Did the child row someone elses car? The father chose to do this

 Did the child row someone elses car? The father chose to do this

After reading the surveillance video, the police found that only a 10-year-old boy had appeared around the car, acting suspiciously, so they called the parents.

The boy insisted he wasnt rowing, just catching flies. But no one else appeared in the monitoring. The boys father didnt want to leave an impression of irresponsibility on the other sides car owners, so he took the initiative to pay 3500 yuan.

After returning home, the boy insisted that he had not really rowed.

After a long talk, father and son chose to believe in his son.

But how to prove it? It suddenly occurred to him that his dash cam was facing the car, which might be tuned to the monitoring at that time. Looking back at the monitor, he confirmed that his son did not do it.

The police officer on duty also took back the surveillance video of parking for 36 hours and found that although the boy passed by the car, his hands were in his pocket.

The childs father and the police division of labor one after another, found the picture of the owner entering the mall before, and found that there were obvious scratches on it at that time.

Two adults spent five days, with practical action to return the child a clean, this is totally unthinkable plot in daily life.

According to the common story, adults find that their children row a car, and it is reasonable to compensate for it. It is a routine operation to beat the children at home.

As for the police, it is more unlikely that after helping the owner find the suspect, they will work overtime to check the 36 hour video due to the excuse of bear child.

The boy is so lucky that he has a father who is willing to believe in himself and can handle problems with dignity. He also meets a responsible and patient policeman. Without any party, the cap of rowing bear child on the childs head cannot be removed.

It also shows how important it is to have a parent who can handle problems properly.

I remember two months ago, there was a news in Foshan, Guangdong Province. My mother called the police because her 7-year-old child did not admit to stealing. At that time, there was also a lot of praise on the Internet, saying that her mothers educational concept was good. To treat a seven year old daughter as a criminal?

The same is the child does not admit it. One choice is to call the police in front of outsiders and let the police educate the children. They are not willing to spend extra time and patience to communicate with the children. They will only use public humiliation to make the children yield.

The other chooses to lose money first, take the child away from the scene, talk with the child privately after returning home, and after confirming that he believes the child, he starts to find evidence and communicate with the police to win back the innocence of the child.

Similar cases, different treatment methods, higher judgment.

It is not difficult to imagine from the description of the boys father that the atmosphere of this family is usually relaxed and democratic, which is very important.

Now the great sage has a strong ability to express himself. He often goes home to tell us about his day. I dont just like to hear him talk about what kind of reward he got today, but also encourage him to talk about what trouble he has caused today.

Once he told me that he had been sent to the calm corner for a minute because of his small talk in class. My first reaction was to be happy and happy that the child was willing to be frank with us.

After praising his honesty, I asked him if he liked to go to the calm corner? He said he didnt like it. I said good, then we next class do not say small words, strive not to go, OK.

If you are a scold, over time, the child will no longer want to share anything with you. Out of fear, he would lie in his first reaction when he had trouble. You want to trust him, there is no place to start.

When it comes to lying children, the parents are the ones who should reflect.

Some things that seem small may affect a childs life. When a child was wronged, sometimes it will completely reverse the trajectory of a persons growth.

The strongest relationship between parents and children is that they dont lie or doubt. To destroy a parent-child relationship, it only needs a word of distrust.

There is a question on Zhihu: what is the most harmful thing for your parents? There are three words wronged in many Gao Zans answers.

Many childrens childhood is wronged by their parents. In the eyes of adults, children are born to lie. Even if they are wronged, wronging their own children is nothing. Anyway, after a period of time, they will forget.

They dont understand why children are so alienated when they are adults, and why they can remember so many small things when they are young.

When I was a child, the most envious parents among the children were not the richest parents, but those who could support their children. This waist is the love and trust of parents, and they are the last strength and support of children.