As a man, why do I want to work in a team led by women?

 As a man, why do I want to work in a team led by women?

Do women in the workplace have to be Superman to get into the top?

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But these ideas are somewhat unrealistic and idealistic. Some time ago, I did a work to be on duty. After staying in the office for a long time and observing more, these ideas changed.

Many people think that female leaders are not competent, but in fact, female leaders are better at performance.

Some analysts believe that because women often have the experience of being put on the edge, compared with male leaders who follow the assessment indicators and have single goals, they will ask more and when making decisions So that more stakeholders or risks can be included in the decision-making, so as to achieve the goal of people-oriented, so as to have better performance on the whole.

Although this kind of analysis is somewhat influenced by stereotypes, empirical studies still confirm that the emergence of female leaders can enrich the organizations form, improve the diversification of the organization, improve the innovation ability of the organization, deepen the understanding of the stakeholders, and ultimately help the organization improve its performance.

Especially in response to the crisis, the participation of women leaders is often crucial.

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Leaders gender should be emphasized

The gender of leaders is worth emphasizing. It is not to set an example for women, but we need to see a reality: even if we have achieved professional success, women will still face many difficulties in the workplace.

There are several leaders in our unit, but only one of them is a woman. Although she is responsible for the most important business of the whole enterprise, and her shares are not low, most of her colleagues will only call her name, while other leaders will always be called President X.

From copywriting to speaking at regular meetings, this female leader will be placed at the end, as if she is really unimportant.

There are many reasons for these phenomena. For example, men form cliques, and the leadership of an enterprise is often boys Club, and female leaders are easily isolated; for example, most people are not convinced by female leaders, and they dont take womens opinions seriously; there are always a lot of disdain and suspicion about womens success: especially when she is more beautiful, why All the gossip can come out.

The workplace is a place where the weak eat the jungle and the hierarchy is clear. People are used to many unfair phenomena. In this context, it is more meaningful to emphasize the gender of leaders

The proportion of female leaders is an intuitive indicator to measure the status of female leadership.

Over the years, there has been an increase in female leaders around the world. According to McKinsey, the proportion of women in C-suite (top management) in U.S. companies has risen from 17% in 2015 to 21% today.

Is this number really satisfying? Is the speed of progress really satisfying?

If we look into every stage from the beginning to the top, we can see that the proportion of women is shrinking.

As the saying goes, one step cant keep up, every step cant follow.. From an individual point of view, the problem of difficult promotion runs through a womans career; from a group perspective, the higher a woman reaches, the more aphasia she will be, and the more difficult it will be to bridge the gender inequality gap.

The above discussion is still promotion, but many times, women may not have the opportunity to work. This years epidemic has brought greater challenges to womens leadership.

Affected by the epidemic, the unemployment rate of women is higher worldwide, the poverty rate is rising, and women are also facing higher risk of domestic violence:

After the epidemic, whether women can return to the workplace smoothly is still full of uncertainty.

Finding more common female leadership

Leadership is not a game of Machiavellism, but to create an environment in which everyone has a common understanding of the collective goals and takes responsibility for their own work.

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As a newcomer, in my practical work, my intuitive feeling is that women are better at creating such an environment.

They are more willing to explain the teams goals, respect the opinions of everyone at work and deal with complex problems. For newcomers, they are also more willing to give suggestions on trivial matters.

In the process of working with women, I dont have to worry about being accused and hit, and I will feel that my work is more valuable.

Women also form their own small circles, but such groups tend to have a more moderate attitude and a more welcoming attitude towards mens participation.

In contrast, men, especially male superiors, pay more attention to their authority in their work. Once challenged (or even just questioned), they will show impatience and uneasiness. They often think about the left and right and find it difficult to answer specific and detailed questions. Instead, they like to bring tension and impetuous air to the working environment.

Of course, sometimes they can establish Brotherhood with their employees, but this kind of brotherhood has the rank of big brother and younger brother, which will not make people feel natural. It is also very difficult for women to integrate into it.

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Creating womens leadership

The lack of womens leadership is a problem that needs to be corrected in any organization, regardless of the performance or the spiritual values. For an organization, to improve womens leadership, it should at least do the following:

1u3001 Present womens labor truthfully

Womens leadership is not reflected, largely because womens work is rarely seen. The most typical case is that during the epidemic period, the majority of people who clearly participated in the work were women, but in the public view, they were often all men.

In addition, women often engage in a lot of hidden labor: for example, when working in a company, it is often women who add water to everyone. Compared with taking such actions as security work, many people prefer to regard it as the embodiment that women do not or can not concentrate on the work, thus creating a negative impression.

With the current level of womens efforts, when the evaluation criteria are consistent, they will be highlighted.

But the reality is too absurd. Earlier, my HR friend told me that most of them who felt suitable for the company were girls when they strictly followed the companys requirements. But often comprehensive consideration down, still will recruit boys.

This comprehensive consideration is a mixture of marriage and childbearing costs, family responsibilities, stereotypes and other things, which unconsciously reduces the requirements for men.

3u3001 Increase the inclusiveness of the organization

To enhance the inclusiveness of the organization, let women dare to speak and speak, and provide support for their actions, that is to maximize the use of womens experience and release womens leadership.

P. S. This paper only represents the authors personal views, some of the pictures are from the network.