China Securities Regulatory Commission approved IPO registration of ant Technology Group

 China Securities Regulatory Commission approved IPO registration of ant Technology Group

In addition, the above progress tracking shows that the SFC sent a written feedback on September 7 and received a written reply on October 19.

This is the latest listing progress of ant group after its listing plan was exposed or delayed.

On July 20, ant group announced its a + H listing plan, seeking simultaneous listing on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchanges science and technology innovation board and the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

Among them, in the process of listing on the science and technology innovation board, the Shanghai stock exchange accepted the listing application of ant group on the science and technology innovation board on August 25, and then inquired the ants about the relevant issues. According to the reply to the inquiry letter published on September 7, ant was asked a total of 6 categories of 21 questions, covering the ownership structure of the issuer and the basic information of directors, supervisors and senior management, the business of the issuer, corporate governance and independence, financial and accounting information and management analysis, major event tips and risk factors. On September 9, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed ants reply to the second round of inquiry. The 32 page reply submitted by ant included five questions, such as regulatory policy and market competition. On September 18, ant group successfully held the meeting. From August 25 to the meeting, ant group only took 25 days. On September 22, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed the reply of ant group and its sponsor institutions to the letter of implementing the opinions of the municipal Party committee meeting. Late in the night of the same day, ant group submitted for registration.

Since last week, the original smooth ant group listing plan delayed news fermentation.

Subsequently, Reuters reported that the SFC is investigating possible conflicts of interest in the $35 billion listing plan of the ant group. Alipay, an ant group, is the only third party channel for retail investors to invest in 5 ant battle funds, and the Commission is conducting an investigation into Alipays role in the matter.

According to the prospectus, the total number of new shares issued in the A-share issuance and H-share IPO of ant group is no less than 10% of the total share capital after the issuance of a shares and H shares. After the issuance of a shares and H shares, the total share capital shall not be less than 30038.97 million shares.

According to the prospectus of ant group, the revenue in the first three quarters was 114.5 billion yuan to 117.5 billion yuan, an increase of 38% to 42% year-on-year. This figure is close to ant groups annual revenue in 2019. Ant groups revenue in 2019 will be 120.6 billion yuan, and that from January to June this year will be 72.528 billion yuan. Based on this calculation, ant groups revenue in the third quarter is about 42 billion yuan to 45 billion yuan. In the first three quarters, the overall gross profit is expected to be 66.8 billion yuan to 69.0 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 67% to 73%.

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