China Securities Regulatory Commission approved IPO registration of ant Technology Group

 China Securities Regulatory Commission approved IPO registration of ant Technology Group

This is the latest listing progress of ant group after its listing plan was exposed or delayed.

On July 20, ant group announced its a + H listing plan, seeking simultaneous listing on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchanges science and technology innovation board and the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

At present, ant group has not yet obtained the listing approval from the CSRC.

For H shares, at present, the website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has not yet announced the progress of the hearing of ant groups IPO.

Since last week, the original smooth ant group listing plan delayed news fermentation.

In response to foreign media reports that its listing may be delayed, an ant group spokesman said on the evening of October 13 that the listing process of ants was progressing orderly in both places, and there was no pre-set timetable, and any speculation about the timetable was not based on facts.

Subsequently, Reuters reported that the SFC is investigating possible conflicts of interest in the $35 billion listing plan of the ant group. Alipay, an ant group, is the only third party channel for retail investors to invest in 5 ant battle funds, and the Commission is conducting an investigation into Alipays role in the matter.

In response, ant said details of the strategic placement fund had been fully disclosed and it had not underwritten its own IPO. As a strategic investor, the fund participated in the initial public offering of ant group, which has been operated independently by the fund company.

According to the prospectus, the total number of new shares issued in the A-share issuance and H-share IPO of ant group is no less than 10% of the total share capital after the issuance of a shares and H shares. After the issuance of a shares and H shares, the total share capital shall not be less than 30038.97 million shares.

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