New iPad air 4 review: want the best value iPad? Buy it!

 New iPad air 4 review: want the best value iPad? Buy it!

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At 8:00 p.m. on October 16, two new iphone12 series machines began to be pre sold in China, causing unprecedented attention. However, there was also a new Apple product on the same night, which was the fourth generation of new iPad air (hereinafter referred to as the iPad air4) at Apples first autumn product launch this year. As the first device of the A14 bionic chip, combined with the appearance design, core experience and external support, the device has been as close as possible to the iPad pro. This iPad air4 is also considered by the outside world as one of the most valuable products of the past ipadapir.

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[Marvel technology] new iPad air: A14 hands, pro shivers (source: original)

The iPad is not only one of the most successful devices in the iPhone industry, but also one of the most successful devices in the iPhone industry. Although many netizens will also make complaints about their pre production productivity and buy Iqiyi, it is undeniable that iPad has indeed been playing a great potential in business, education, entertainment and other fields these years, and user satisfaction is the first in 10 consecutive years.

Today, this fully upgraded iPad air4 has finally arrived. Compared with the iPad pro, which starts at 6299 yuan and aims at positioning professional productivity tools, is it worth starting from 4799 yuan? Netease digital e-review machine column also got the evaluation prototype at the first time. After several consecutive days of practical experience, I will take you to explore it.

Compared with the previous generation of the 2019 iPad air, this time the iPad air continues the full screen design style of the new iPad pad with ultra narrow frame. After years of mellow fit, the body lines become angular and angular, and the overall look is more robust. This design style also continues to this years new iphone12 series. It seems that Apples core hardware products, such as the iPhone and iPad, will continue to do so in the next few years.

The change in design style not only brings about changes in visual perception, but also makes people feel refreshing. With the weight of about 460g and the thickness of 6.1mm, the iPad air4 is still so thin. With the overall screen design with ultra narrow edges, the front visual impact is really improved. In terms of hand feeling, for users who are used to the sleek fuselage, they may feel a little bit harsh in the early stage of use, but they can still quickly adapt to this kind of touch change after using it for a few days.

Its worth mentioning that although the iPad air4 is also a super narrow edge design, the screen border is slightly wider than the 12.9-inch iPad pro. However, it is much better than the previous generation of iPad air.

(10.9 inch iPad air4 on left, 12.9 inch New iPad pro on right)

(10.9 inch iPad air4 on left, 12.9 inch New iPad pro on right)

In terms of fuselage technology, we are still familiar with apple industrial wind, playing metal CNC processing technology to the extreme. Although the iPad pro, which is made of stainless steel, has a poor feel, the body shell made of 100% recycled aluminum on the iPad air4 is still the best of its kind. In terms of color matching, the iPad air4 has also become more young and fashionable. In addition to the conventional silver, dark gray and rose gold colors, green and sky blue are added for the first time for users to choose from.

The appearance looks like the iPad pro, but there are still obvious differences in some details. For example, it does not carry faceid. However, in order to ensure positive vision, apple did not use the round touch touch touch ID at the bottom of the previous generation screen, but integrated it into the power button on the right side of the top of the fuselage. The advantage of this design is that it looks more beautiful and coordinated, even when activating the product The system will suggest that you input a fingerprint in the vertical and horizontal states of the iPad air, so that it will be more convenient and efficient to use fingerprints in daily use, and the unlocking process will be as smooth and fast as ever.

On the back of the fuselage, in addition to the iconic logo, the iPad air4 is still the familiar 12 megapixel rear wide-angle main camera, which is upgraded from the 8-megapixel lens on the iPad air3 last year. However, it is still far from the dual camera composed of the 12 megapixel wide-angle main camera and the 10 megapixel ultra wide angle lens of the iPad pro, let alone the lidar scanner equipped with the iPad pro.

In terms of other details, the iPad air4 is still equipped with the newly upgraded horizontal stereo dual speakers. The effect is certainly not as impressive as the iPad pros four speaker system, but the daily experience is also very good. Watching a movie and playing a game will definitely make you happy.

In terms of interface, ipadair4 has finally cancelled the traditional lightning interface and adopted a more practical usb-c interface like the iPad pro to further improve the expansibility of the iPad air4, such as an external high-definition 4K display or mobile hard disk. Even if your SLR has its own C-Port, you can directly connect it to the iPad air4 through the C-Port data cable to quickly read relevant photos.

In terms of core hardware, first of all, lets take a look at the performance of the screen. In terms of parameters, compared with the previous generation, the iPad air4 has not been upgraded. Although the size has been upgraded from 10.5 inches to 10.9 inches, the resolution is correspondingly higher, making the two generations of products maintain 264ppi, which is still the highest 500 nit brightness under the typical value. It adopts full lamination technology, and supports the original color display and P3 wide color gamut display technology.

However, if you want to compare it directly with the new iPad pro, the gap is obvious. Although the two ipadpro are also 264ppi, due to the support of promotion adaptive refresh technology and the screen refresh rate of up to 120Hz, the iPad air4 with 60Hz refresh rate naturally does not feel as smooth and smooth as iPad Pro, and it also has poor performance in gamut and color restoration Many, after all, the price difference between the two is thousands of yuan. If you are not particularly demanding on the screen display effect, the iPad air4 can also meet your needs.

If the performance of the screen is not enough to satisfy you, then the core chip will definitely make you very popular. The A14 bionic chip with 5nm process, which is the first of this years new iPhone 12 series, should exceed the expectations of many people. The core performance of this 5nm process chip, which is the worlds first mass-produced 5nm process chip, is undoubtedly the most powerful chip at present. It integrates 11.8 billion transistors, a newly designed 6-core CPU and 4-core GPU, and a 16 core NPU. With the machine learning accelerator, it can achieve an amazing 11 trillion operations per second.

Speaking of this, someone will definitely compare it with the a12z bionic processor on the new iPad pro. Although a12z is made in 7Nm process, this SOC is specially designed by apple for iPad pro, so it adopts 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU architecture. From the parameter point of view, A14 emphasizes single core performance and NPU capability, while the process advantage can give better consideration to overall power consumption performance, while a12z emphasizes multi-core processing ability and GPU graphic performance, which is also in line with the product positioning of ipadpros more professional productivity tools.

In order to measure the performance of the iPad air4, we use geekbench5 to measure its performance. The results of single core 1594 and multi-core 4241, compared with the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro single core 1128 and multi-core 4704, also confirm our previous discussion. However, compared with the previous generation A13 bionic chip, the CPU performance of single core and multi-core is improved by more than 20%, if compared with the previous generation of iPad air A12 Bionic chip, that from the measured data is more than 50%. And we use Angou rabbit running score software to measure, the comprehensive score is close to 630000, the score is far ahead.

Further, according to the reference data of IOS device running points given by geekbench official website, the overall performance of the A14 bionic chip on iPad air4 is relatively high in the ranking of major IOS devices.

Generally speaking, the core performance of the iPad air4 is enough to satisfy you. With the powerful support of this chip, it is stable to play games and deal with daily activities such as picture processing and simple video editing.

This time, we experienced a large-scale 3D online game called the original God on iPad air4. After the parameters such as picture quality and fluency are all adjusted to the highest level, you cant feel any stuck in the game process. The daily pictures, scene switching, character running and fighting field are very smooth and smooth. With such performance, A14 bionic chip is indispensable. In the previous preemptive experience, the staff also showed us an application that can realize space separated DJ playing and image processing. It is also very smooth to use.

Ipadpro was defined as a productivity tool at the beginning of its release. Now, with the continuous iterative updating of the product itself and the system, the definition of productivity tool has become more and more popular. Although the positioning of the iPad air4 is not as deep as the Pro Series, its core experience has completely matched that of pro. In addition to the blessing of A14 bionic processor, it also focuses on accessories and iPad os14.

In addition to supporting the second generation of Apple pencil, the officially supported accessories for iPad air4 also provide seamless support, such as the new magic keyboard with touch pad and the intelligent double-sided back clip of the basic keyboard (these two keyboards are also suitable for the new 11 inch iPad Pro), and even the miaocontrol mouse 2, the magic keyboard and the Macon version, which are commonly used on IMAC all-in-one computers, are also supported seamlessly. Of course, official accessories need to be purchased by themselves, and the price is not cheap.

With comprehensive hardware support, there must also be a supporting software system. Since last years wwdc19, apple defined the iPad system as iPad OS. With the latest iPad os14 system, this large screen has more room to play, from personalized small component window arrangement, APP split screen experience in horizontal screen state, more powerful global search, seamless connection with iPhone, airpods and other devices, as well as navigation, handwriting and standby Powerful software and experience such as forgetting recording make it the core of the benchmarking iPad pro.

In addition, since iPad OS 13.4 adds support for mouse and touchpad, the newly added floating cursor function also makes the daily operation experience closer to the mouse function of MacBook notebook. As long as your iPad air4 device is connected to a dedicated device (mouse, touchpad and smart keyboard with touch pad), the corresponding hover cursor will appear on the screen.

Actually, I dont feel that the iPad air4 is different from the more professional iPad pro. Maybe the 10.9-inch screen is relatively small.

However, it has to be said that if the iPad wants to completely replace the MacBook notebook, it is still a long way to go, and the entertainment needs such as daily video games are no less than that. Even these are the core strengths of the iPad. In addition, including the daily processing of pictures, editing simple videos, doing a basic ppt or email processing, web browsing, and even our editing daily writing and publishing needs, this iPad air4 is also fully competent, and its portability also makes it easier for us to start work anytime and anywhere, fully charged before going out, and open the Internet to work.

But if you need to refine your pictures, cut videos, or even use more third-party software to handle other daily tasks, the iPad is still a bit inadequate. In addition to the official carefully adapted apps, there are few apps that can really support their productivity tool level experience.

After talking about the design and core features of the iPad air4, we still need to focus on the performance of its endurance and charging efficiency. We can get 256gb or 256gb of the official WiFi page for viewing this time. When we are fully charged, the screen brightness is adjusted to the highest, and we can continuously watch the video of a video website online. The actual endurance time is about 7 hours.

In this way, full charge before going out, as long as you are not always watching video or playing games, the normal frequency of a day to use or completely OK.

In terms of charging, as the iPad air4 is also changed to a universal usb-c port, the official equipment is a 20W usb-c port power adapter of the same model as the iPhone 12 series, and a dual head usb-c port power data cable. According to the actual charging test, it takes half an hour to charge from 0 to 30%, and it takes about 2 hours to fully charge to 100%. Naturally, the charging efficiency cannot be compared with that of the iPhone. After all, the battery capacity of iPad is much larger.

Finally, lets talk about the most neglected photo taking on the iPad. To be honest, the iPad air4 lens configuration is not very different from the previous generation. The front lens is exactly the same, still 7 million pixels, and does not support portrait mode and portrait lighting experience. The rear camera is upgraded from 8 million pixels to 12 million pixels wide-angle lens, and the aperture value is also upgraded from F / 2.4 to f / 1.8. The difference in experience is mainly in video shooting. It can support 4K video recording up to 60pfs and 1080p slow motion video recording up to 240fps.

Of course, there are significant differences between the lens and the iPad pro. Let alone the lidar sensor, the 12 megapixel wide-angle + 10 million pixel ultra wide angle rear dual camera lens on the iPad Pro is far behind the iPad air4. But then again, the iPad air4 is much less likely to use camera shots than the iPhone, and the iPad air4 can also easily handle routine code scanning, photo taking or FaceTime video calls.

Users who are considering placing an order for the iPad air4 may be struggling with the question of what to choose between the new 11 inch iPad pro, which is almost the same size, and the 10.9 inch iPad air4? In fact, its very simple. It mainly depends on your demand and budget, and the compatibility of accessories is almost the same.

In terms of price, we take the 256gb version as an example. The difference between WiFi version and WiFi + LTE version is 1030 yuan and 1300 yuan respectively. The price difference of nearly 1000 yuan is mainly reflected in the details of screen, lens, faceid, medium frame material, etc. the processor performance of A14 and a12z is very good, and each has its own advantages, which is not easy to compare directly. Personally, if you pay more attention to cost performance and like fresh and beautiful color matching, then this iPad air4 is very suitable for you. If you emphasize the comprehensive performance experience, it is also very worthwhile to spend more than 1000 yuan on iPad Pro directly.

With the addition of iPad air4, Apples iPad family covers the entire range from 7.9-inch ipadmii5 to 12.9-inch 2020 ipadpro, and the price range is from 2921 yuan to the highest of 13099 yuan, which does not include the price of additional purchase of official keyboard, stylus and other accessories. Only if you have demand for iPad, there is always one suitable for you in so many products and configurations, so you have to admire Apple again Accurate division and positioning of products.

Back to the evaluation of ipadir4, some people may still disdain or even ignore it directly, but this comprehensive upgrade from the inside out has indeed brought us a lot of surprises. The first A14 bionic chip, up to five fashionable colors, the full compatibility of iPad Pro accessories and the experience support of the latest iPad os14 system have made the iparair product series move forward on the road of productivity tools A big step.

On the iPad, some netizens once commented that its like a snack in life. You cant completely fill your stomach with it (replace your MacBook laptop with a just need), but it can make you feel happy (whatever you do). If you want to have a more cost-effective iPad, maybe it is the best choice for you.

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