How many Billionaires will be born after the IPO registration of ant groups science and technology innovation board is approved?

 How many Billionaires will be born after the IPO registration of ant groups science and technology innovation board is approved?

Besides the big winner, Ma Yun, who doesnt love money, who else will succeed in becoming a billionaire? How much money can social security funds that participate in early investment make you?

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What kind of wealth feast will be set off by the listing of ants? (source: business junior sister)


Ant group can be said to be in addition to Alibaba, another trump card in Ma Yuns hand.

Previously, ant group in response to the Shanghai Stock Exchanges inquiry, made it clear that its actual controller is Ma Yun, holding 8.8% of the shares.

(photo source: Alibaba Group annual report for fiscal year 2020)

Some people may ask why Mr. Ma holds only 8.8% of the shares. Why can he control the ant group? This is due to ants clever equity structure design.

According to the prospectus, the major shareholders of ant are Hangzhou junao and Hangzhou Junhan, and the two companies together hold nearly 50% of the shares.

The younger martial sister inquired about the information and found that Hangzhou junao and Hangzhou Junhan are actually employee stock holding platforms of Ma Yun, ant group and Alibaba. The big boss behind the scenes is a company called Hangzhou YUNPU.

(source: page 94)

Previously, Mr. Ma held 100% of the shares of Hangzhou YUNPU, but in August this year, the shareholding ratio was reduced to 34%, and he is still the absolute shareholder of Hangzhou yunplatinum.

So who is the biggest winner? Mr. Ma, of course, is not interested in money.

If the minimum market value is estimated at 200 billion US dollars, the listing of ant group will bring Ma Yun about 17.6 billion US dollars of wealth, equivalent to about 120 billion yuan. Together with Ma Yuns current net assets of 50.7 billion US dollars, Ma Yuns worth will reach 67.9 billion US dollars, surpassing the 52.2 billion US dollars of Mukesh Ambani (India), the richest man in Asia at present (as of July 2020), and his return to the throne of Asias richest man is just around the corner.


Nearly 60 Billionaires will be born

Back to Hangzhou junao and Hangzhou Junhan, the employee stock holding platforms mentioned by my younger martial sister just now, 30000 Ali and ant employees hold 40% of the shares. After ant is listed, the stock holding value of these employees will reach 700 billion yuan, and the per capita value will be 50 million yuan.

In addition, according to incomplete statistics, at least 60 executives of Ali department and ant department will become billionaires. Of course, the core executives and partners such as Ma Yun, Peng Lei and Jing Xiandong benefited the most. But even Zhang Yu, the Secretary-General of Ali Da cultural and entertainment, who holds the least shares, will be worth 665 million yuan in the future.

Its no wonder that on the day of the IPO announcement of ant group, the headquarters was cheered and joked as the voice of wealth and freedom.

Anyway, the younger martial sister has no desire to envy, envy and hate. She can only wait and see from a distance, and then hope that they can get rich first and drive them to become rich later.


In the list of shareholders of ant group, a number of national teams are also very conspicuous, and the performance of national social security fund as the team member with the highest proportion of shares is the most eye-catching.

You should know that the national social security fund paid 7.8 billion yuan for 5% of the shares of ant group. Before that, Wang Zhongmin, deputy director of the national social security fund, said that this was the most successful investment in the history of social security fund investment, and it made old people.

Take the 42 billion yuan income from the current social security fund investment. For example, for Chinas 1.3 billion insured people, each persons social security account can be increased by 32 yuan on average.

Therefore, some netizens quipped that as long as they have paid social security, they are shareholders of ants. Every time they brush Alipay, they will make money for the social security fund and earn more pensions for themselves.

So it seems that the common people are not absent from the feast of wealth set off by the listing of ants.

Well, thats all well talk about this issue. See you next time~

The SFC has approved the IPO registration of ant Technology Group on the science and technology innovation board. Official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange_ NF2100