Jin Dong and his 61 year old aunt online love: behind the absurd extramarital affair, is the sadness of middle-aged women

 Jin Dong and his 61 year old aunt online love: behind the absurd extramarital affair, is the sadness of middle-aged women

Just a few days ago, news about mother in 60s chasing stars, being cheated by fake Jindong was on the hot search.

A sixty year old Aunt Huang in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, who was obsessed with Jin Dong, repeatedly shook his voice and brushed his video. Tiktok slept with her husband and slept more than 10 pounds.

She not only paid a reward, but also ran away from home to meet him.

People with a clear eye can see that it is a fraud, but Aunt Huang is so confused by love that she cant tell the truth from the false.

Of course, Zhuang Jin Dong didnt dare to meet Aunt Huang, and even raped her. Even so, Aunt Huang still does not believe that he is a liar.

She also said that she had never had love in her life, and the only time was with him.

Many people wonder why this group of people is always easy to be deceived? In the final analysis, it is loneliness.

In the TV play old people depend on each other, there is a revolutionary old man who has enough money to buy health care products. Her behavior is opposed by the children. Facing a pile of useless health care products in the family, the child quarrels with her. But she still buys from the salesman, and even believes that she needs to find her as the spokesperson for health products.

The reason is very simple, because Fang MI, a salesman, gives her a warm look and hears her revolutionary stories. And these are things that kids are tired of.

After all, its just spending money to have a chat with someone.


Just a few words, but there is endless sadness. After marriage, living as a free nanny is a true portrayal of most women.

Ive been married for ten years, my child is eight years old, my family condition is OK, I look happy, but Im suffering from depression.

After marriage, with the help of my husband, I entered a better unit, and passed the examination, and became a regular in the next year. My family all think this job is very rare, so I cherish it very much. I work hard and dont hold my husband back.

Feeding several times in the middle of the night every day and dragging my tired body to work the next day made me feel physically and mentally exhausted. I have complained about this, but my husbands answer is: isnt everyone like this?

His view has not changed until now.

Because my family was against inviting a nanny, I took care of all the work of the nanny, from washing up in the morning to milk before going to bed. Everything was mine.

Whenever I have complaints, my husband will use the same sentence back to me. In his eyes, these things are my duty. If others do this, I will do the same, and I cant complain. As for his care and consideration, I have never experienced it.

No one understands, no one cares, my inner needs are not met, my emotions are not released. Finally, a year ago, I was depressed.


Another invisible killer of marriage is the indifferent attitude of partners.

Her best friend Linzi ended the war without gunpowder last month by means of divorce.

Linzi said: not enough love, will feel indifferent. So she decided that her husband didnt love herself.

Linzis husband is a workaholic. In order to get promoted, he once lived in the company for more than a month, and never cared about Linzi and her childrens life. At first, Linzi thought that he would adjust appropriately after his promotion, and would take time to accompany himself and his children. In fact, in the concept of husband, there was no such word as accompany.

Now, the child in junior high school, he has never been to school, but also asked the childs grades and school situation.

Ke Linzi is also an independent character. She is eager to be noticed and valued in her heart. Her husbands indifferent attitude makes her wonder whether this relationship is necessary to continue.

By chance, Linzi got to know a divorced bank manager. After contact, they had good feelings for each other, and the relationship began to become delicate. But Linzi is also a person of principle. She will never do such things as infidelity in marriage.

As a result, after a few rejections, the man contacted her less.

Later, Linzi intentionally mentioned the past with her husband. According to normal mens thinking, when their partner is pursued by the opposite sex, they will naturally be nervous. Linzi also told herself that if her husband was still nervous about her, she would not make trouble.

Linzi wants to cry without tears. She has never mentioned divorce, but in her husbands heart, she has long been indifferent to divorce.

As a result, the marriage lasted only 16 years and came to an end.


In Zhihu, I saw such a question: what is the feeling of a girl who lacks love?

One of the answers is heartbreaking: it is probably that a little good from others is considered a great gift.

Looking back on the women who lack love in marriage, why not?

1. Lack of emotion

The yellow ladies, who had never been in love and were about to get married, were deeply involved because of the gentleness and consideration of the impostors; Lin Zi, who was not cared about or cared about, gave up marriage because of her disappointment in marriage.

Behind mourning their misfortune, it is their lack of emotion in marriage and life.

Therefore, for them, this never had tenderness and love, just like a gift, a kind of redemption, they want to seize, in order to get rid of the sorrow in front of them and start anew.

2. Spiritual emptiness

If a woman, her identity is just a wife and mother, life is filled with trivia, no self, no doubt the spirit is extremely empty.

No one cares whether they are happy or not, and no one cares whether this is an ideal life. If they are not paid attention to for a long time, their emotions can not be released, and they can not be satisfied spiritually.

This reality is particularly common in middle-aged marriages.


The most direct way to care for middle-aged and elderly women is to give her a balanced marriage. Husband and wife should not only get along with each other equally and respect each other, but also have the determination to share the responsibility.

Therefore, as a partner, you can care in these aspects:

1. Affirming the value of a partner

There is a line in the film find you: the demands on women in this era are too high. If you choose to be a working woman, some people will say that you are a bad mother; if you choose to be a full-time mother, some people will think that this is not a career.

A lot of women dont get noticed in marriage, in part because social labels are too heavy. Because of the prejudice of traditional thought to women, many efforts are ignored. In marriage, any kind of giving has its value and should be respected and seen.

2. Care about your partners needs

There is a sliding door moment in the game of love written by psychological Master John Gottman, which says: when one person in a couple expresses the need for connection, the other persons reaction can be to open the door and walk past, or close the door and turn away. This is the decisive moment for the relationship between two people to go to hell or heaven.

Whether you pay attention to or ignore your partners needs directly determines the direction of marriage.

Caring for your partners needs and caring for them is the best way to express love.

3. Growing up with your partner

Zhou Guoping once said: marriage is not only to tolerate and accept each others all, but also to change and grow together with marriage.

A good partner, will give you endless strength, let you see the beauty of the world again, no matter how big the future wind and rain, he will accompany in the side. He will not leave you to run first, but will take you to grow together, let each other become better people.

In a good marriage, partners have the courage to face each other.