Open letter of Jing Xiandongs prospectus: I believe that financial services are not exclusive to a few people

 Open letter of Jing Xiandongs prospectus: I believe that financial services are not exclusive to a few people

At present, ants financial technology has served 1 billion domestic consumers and 80 million small and micro businesses. Jing Xiandong said that ant is not a financial institution, nor is it just a mobile payment company, but a technology company determined to use todays best technology and resources to help banks and financial institutions better serve every consumer and every small and micro enterprise.

Sixteen years ago, ant group began with a dream: in the future, financial services will not be exclusive to a few people, but will be available to every ordinary consumer at any time. 16 years ago, because I believed, I saw it, and I still do.

Jingxiandong reviewed the development of ants, from the initial guarantee transaction to quick payment, 310 loans, balance treasure, and collection code In order to better realize the mission of let the world have no difficult business, ants have been stuck with the problem of trust. If one day the company is gone, it also wants to leave a trust system.

Ant firmly believes in the future of digital inclusive, and chooses to make a bigger cake together with its partners, rather than zero sum game share stock cake, the letter said. We believe that as long as we constantly solve problems through scientific and technological innovation, we will certainly create greater markets and opportunities.

Jing Xiandong emphasizes that ants are not driven by opportunity, but driven by mission vision. We insist on doing things that others dont want to do, cant or do well. Its technology that gives us such abilities and opportunities. Technology has made Pratt Whitney a sustainable business model and has the greatest public welfare attribute.

Ants will spend more than 10 billion on research and development in 2019. Jing Xiandong revealed that in the future, he will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, and will continue to invest three thousandths of annual operating income into public welfare.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NT2541