Husband out of the way and family violence! Shanghai women are surprised and hated, killing their husbands with hammers

 Husband out of the way and family violence! Shanghai women are surprised and hated, killing their husbands with hammers

Recently, the first instance of Shanghai First Intermediate Peoples court sentenced Zhao Qiuxia to 13 years imprisonment and four years deprivation of political rights for intentional homicide.

The husband goes to the supermarket once less than one sex medicine

Zhao Qiuxia and her husband have been married for 60 years since 1982. Zhao Qiuxia found that after the house was demolished in 2009, Chen Jun began to go out to various entertainment places. She suspected that her husband was having an affair, but there was no evidence.

Zhao Qiuxia and her husband live in a community in Pudong New Area of Shanghai. It was not until September 2019 that Zhao Qiuxia confirmed from her neighbors that her husband Chen Jun once boasted that he had a lover who had been raising for 18 years, bought a house and gold and silver jewelry for the lover, and had traveled to Hong Kong and other places.

Zhao Qiuxia and Chen Jun have a daughter, Chen Mei, who lives on the same floor with them. She has always been very clear about the conflicts between her parents. My father had a shopping ticket for vegetables from the supermarket in his pocket, but he didnt bring it back. There were oil stains on his clothes splashed with fried vegetables. My mother felt that his father was living with other women outside, and his mental state was not good. Chen Mei said that because of her fathers affairs, her mother once relied on sleeping pills and was in a trance during the day. In September 2019, the parents also got to the police station because of the quarrel. The father took the money from his mother, and they had a fight. I got a phone call from my mother saying that my father had taken my daughter, locked her in the room and threatened to throw it down from the 15th floor. If the police arrived a step late, the gas would be turned on, and my daughters face was bruised.

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At about 1:00 a.m. on October 24, 2019, Zhao Qiuxia had another dispute with her husband at home.

He said he would never be married to me in his life. Zhao Qiuxia said that Chen Jun grabbed her left hand and bit her. When she pulled her hand back, most of the distal forefinger of her left hand was bitten off by Chen Jun.

She ran out of the room, picked up a sheep horn hammer from the living room round table and went back to her bedroom. She decided to teach Chen Jun a lesson.

In order to vent her anger, Zhao Qiuxia hit Chen Jun on the head with a sheep horn hammer and covered Chen Juns face with a pillow. I went to the toilet, and when I came back, I found that Chen Jun had not moved, and his hands had no strength. Maybe he was really dead. Zhao Qiuxia felt scared and ran to her daughters house next door.

I saw my father lying on his back on the bed in the bedroom, his hands, feet and head were all tied with a sealing belt, and his body and bed were covered with blood. The head sealing belt was tied under his eyes and above his chin, which was quite tight. His face was concave, his mouth was sealed, but his nose was exposed When her daughter came, Chen Jun had no response.

Zhao Qiuxia went to the bathroom to wash her hands and went back to the bedroom and called the police. After identification, Chen Jun died of craniocerebral injury combined with mechanical asphyxia.

The court held that Zhao Qiuxia intentionally killed a person, and her behavior has constituted the crime of intentional homicide. From Zhao Qiuxias psychological state of venting anger at the time of the crime and using a sheeps horn hammer to bash the victim Chen Juns vital part, and after Chen lost his reaction, he covered his face with a pillow. It can be seen that Zhao Qiuxia had the subjective intention of killing, and it was direct intention. This case is caused by marriage and family conflicts. The victim Chen Jun has fault in the case, so the court should consider it when sentencing. Zhao Qiuxia surrendered and could be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. Her family members later issued a letter of understanding to express their understanding to Zhao Qiuxia and could be given a lighter punishment as appropriate.

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The stewardess girlfriend accidentally jumped out of a message on her cell phone, stabbing Shen Yang (all the following are pseudonyms) nerves. The other party uses little wild cat intimate address girlfriend, girlfriend to this matter but attitude dodges.

Shen Yang did not expect that his girlfriend discussed with him the layout of the new house and the style of the diamond ring, while taking his male colleagues home for the night. When he arrived in H city from Changsha on the first plane, it was the double toothbrush in the washing cup waiting for him. His new toothbrush had already been used.

Shen Yang once wanted to forgive everything and marry his girlfriend, but just agreed to meet his parents, his girlfriend repented the next day.

For his girlfriend Xiao Fang, Shen Yang once threw nearly a million. For the two peoples current ending, on October 15, Shen Yang asked Xiao Fang to meet, and he wanted to make an explanation for himself.


Lavish on stewardesses

Shen Yang and Xiao Fang met after a grand fireworks show. Xiaofang is a stewardess who lives in H city all year round and often comes to Changsha for work reasons. In early 2019, Xiao Fang, then 23, stopped a motorcycle to return to the hotel after watching the fireworks alone in Changsha. The beautiful Xiaofang attracted Shen Yangs attention. He drove to the hotel where Xiaofang lived. He took the initiative to chat up and ask for her wechat.

Since then, the two began to communicate through wechat. Not long after we knew each other, she found out my wifes social account and learned about me. Shen Yang said that before his first date with Xiaofang, he told the truth about himself. He and his wife were entrepreneurial partners and colleagues. They had accumulated a certain amount of wealth, but there was no relationship between them. They only talked about work at ordinary times. And Xiaofang chose acquiescence to this, saying I can take it as if I dont know.

Thinking of their relationship at that time, Xiao Fang sobbed and kept repeating I was really wrong.. At that time, Xiao Fang was attracted by Shen Yang. Although the man in front of her was 10 years older than her, he was generous and considerate to her in life.

The process of love is sweet. Xiao Fang often takes a long vacation to Changsha and lives with Shen Yang. He would help me cook every day. He was really nice to me.

Shen Yangs generosity and consideration are reflected in all aspects of life. On Alipay and WeChat alone, Shen Yang transferred more than 66 yuan to Xiaofang, and paid over 24 yuan for the Xiaofang Benz car.

As long as it is Xiaofangs request, Shen Yang will accept one by one.


Divorce from wife

I found out that my girlfriend had an affair

In August this year, at the strong request of his wife, Shen Yang and his wife peacefully divorced. At this time, he and Xiaofang had been in contact for more than a year. At that time, Xiaofang agreed to get married. She not only showed her willingness to marry in the information, but also began to choose the wedding ring and study the decoration of the new house. In their chat records, they are looking forward to a better life in the future.

The seeds of doubt began to germinate in Shen Yangs heart, and what happened after that made Shen Yangs heart gray and cold.

As usual, he often transfers large sums to Xiaofang, but Xiaofang has repeatedly hung up Shen Yangs video and phone.

On August 9, Xiao Fang went to s city. When she was in S City, I called her and she didnt answer many times.

Late at night, a phone call, Xiao Fang answered, but the other end of the phone came a mans voice. On August 12, Shen Yang rushed to H city. Facing Xiao Fangs denial, he still chose to believe. The next day, he took Xiaofang to see the wedding ring, and met with other colleagues of Xiaofang in the evening.

As good as before, the two began to pick up luxury necklaces and wedding ring styles to get married. Shen Yang also gave Xiaofang a pair of bracelets worth 28000 yuan.

On August 24, Shen Yang and his wife formally divorced. Did not expect that soon after that, Xiaofang began to appear not to answer the phone, video situation.

Girlfriend admits to taking her male colleague for the night

On September 9, Shen Yang took the first flight and arrived in H city at about 8 a.m. the scene in front of him stung him. There were hair and marks on his bed and carpet, and both toothbrushes were wet. He went to get the elevator monitoring and found Xiao Fang and a man in and out of the house. When he questioned Xiao Fang, she admitted that she had taken her male colleague home for the night. The male colleague was the one who called her little wild cat.

Nothing really happened between me and him, and he didnt do anything bad to me. Shen Yang can take the sheet to test. Xiao Fang explained that at that time, she asked the colleague to help repair the car, because it was too late, so she forced him to squeeze in.

When their relationship is in a deadlock, Xiao Fangs mother finds Shen Yang to persuade him.

This time, Shen Yang or choose to forgive, as always generous. On September 25, Xiao Fang asked Shen Yang to book hotel and hotel boxes for her parents and arranged to come to Changsha to discuss marriage on national day. When Shen Yang was full of expectation, on September 26, he waited for the news that Xiao Fang completely repented.

Girlfriend repents and says shes not ready

I dont want to be with him anymore. Hes terrible.

Xiao Fang once revealed the story between her and Shen Yang to her colleagues, but met with unanimous opposition. They said that he had children and that his future was too heavy for me to guarantee.

Since we started dating, you know everything about me. In the process of getting along with each other, you have mentioned marriage many times. I have such a purpose that I can treat you so well. Otherwise, who will spend millions on a love talk? Shen Yang couldnt accept Xiao Fangs explanation. He asked Xiao Fang to return 700000 yuan, and other expenses such as the car were calculated.

Lawyers statement

Yi Xu, a lawyer of Hunan Jinzhou law firm, said: 1. The part of marital expenses: Generally speaking, giving gifts to a lover belongs to a gift in the legal sense. According to Article 185 of Chinas contract law, donation refers to the contract in which the donor gives his property free of charge to the donee, and the donee expresses his acceptance of the gift. In this case, if a man and his wife do not have an agreement on the separation of marital property, and the man is a stewardess expense during marriage, his wife can take Article 17 of the judicial interpretation (1) of the marriage law, that is, to make an important treatment of the joint property of the husband and wife requires the consent of both husband and wife, or Article 153 of the general principles of civil law, that is, giving gifts to lovers is an act against public order and good customs The lawsuit will be returned.

2. Expenses after divorce: the expenses of this part belong to the expenses during the period of love. Small expenses such as daily meals, watching movies and other small items purchased between the two parties belong to the reciprocity between the two parties, and there is no need to return them due to the donation behavior. For the large consumption expenses such as house purchase, car purchase and gold ornaments, the donation is actually an implied attachment If a person breaks up because of the failure of love, if the recipient still owns the valuable property, it will constitute unjust enrichment in law, and the donator has the right to ask the other party to return it.

On the evening of September 3, Suqian Municipal Political and legal commission disclosed a tragic homicide case: the husband suspected that his wife had been cheating in front of him, and then he thought about the other partys several infidelity experiences in the past and strangled his wife to death. After that, her husband tried many times to kill himself by wiping his neck with a knife and stabbing his throat with scissors. All of them gave up because they were too painful. After a struggle, he chose to call the police. The reporter of Modern Express learned that a few days ago, Suqian prosecutor filed a public prosecution with the court, and the case will be heard in the near future.

The location of the incident was this simple house

The working man called the police and claimed to have killed his wife

At about 5:00 a.m. on March 14, 2020, the Public Security Bureau of Sihong County, Suqian City, received a call to the police. At the end of the phone was a mans voice of despair: I killed my wife. After the police intervened in the investigation, it was learned that the two sides of the homicide case were a young couple from Sichuan, the husband Luo Mou was 34 years old, and the wife Zhang was 32 years old. Both of them worked in a factory in Shuanggou Town, Sihong County.

Before the incident, the husband and wife were resting in the staff dormitory. When the husband found his wife, Zhang Mou, wearing headphones and chatting with others in voice, he suspected that the other party was cheating. Then they quarreled, and Zhang was strangled in bed by her husband. Suqian City Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Detachment police Gao Xing introduced that the husband and wifes enmity is relatively deep, because the father relationship between the two sides is better, so they are deliberately put together.

At first, Zhang didnt agree with the marriage, but later he obeyed his parents wishes. According to the police, in the more than 10 years since their marriage, the two have been working in Yancheng and other places. Although they have a couple of children, their emotional foundation is not solid. So since 2017, although the two people work together, Luo has repeatedly found his wife cheating with his workmates.

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The man killed his wife and committed suicide. He wiped his neck and felt pain. He jumped into the river too shallow and finally surrendered (source: Modern Express)

My wife has been cheating on many occasions

During this period, the couple quarreled constantly. Especially before the Spring Festival in 2020, Zhang also pulled the black Luos mobile phone, and then went to Xuyi county, Huaian City, to work with his lover. Later, after several persuasions from relatives and friends of both sides, the two talents took the opportunity to go home for the new year together and put aside the suspicion temporarily. It is also because of his wifes many infidelity, so that Luos emotion is very sensitive, a little bit, will question his wife.

On the night of March 13, the two men took a rest in the staff dormitory of the factory. Luo found that his wife was talking to others with headphones. I asked her if she was chatting with other men again. When I thought about her previous experience, her tone was very bad. Luo said that his wife put down her mobile phone at that time, saying that she was chatting with other men, and then began to accuse Luo. They had a fierce argument.

In the quarrel, Zhang also took out his previous chatting records with other men in Yancheng to stimulate Luo and let his emotions explode completely. I lost my mind and wanted to die with her. Luo said, so he pinched his wifes neck and strangled her to death on the bed.

I tried to call the police several times

When she died, I didnt want to live at that time. I found a knife and a pair of scissors, and I wanted to cut myself off. Luo said, so, he tried to wipe his neck with a knife and stab his throat with scissors. They were too painful to start.

Later, Luo went out again and jumped into the river near the dormitory. Because the river is too shallow, he can only return to his dormitory. Gao Xing introduced, after returning, Luo Mou lay in bed, after a series of ideological struggle, finally at about 5 a.m., called the police to surrender.

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