What toilet should he go to?

 What toilet should he go to?

As a matter of fact, the attitude towards urban beauty dishes has been recognized. In sympathizing articles, he was directly called she, while in the voice of opposition, he was clearly he.

I was hesitant in writing.

But people who have seen his video are still easily moved by his enthusiasm, humor and sincerity. He has his own unique charm. When he answered such privacy questions as going to the bathroom frankly, I believe that his self-awareness is women, and he has no intention of taking advantage of women in mens clothes.

But in the end, I chose to respect the law and public order and good customs.

ID card day is a man, he is still him. It is unfair to other women to insist on using a she, which I will say later.

The protagonist of alpacinos masterpiece hot afternoon is the bank that robbed in order to get the operation fee for the same-sex partner who has strong desire for sex change.

Im not hostile to transgender people. Gender cognitive impairment is a painful thing, most of which are born in DNA. Its unfair to use the words disgusting and obscene to describe them. They have the right to choose their own gender the day after tomorrow.

The publics desire to castrate urban beauty dishes is not entirely Malicious - how can we think you are really a sister? If its cut, its our own people.

There are many reasons not to do surgery. Some transgender people are suffering from the fact that they cant afford sex change surgery. After all, there are thresholds for sex change surgery, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

But a million year salary (probably more than) of the net red V city beauty dishes are obviously not in this category. The fundamental reason why he didnt go to the stage of sex change was that he could still accept male sexual organs. He didnt have to be a woman. In his heart, he still had some identity of male identity.

The summary of urban beauty dishes is: I want to do what sex I want to do. I will be a woman when I put on womens clothes, and I will be a man when I take off my makeup.

If a (physiological) man can enter the womens toilet and bath with a loud voice of Im a woman in my heart, and not to mention the sensory experience they bring to other women, the key is that we cant really judge whether the man is a real transgender, transvestite or a pervert who sneaks in in in the name of a transgender to invade women.

If we see such people in womens toilets and bathrooms, we have neither the obligation nor the right to check whether they have a diagnosis certificate of transgender with them - this is what the police have to do.

And the only thing we can do is call the police and send them to the police.

But is the problem solved by pushing the city beauty dishes back to the mens room? Obviously, they cant go back there.

Even if they dont have the final sex change surgery, its hard for them to force themselves into the mens room when theyre both psychologically and physically female. What kind of eyes should men look at when they go in?

Is there no third way out of either or between the two groups? Yes, that is to popularize sex free toilets.

Some shopping malls and scenic spots have special toilets for the disabled, and others are simply called the third toilet or sex free toilet. But looking at China as a whole, the proportion of these special toilets is too low.

A young female reader left a message saying that she was disgusted to see a boy in the womens toilet. No matter what difficulties the other side had, she did not understand or accept it.

It is selfish to insist on empathy.

She has some helplessness, I as a mother also have, and only more.

The reality can only be: they are very upset, but there is no way - boys under the age of four are brought into the womens toilet by their mother. You cant get rid of them. Even if they call the police, no one will pay attention to you - so they have to go online to vent their dissatisfaction.

And mothers, with greater anger, to fight back their dissatisfaction.

If we want to say the difference between mothers and urban beauty dishes, it may be that the former can get more sympathy and understanding, but in fact, there is not much essential difference in the harsh situation.

Every time I take my son into the womens toilet, I always apologize and try to make a quick decision. But should I really be the one who should say sorry?

Just like urban beauty dishes, womens heart is wrong in mens body, in the end, whats wrong with others?

Im sorry to say that these public places are not compatible with the needs of the minority. They are a society that can not be considered for the diverse population.

It is ridiculous that people with different needs and different values are forced to squeeze into the same narrow space, leaving them with the choice of confrontation or understanding.

Why cant the main road face the sky and go to one side?

Long live understanding, but a truly inclusive society has never lived by understanding, but by solving.