Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian presides over a regular press conference on October 21, 2020

 Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian presides over a regular press conference on October 21, 2020

China is the largest economy to support the implementation plan. It is believed that Chinas participation in the implementation plan will help enhance the negotiation ability between the implementation plan and enterprises, encourage enterprises to improve production capacity, ensure vaccine production, and promote the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries. This is an important measure for China to uphold the concept of human health community and fulfill its commitment to promote vaccines to become global public goods.

At the same time, the Chinese government supports Chinese vaccine R & D enterprises to participate in the implementation plan and cooperate with relevant sponsors to provide vaccines to developing countries. We have also been actively assisting in this regard. As far as I know, many Chinese vaccine enterprises have expressed their positive willingness to join the implementation plan sponsors. Technical experts from both sides are maintaining close communication on technical standards for vaccine development, certification and supervision. China will also give priority to providing vaccines to developing countries in various forms, including donations and free aid.

AFP: Sweden has banned Huawei and ZTE from participating in its 5g network construction for security reasons. The Chinese Embassy in Sweden has issued a statement on this. Does China plan to take countermeasures?

Zhao Lijian: the Chinese Embassy in Sweden has responded to this. China expresses strong dissatisfaction with the Swiss decision. Huawei and ZTE and other Chinese enterprises have strictly abided by local laws for many years, actively promoted Sino Swiss information and communication technology cooperation, and made positive contributions to the infrastructure construction of Sweden. The Chinese market is also open to European companies, including Sweden. In the absence of any evidence, the Swiss side, on the pretext of national security, shamelessly discredited Chinese companies, overtly suppressed Chinese telecom enterprises and politicized normal economic cooperation. This practice is contrary to Swedens market economy principles of freedom, openness, fairness and non discrimination, and also violates the rules of international trade and investment. Switzerland should uphold an objective and fair attitude, correct the wrong decisions, and avoid negative impacts on China Switzerland economic and trade cooperation and Swiss enterprises operation in China.

Global Times: it is reported that Medvedev, vice chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said on the 20th that the research activities carried out by the United States in the CIS national biological laboratory have aroused serious concern. The United States not only deploys biological laboratories in these countries, but also strives to expand them around the world. However, its research is opaque, which runs counter to the norms of the international community and international organizations. What is Chinas comment on this?

Zhao Lijian: This is not the first time that the international community has expressed concern about the US bio militarization activities in other countries. China has repeatedly stressed that the relevant activities of the United States are opaque, unsafe and unreasonable.

It is reported that the United States has many biological laboratories in 25 countries and regions including the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union. The United States has set up 16 biological laboratories in Ukraine alone, some of which have experienced large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases. According to USA today, hundreds of accidental human contact with lethal microorganisms have occurred in biological laboratories at home and abroad since 2003. These contacts may lead to direct contacts being infected by lethal viruses. The virus will spread to the community through these individuals, which will lead to epidemic situation.

Why does the United States build so many biological laboratories all over the world? Why should we build laboratories with the military as the leading force? What is their purpose? How much sensitive biological resources and information has the United States seized from relevant countries? Does the laboratory meet safety standards? Is there a potential leak? Why has the United States opposed the verification protocol of the biological weapons convention (BWC) exclusively for more than ten years? Only the US government can answer these questions, and only the US government can provide the truth.

In an open, transparent and responsible manner, the United States should face up to the concerns of the international community, earnestly fulfill its obligations under the Convention on the prohibition of biological weapons (BWC), make a comprehensive clarification on the bio militarization activities outside the United States, and stop exclusively blocking the negotiation of the verification protocol.

Surging news reporter: according to South Korean media reports, after Chinese netizens were dissatisfied with the remarks about the anti bullet Youth Leagues involvement in the Korean War, China Yunda, Yuantong, Zhongtong and other logistics companies refused to carry items related to the bulletproof Youth League. There are also individual reports that Chinas customs has issued a new policy to ban the import and clearance of articles associated with the bulletproof Youth League. Can China confirm? Whats your comment?

Zhao Lijian: I have already made clear Chinas position on the remarks of the bulletproof Youth League involved in the Korean War. Taking history as a mirror, facing the future, cherishing peace and promoting friendship should be our common pursuit. I have also noted the statement made by the spokesman of the South Korean Foreign Ministry. The views of both sides are similar. China is willing to work with the ROK to make positive efforts to promote bilateral friendship.

Shenzhen satellite TV: on October 20, the opening ceremony of China ASEAN elite scholarship in 2020 was held online. Can you introduce the relevant information?

Zhao Lijian: Thank you for your attention. Yesterday, the opening ceremony of China ASEAN elite scholarship in 2020 was held online. Luo Zhaohui, Vice Foreign Minister and Chinas senior official on East Asian cooperation affairs, Deng Xijun, Chinese ambassador to ASEAN, Lin Yuhui, Secretary General of ASEAN, and Elizabeth Elisabeth, a senior official on ASEAN Affairs in the Philippines, the coordinator of China ASEAN relations, attended and delivered speeches.

In November 2018, Premier Li Keqiang announced the establishment of the China ASEAN elite scholarship at the China ASEAN summit. In July 2019, State Councilor Wang Yi and foreign ministers of ASEAN countries jointly attended the scholarship launching ceremony. Elite scholarship is the first scholarship project jointly designed and implemented by ASEAN and dialogue partners, and one of the innovative flagship projects of China ASEAN cooperation, which will play an important role in strengthening the third pillar of people to people exchanges between the two sides.

China attaches great importance to China ASEAN cooperation and always takes ASEAN as the priority direction of its neighboring diplomacy. The cooperation between the two sides is stable and far-reaching, and exchanges in the fields of education and other humanities have made great contributions. At last years leaders meeting, China announced another increase in capital to the China ASEAN Cooperation Fund, which will continue to play the role of the fund, focus on building brand projects such as elite scholarship, carry out more people to people exchange activities, encourage more outstanding ASEAN Youth to study in China, and contribute wisdom and strength to the continuous development of bilateral friendly relations.

Zhao Lijian: I highly appreciate President Alveys positive statement on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. As president said, one important pilot project for one belt, one road ahead, the China Brazil economic corridor is ambitious. It not only promotes the economic and social development of China and Pakistan, but also promotes the construction and common prosperity of regional interconnection. Since the launch of the corridor construction, many visible achievements have been made in the fields of energy, transportation infrastructure, ports and so on, which has made a real contribution to Pakistans national construction. At the same time, both China and Pakistan support exploring the opening of the corridor to a third party on the basis of consensus to create greater value. Take Gwadar Port as an example. Since the first half of this year, the port began to transfer wheat, sugar, fertilizer and other goods to Afghanistan, and nearly 20000 tons of goods have been transferred, providing nearly 1000 jobs.

China firmly supports one belt, one road, is willing to work with Pakistan to fully implement the consensus of leaders of the two countries, and further focus on cooperation in the fields of livelihood, industry and agriculture, and build a corridor of one belt and one road high-quality development demonstration project based on the construction and operation of existing projects, so as to bring benefits to the two countries and two peoples.

CCTV: in the past two days, Chinese and foreign media have been paying attention to the relevant economic data released by China. There are different opinions on whether China can become the growth engine of the global economy again as it did in the financial crisis a decade ago. Whats your opinion?

Zhao Lijian: Chinas economic growth in the first three quarters has turned from negative to positive. Under the background of the current epidemic situation and economic downturn, it is very difficult to achieve such brilliant achievements, which fully demonstrates the strong resilience of Chinas economy.

I also noticed that some foreign media interpreted this as that Chinas economic recovery has expanded from the industrial sector to the consumption sector, which will inject greater impetus into boosting the worlds total demand. I have two examples to share with you. One is a car. According to the German business daily, in the third quarter of this year, Mercedes Benzs sales in China increased by more than 23% year-on-year, and its profit accounted for more than one-third of the total profit of the company; BMWs sales in China increased by 30% year-on-year; while Audi achieved its best performance since it entered the Chinese market 32 years ago. The other is the box office. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, the box office revenue during Chinas national day reached nearly 4 billion yuan. This year, Chinas box office revenue has exceeded $2 billion, surpassing North America for the first time. This proves once again that the super large-scale market advantage and huge domestic demand potential formed by Chinas 1.4 billion population will provide more resilient, dynamic and sustainable development momentum for Chinas and global economic growth.

At present, China is building a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual cycle promoting each other, and will continue to launch more reform measures in important areas and key links. China will further expand domestic demand, open wider to the outside world and share more of Chinas development dividend with the world.

Peoples Daily: you said at the press conference that the US side has recently wantonly monitored, harassed, interrogated and arrested Chinese students studying in the United States and seized electronic equipment of Chinese citizens. Can you give more details and data?

Zhao Lijian: for some time, the US side has used judicial power to arbitrarily harass and interrogate Chinese students studying in the United States, and even fabricate charges to arrest and prosecute them. A number of Chinese students were harassed by US law enforcement officers for a long time when they left the US airport. Their mobile phones, computers and other items were arbitrarily checked and even detained. From May to early September alone, nearly 300 Chinese students were harassed and interrogated by the US side when they left the airport on temporary flights.

The above-mentioned actions of the United States fully exposed the false face of its so-called protection of human rights, seriously infringed on the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese students studying in the United States, and seriously damaged the normal people to people exchanges and educational cooperation between China and the United States. China strongly condemns this. We have repeatedly made solemn representations to the US side, urging the US side to correct its mistakes and stop its discriminatory acts against Chinese students studying abroad. China will continue to take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

Shenzhen satellite TV: on October 19, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said at the three seas initiative summit and online forum that we have seen the devastating impact of Chinas infrastructure agreements all over the world, from Laos to Montenegro to Pakistan. Whats your comment?

Zhao Lijian: some politicians in the United States are sure to be black in every case. Mr. pompeio is particularly typical. China has a traditional and friendly relationship with Laos, Montenegro and Pakistan. Mr. pompeio does not have to waste his time. Today, I will take Laos as an example to introduce the basic facts.

As we all know, Laos is the only inland country in Southeast Asia. Turning a land locked country into a land United Nation is the established development strategy of the Lao government, and it is also the ardent development dream of the Lao people. China should work together to promote infrastructure cooperation with the old fellow, and do a lot of groundwork and long-term pioneering work. The Sino Lao railway and Vientiane Wanrong expressway will be opened to traffic by the end of next year and the end of this year. This will rewrite the history that Laos has no modern railways and expressways, and make Laos integrate into the regional interconnection network with a new attitude, and build a artery for sustainable development.

Mr. pompeio should listen to the voice of the Lao people. Laos is one of the least developed countries in the world. In terms of infrastructure construction, Laos still has many shortcomings, and many roads, railways, bridges and airports need to be built. If Mr. pompeio is really concerned about the development of Laos, he might as well do something practical and talk less.

Russian reporter today: US Defense Secretary esper has proposed a new initiative to strengthen and expand the alliance system with like-minded democracies to deal with China and Russia. The key is to increase arms sales, help allies improve their defense capabilities, and support the U.S. defense industry to cope with competition from China and Russia. Whats your comment?

Zhao Lijian: I have noticed the recent statement of the US Secretary of defense. We have said many times that China has no intention of challenging or replacing anyone. What we are most concerned about is to improve the well-being of our people, attach the most importance to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and most expect world peace and stability. It is a serious strategic misjudgment for the US side to seek to build China into an adversary. It is a serious strategic misjudgment, and it is also an investment of its own strategic resources in the wrong direction. This is not conducive to mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States, nor to maintaining regional and world peace and stability.

Chinas US policy has maintained a high degree of stability and continuity. We urge some US politicians to abandon the outdated Cold War mentality and zero sum game concept, look at China and Sino US relations and Sino Russian relations objectively and rationally, and walk in the opposite direction with China, so as to push Sino US relations back to the correct track with the keynote of coordination, cooperation and stability.

Reporter: it is reported that the management team of Trump International Hotel paid more than 180000 US dollars in taxes in China from 2013 to 2015. Whats the comment of the Ministry of foreign affairs?

Zhao Lijian: I dont know about it. China has always firmly opposed anyone in the United States to take China as an issue in the US general election.

CCTV: the US National Security Administration said in a statement on the 20th that the malicious network activities supported by the Chinese government pose a threat to the information networks of the US national security system, defense industrial bases and the Ministry of defense. For the first time, the bureau also detailed the security vulnerabilities being exploited by malicious network actors. What is Chinas response to this?

Zhao Lijian: as the main implementation unit of the prism project and the worlds largest network secret theft organization, the US National Security Agency publicly accused other countries of engaging in network theft, which is indeed an ironic news. The U.S. National Security Agency has been engaged in the worlds largest cyber attacks and theft operations for many years, even its own allies. As we all know, the United States occupies a leading position in the software and hardware of information technology, and has the largest number of software and hardware vulnerabilities, and has a natural advantage in using vulnerabilities to engage in network attacks and secret theft. Snowden has publicly said that the U.S. national security agency should be listed as one of the worst criminal organizations..

According to a report released by 360 in March this year, the US attack organization apt-c-39 has carried out 11 years of network penetration attacks on Chinas aerospace, scientific research institutions, oil industry, large Internet companies and government agencies. Its obvious who is the victim, the United States or China.

A lie repeated a thousand times is not truth. The hacker empire of the United States should stop the trick of catching thieves immediately.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia: investors are worried about Zambias first sovereign default country since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. European bondholders question the transparency of loans from China. What is Chinas view on the contradictions with other bondholders? Will China open accounts, use standard procedures and renegotiate bilateral debt?

Zhao Lijian: China and Zambia have traditional and friendly relations. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, China and Zan have joined hands to fight the epidemic and steadily promote friendly cooperation. With regard to the debt problems faced by Zambia and other African countries, China has made clear its position on many occasions and is actively committed to the full implementation of the G20 debt relief initiative. China will continue to follow the consensus of the leaders of China and Africa and the G20 debt relief initiative to solve the debt problems of Zambia and other African countries related to China, and support the Zambian government in handling the debt problem in accordance with the principle of equal treatment of creditors. We are willing to work with all parties concerned, including private creditors, to make positive efforts to alleviate the debt pressure of Zambia.


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