Suspected pre-sale price of Xingtu VX 2.0T model: 19000-210000

 Suspected pre-sale price of Xingtu VX 2.0T model: 19000-210000

In terms of appearance, Xingtu VX continues the family style design of wisdom and sense aesthetics, the brand logo runs through the whole front of the car, and the headlamp also adopts the through type modeling. In addition, the new car also adopts large-scale horizontal front grille, through type tail lamp, bilateral double outlet exhaust, and large-size wheel rim.

The side of the new car is designed with a high waistline profile. The wheel brow is wide and high, and the muscle feeling is full.

In terms of dimension, the length, width and height are 4970 / 1940 / 1795 mm, and the wheelbase is 2900 mm. The curb weight of the new car is 1771kg.

In terms of interior decoration, Xingtu VX center console is equipped with an integrated large screen composed of full LCD instrument and central control display screen. The lower part is the touch screen of horizontal air conditioner, air outlet and two control knobs. It is matched with electronic gear shifting mechanism. Piano paint decorative plate and seam leather are used in many parts of the car.

In terms of power, astral VX will provide two power options. Among them, the code name of the 2.0T engine is f4j20, the maximum power is 254 horsepower, and the peak torque is 390 n u00b7 M. The maximum power of the 1.6T engine is 197 horsepower and the peak torque is 290 n u00b7 M. In terms of transmission, it will be matched with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.

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