Charlotte Tilbury opens magic beauty adventure season

 Charlotte Tilbury opens magic beauty adventure season

Brand spokesperson color magician Ren Jialun also came to the scene, the scene was popular

China makes my walk of no shape kiss series world famous! My Chinese fans love this color nickname, lucky bean paste, translated as kiss color - I really love it! It has a global effect and leads in sales. This make-up will make you the luckiest and the best you can be. This day, believe in yourself, improve your self-confidence, put on magic makeup, and good luck will come to you u2014u2014Ms. Charlotte Tilbury

The new WalkofNoShame kiss series contains the classic brand of modern mist lip balm, four color Luxury Eye Shadow plates, star sparking water lipstick and honey shaped lip liner pen. The 5 surprises come out: water light Collagen Lip Gloss, double color cheek pens, eyeliner, starlight eye shadow cream and starlight lip gloss. The best-selling walkof noshape series will create a unique make-up for you, make you shine and inspire your confidence!

Magic beauty season flash store is mainly in the rose bean sand color of the walkof no shape series

Brand spokesperson color Wizard Ren Jialun also left a mysterious voice in the phone booth

Charlotte Tilbury brand spokesperson color Wizard Ren Jialun also attended the scene as a surprise guest on the same day to unlock exclusive beauty secrets for the audience. The famous beauty expert Xiao Bu and the all-round modeling expert Mr. Yao Ting also came together to explain the new products and use methods for the audience in detail. Ren Jialun also created her own walk of no shape kiss makeup through canvas, which was highly praised by beauty experts and the scene. When seeing the support support of many fans, Jialun said that he was very grateful to all fans. He also hoped that CharlotteTilburys Lip Gloss Lipstick could help fans gain more strength. So fans spontaneously shouted love Jialun with a kiss to make Sanlitun full of magic beauty charm. When talking about the cooperation with Charlotte Tilbury, Ren Jialun also said that she very much agreed with the concept of the brand, and hoped that everyone could find their own confidence and beauty through Charlotte Tilburys magic beauty.

Ren Jialun created her own walk of no shape kiss makeup through canvas

Charlotte Tilbury, the founder of the brand, is not only a famous British beauty master, but also a real creative visionary and pioneer, constantly updating records and breaking through boundaries with her award-winning beauty and skin care brand of the same name. Whether in Hollywood or fashion, Ms. Charlotte Tilbury has been praised for her expertise in beauty. As her own brand of the same name, Charlotte Tilbury not only creates numerous iconic beauty styles and trends, but also strives to help people around the world improve their self-confidence through the power of beauty. This year, Charlotte Tilbury has upgraded the classic walk of shape color, which is popular all over the world, as the walk of no shape series. It continues to be popular and launch new products. Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809