How many luxury cars proposed to Dalian University of technology during epidemic prevention and control? School: the security guard made a mistake on business trip

 How many luxury cars proposed to Dalian University of technology during epidemic prevention and control? School: the security guard made a mistake on business trip

The man knelt down to offer flowers to his girlfriend. Image source / video capture

On October 21, a reporter from upstream news (micro signal: shangyounews) learned from Mr. Yang that he himself was an undergrad of Dalian University of Technology (a student with a status but did not complete the education course and dropped out halfway). At present, he runs a super running rental company, and the vehicles in the network transmission video frequency are owned by his company. In fact, it was not an online proposal. That night, he just confessed to his wife and wanted to surprise her.

The students said that at about 6:30 p.m. on October 20, a motorcade and a large number of foreigners entered the school and proposed to a female student in school. The live video was widely distributed on the network.

Many luxury cars are hung with colorful balloons, and they enter the campus from the school gate. Image source / network

Upstream news reporters noticed that the online video of the proposal showed that several sports cars were parked in the school and hung with pink balloons. The ground was covered with flowers. A man in black was holding flowers in his hand and kneeling on one knee to offer flowers to a girl. At the same time, fireworks took off, and several photographers were taking pictures with cameras. The romantic scene caused a large number of students gathered to watch, and kept screaming and cheering.

A student at the school said that after the incident, the school asked the sender to delete microblogs and circle of friends. The screenshot of the school notice shows: in order to avoid public opinion, please point-to-point contact the students who have already made a circle and remove the relevant content.

The students of the school said that the school is under the closed management of epidemic prevention and control, and students still need to ask for leave when they go out. Why can people outside the school enter the school at will, but the school does not stop them?

According to luxury car enthusiasts, the cheapest luxury car on the scene is the Chevrolet Corvette, which costs more than 1 million yuan; the most expensive one is Ferrari, which costs more than 3 million yuan. Image source / video capture

Mr. Yang said that night was just a confession ceremony, not an online proposal, but a surprise for her. At that time, a lot of people gathered around and the atmosphere was really good, but he didnt expect the negative impact after the event.

The original idea was very romantic. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, but it turned out to be a shock. Mr. Yang said that after the confession incident, he and his girlfriend suffered a lot of personal attacks and malicious speculation, which has affected their normal lives.

Mr. Yang, 26, is an undergrad at Dalian University of technology. He currently runs a super rental company in Dalian and has a normal love relationship with the confessed girl. The vehicles in the network video are owned by their own company, not rented. He is not the son of a rich family who is passed on the Internet. What he has is earned by himself and has nothing to do with his family.

Why do you choose to express yourself in this way? Mr. Yang said that this is his first confession in his life. He doesnt want to keep a low profile. If he can, he wants to let the whole world know that his girlfriend is worth having.

A large number of students gathered on campus to watch the romantic proposal scene. Image source / video capture

On October 21, the reporter tried several times to contact the relevant departments of Dalian University of technology, but as of the time of publication, the public telephone could not be connected. In response to this, Dalian University of technology security office staff in an interview with the media said that the school must have taken closed management measures, the school is investigating this matter, it may be that the security guard was wrong on business trip.

Dalian University of technology, located in Ganjingzi District of Dalian, was founded in 1958 and is one of the first four light industry universities in China, according to the official website of Dalian University of technology. In March 2007, with the approval of the Ministry of education, Dalian Institute of light industry was renamed Dalian University of technology. The university has been selected into the first batch of double first-class key construction universities in Liaoning Province, including three first-class disciplines such as food science and engineering, light industry technology and engineering, and textile science and engineering.

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Dalian University of technology security office responds to the video of marriage proposal