Secretary of the Party committee of the University committed suicide: even if the night is hard, we will also sacrifice our lives to light the lamp

 Secretary of the Party committee of the University committed suicide: even if the night is hard, we will also sacrifice our lives to light the lamp

No matter how you tell me that the strong dragon cant defeat the local tyrants, or move out of the bureaucratic theory that the down-regulated school in Colleges and universities is not equal to the local school.

As the top leader of colleges and universities, he cant walk all the way. He has no struggle, no personal connections, no support from his superiors, and no affiliations.

If we say that the following Kazuo banzawa is a kind of workplace legend.

The phenomenon that the secretary was forced to commit suicide by the headmaster is really weird.

Unfortunately, this grotesque is not humorous.

It can only show that even if you have the highest power, there is already a kind of evil in the University, which is regarded as a pure land. Even if you use the brightest and most authoritative means, you cant fight against it. You can only leave some hope for the teachers and students of the whole school with a clear mind.

To tell you the truth, I know and have experienced the evil on campus.

If you want me to name this evil, I call it the oligarchy of higher education..

That is, the university is no longer an institution for educating students and disseminating knowledge, but the private property of some people.

They monopolized the research funds and used the money originally used to develop technology to praise the charm of their teachers and mothers. Take the academic resources that should have been used to cultivate masters degree and doctoral degree to give his son a prize in the youth competition, so as to facilitate his sons emigration to the United States.

The man became a coolie and was crushed to suicide. There have been endless scandals about women producing prey, foster care and sexual abuse.

If the state does something, some academic authorities will not produce any achievements, which will only be ironic. When foreign card technology neck, they open their mouth to ask the country to increase investment.

You know what? My dream in my life is to become a secretary or president of a university, and the direct purpose is to fight with these people.

Its only when I know that even if I overcome many difficulties and become the supreme leader, it is not the evil opponent.

In Mao Hongtaos circle of friends, there is such a unique book. As an accountant, he recorded his dark moments in the past year with deep feelings and grievances.

In his last letter, he also mentioned the oligarchy of colleges and universities.

In his words, it is called to dress up as a scholar, to pursue fame and wealth, to establish interest groups and independent kingdoms in universities, and then to send down the state to strictly administer the party secretary, and to exclude them for three consecutive terms..

This problem is far more worthy of our attention than the star sprained his foot, or the miracle on the other side of the ocean.

I have read this letter many times, and every time I read it, I can feel the solemn and stirring feeling of death rather than living in the same company, the surprise and helplessness in the face of the oligarchy of colleges and universities. I have a deep resonance, and this resonance makes my face full of tears.

But Im sure that if the evil hidden in the ivory tower of the university can not be effectively solved, one day the death knell will ring for us.


I have been thinking about a question these two days

If I know Secretary Maos confusion, how can I persuade him to give up suicide?

First of all, we should understand that it is impossible to persuade a person to give up suicide with common sense in the world.

Lets put it this way, almost all suicides are homicides, and they are actually dead before they choose to end their lives..

All suicides are not caused by specific reasons, but a deep-seated despair accumulated over a long period of time.

The reason for secretary Maos suicide was not persecution or attack. He wrote clearly in his last letter that the reasons for his suicide were as follows:

The bottom line of the university campus was lost so thoroughly that he was not an opponent with the support of the state!

Two days ago, I had my own opinion on this issue.

It is with this new insight that some of the despair and unwillingness accumulated in my heart are slowly disappearing.


In this battle with interest groups, we do not need to win, nor can we win in the traditional sense.

We just need to show our fight to all the people present, especially the young people later.

One day, we will win, but we dont have to see it.

Before the straight tree in Banze, there was a movie I especially enjoyed called Xiuchun Dao 2.

Shen Lian is a small official at the bottom of the royal guards, but he is inexplicably involved in the struggle between the powerful Wei Zhongxian group and the Chongzhen group in order to save a weak woman who has nothing to do with him.

In fact, there was a man like Shen Lian in history, and the history of Ming Dynasty specially listed his biography.

Shen Lian is upright and jealous of evil. She once wrote ten major charges to impeach Yan Song.

When Shen Lian was a teacher, there were not only a large number of students who were admired by him, but also called ten sons of Yuezhong together with nine other literati. Among them, Xu Wei, one of the ten sons in Yuezhong, was also a teacher and friend of Shen Lian. Xu Weis most famous work, called Yin scolding Cao, was created because of Yan Songs killing of Shen Lian. Cao Cao Cao was used to allude to Yan Song, who was firm and fearless You Heng, a powerful man who denounces Cao Cao naked, symbolizes Shen Lian.

To some extent, Xu Wei has regarded Shen Lian as the embodiment of his ideal.

Shen Lian was not idle when he was a teacher. He continued to attack Yan Song and his son for taking bribes and abusing the law. Finally, he was killed by them.

A few years later, Yan Songs father and son were beheaded by the imperial court. One of Shen Lians former schoolmates held up Shen Lians name on the execution ground and cried out: Shen Gong can die in peace, and then went away crying.

In stories like Shen Lian, I summarize the ways of fighting against interest groups

We must fight against it, but we should not pursue total victory and give our hope to the future.

The strength of interest groups lies in that, in fact, at that time, they had already controlled the voice channels, the rules, and even the means that the Convention could deal with them.

You go to sue. There are our people in every state capital road. We can say black ones into white ones. How can you sue them?

This is their advantage.

But they also have disadvantages, mainly in two aspects

1. Because interest groups monopolize resources, their intelligence is gradually declining, so their control power is also gradually weakening.

2. In fact, a large number of people are excluded from the distribution of interests by interest groups. Most of them are young people.

After combining the above advantages and disadvantages, we will have a clear way to deal with interest groups.

We must not pursue to defeat them at that time. We just need to arouse the resistance of later generations and wait for future generations to defeat them after the ability of interest groups weakens.

Of course, interest groups will not perish, and maybe the old dragon killers will become new dragons.

But it doesnt matter. There will be new people to check on them.

The essence of the formation of interest groups is human nature. Human nature can not be eliminated and human nature can only be checked and balanced.

Shen Lian, it seems that they are defeated.

But in the long run, it is because of the popularity of their ideas.

At least for now, the matter of quietly killing the cadres of the Commission for Discipline Inspection has basically disappeared.

Even if it is the kind of Banze prickly head, it can only be transferred away at most.

This is the triumph of the idealists.

Its a pity that the lesson of humans restraint of desire is really very slow, but it is still changing!

This change was shaped by the blood of countless people.

Would it be better if Secretary Mao could stay, give more lectures and influence more students.

But really dont.

If he is still alive, one day people like me can meet him, discuss with him how to solve the problem, and get the encouragement of our predecessors.

How wonderful that would be!

Therefore, those good and upright people, in the face of great evil, you must not be disappointed or even despair.

Well lose now, but they will lose soon.

Our only task is to make the young people in the future be just and kind people like us.

We have an advantage in this because they only care about themselves.

Many people think that Tan Sitongs death is meaningless, but Tan Sitong has a student named Yang Changji, and Yang Changji has a student named Mao Zedong.