The charity free clinic activity of Luce world bathes in light entered Sanmenxia, Henan Province and won praise from the 88 year old three good

 The charity free clinic activity of Luce world bathes in light entered Sanmenxia, Henan Province and won praise from the 88 year old three good

Reduce the burden on the whole family

I cant see, I cant sleep well. I thought it was dawn in the middle of the night, so I got up and brushed my teeth. When Guo wrestled, he was in a bad mood Since the rapid decline of vision in 2009, in order to treat granddad Guo, his family took him to all hospitals in Sanmenxia, Luoyang and Zhengzhou. The incessant search for a doctor and all-weather care have brought a heavy burden to the family.

Whats more troubling to the whole family is that there was no domestic medicine at that time, and the total cost of imported medicine was nearly 10000 yuan. For the family of granddad Guo, this was undoubtedly worse than ever! Mr. Guo, the son of Guos grandfather, recalled: it was really troublesome that there was an old man who was blind because of macular degeneration. But at that time, he thought that we should insist on protecting the quality of his fathers life.

Fortunately, the familys insistence was rewarded. In 2014, Kanghong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. independently researched and developed a drug for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration, Langmu, which was listed in the national health insurance catalog, launched patient assistance programs, and was used nationwide. The burden on Guos family has been relieved. Now I only need to spend more than 800 yuan for an injection, which is one tenth of the original amount.. In Sanmenxia, Mr. Guo also received drug donation from Kanghong pharmaceutical. Thank the government, the hospital and the enterprise for making me bright again. The medicine is good, the effect is good, and the welfare is good! Mr. Guo praised the three good repeatedly.

According to Professor Jiang Chunhui, Professor of Ophthalmology, otolaryngology Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, the patients vision improved significantly after taking anti VEGF drugs. Langmu is the first domestic drug of this kind, and its good efficacy and safety have been highly praised by patients and doctors since it came into the market.

Powerful measures for targeted poverty alleviation

The sanguangmen charity activity of sanguangmenxia in Henan is being carried out. Health Express is a well-known brand led and implemented by the National Health Commission to do practical and good things for the masses, and has made great achievements in health poverty alleviation. Wang Yuezhen, the commander of the health express, told reporters that 1200 cataract patients will regain their light in this eye hospital on the train when the health express comes to Sanmenxia. Guos wife, Granny Wu, can get free cataract surgery on the health express. Sanmenxia is located at the junction of Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and the golden triangle area of the Yellow River in the south. Due to poverty, there are many eye disease patients who can not get effective treatment. I hope that Health Express can really help these poor patients.

Professor Jiang Chunhui said in his speech that 2020 is the end of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and winning the battle against poverty. In this special historical period, it is of great significance to hold this free clinic in Sanmenxia. The activity actively responded to the strategy of healthy China and helped the country win the battle of poverty alleviation. Nearly 30 ophthalmologists from all over the country participated in the free clinic, and the experts on the health express also participated in the work. They also carried out academic exchanges with local ophthalmologists to share the latest progress of ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment and the prevention and control knowledge of the normalization of the epidemic situation, leaving Sanmenxia a healthy express.

Drug donation activities can directly improve the family economic burden of patients with eye diseases, and then make them improve the quality of life through treatment, which has a direct effect on health poverty alleviation. At the same time, through improving the level of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in primary medical institutions, targeted intervention in advance, and providing high-quality and convenient medical services, the activity accurately helps poverty alleviation Cui Xiaoying, director of the China Social Assistance Foundation, introduced that the public welfare fund project of Luce world bright was launched in 2014 to assist patients with annual family income less than 100000 yuan, aiming to help patients get standardized treatment. As of 2019, more than 40000 patients have benefited from it, and Kanghong pharmaceutical has donated 250 million drugs. At present, the series of charity and public welfare free clinic activities of Luce world Mu Guang Ming have been held for seven years. They have sent doctors and medicines to the people who need the most help, and also bring professional guidance and support from ophthalmologists for the medical underdeveloped areas.

The series of charity free clinic activities of Luce Jiemu Guangming is a powerful measure for targeted poverty alleviation. For patients receiving treatment, the effect is immediate and greatly reduces the burden of patients families and society.

Subsequently, Kanghong pharmaceutical donated 66000 yuan to Sanmenxia Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for ophthalmic personnel training and poverty-stricken patients relief. On the same day, on the premise of strictly ensuring the local epidemic prevention needs, 23 Free Clinic experts from Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and other places conducted comprehensive screening and diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases for 300 patients with eye diseases.

Kang Hong builds academic exchange platform to boost the development of Ophthalmology at the grassroots level

At the opening ceremony of academic exchange in the afternoon of the same day, Professor Xu Gezhi, chairman of the conference, delivered a video address. He said that although he could not come to the scene, the hospital still sent a strong team of experts. He hoped that through the charity free clinic activity of Luce world, we can bring light to the people in Sanmenxia and make contributions to the improvement of local ophthalmology discipline.

Fan Hongjun, CO chairman of the conference and President of Sanmenxia Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, pointed out: nearly 30 ophthalmologists from Beijing and Shanghai were invited to this academic activity. I hope you can expand your thinking and burst out new knowledge in the process of learning, so as to promote the rapid development of ophthalmology in our hospital.

In Professor Jiang Chunhuis opinion, the academic exchanges brought by free clinic doctors from all over the country have a good role in promoting, promoting and improving the local doctors daily treatment of ophthalmic diseases and understanding of the latest progress of Ophthalmology. It plays a strategic role in promoting the whole national medical and health undertakings, health poverty alleviation and national public welfare undertakings.

It is worth mentioning that on October 14, Kanghong pharmaceutical entered the peoples health eye health science popularization experience Museum. It carried out science popularization on eye health of the whole age group and the whole life cycle from multi-dimensional and multi-channel, spread the scientific concept of myopia prevention and control for children and adolescents, carried out early prevention and comprehensive intervention of eye health, popularized the knowledge of eye disease prevention and control of all age groups, and strengthened the group The consciousness of eye care.

In recent years, based on Langmu, Kanghong pharmaceutical has continued to pay attention to people with eye diseases, actively responded to the national call for targeted poverty alleviation, devoted to public welfare undertakings, brought light to poor families, and made great efforts to overcome poverty. At the same time, Kanghong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has also carried out the social responsibility and responsibility of a Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise in more and broader fields, practicing the enterprise tenet of healthy people and benefiting all living beings, contributing to the healthy China strategy!