score in the first round makes the promotion full of variables. Yan Junlings injury is a great challenge for Shanghai.

According to the official announcement of Shanghai port, Yan Junlings operation and recovery will not be short. Whether she can catch up with the Chinese Super League this season is a problem. It is a big variable for Shanghong, who is determined to win the championship. I hope he will recover as soon as possible. After all, the Chinese Super League is over and the next is the Asian championship.

Source: Netease sports Author: a Fei, editor in charge: Xu Song_ NS1943