Painless three minutes, let them suffer half a life

 Painless three minutes, let them suffer half a life

Three minutes of painless pain, making them miserable for half a lifetime

What is the most common segment in Chinese youth movies?

I said it was abortion. No one should have a problem?

However, abortion, or artificial abortion, is not so simple as youth pain. Maybe most people in front of the screen dont know how much harm it can do to women.

According to who data, there are more than 56 million people undergoing induced abortion every year in the world. Among them, China accounts for one sixth of the worlds total, with more than 9.5 million. This does not include the number of medical abortion and induced abortion in unregistered private clinics.

01 the flow of people is more terrible than you think

u2460 How common is abortion

In addition to the number, the rationale behind abortion, and the harm it can cause to women, is even more surprising.

Induced abortion can be roughly divided into two categories: medical abortion and surgical abortion. The principle is to remove the embryo that was attached to the inner wall of the uterus.

Drug abortion seems simple, but the implementation of drug abortion, not only to ensure that the embryo development within 7 weeks and no ectopic pregnancy, the success rate is only about 80%.

Although the surgical wound can be avoided, but by taking medicine to block the childrens absorption of nutrients, so that the embryo necrosis and fall off, the uterus will also be violent spasmodic contraction.

This process is accompanied by unbearable abdominal pain, drug flow may also cause persistent bleeding, if not handled properly, it will lead to reproductive system infection.

And once the failure, will face Qing Gong, equal to drug abortion and surgical abortion have come again.

So many people will choose to have an abortion in the first place. According to the growth cycle and development of the fetus, surgical abortion is also divided into several types.

Aspiration curettage is usually used in fetuses of 5 to 13 weeks. Surgical instruments extend from the cervix and suck the fetus out of the uterus with a suction force of 20 times that of a household vacuum cleaner. After the straw is taken out, it is necessary to use a curette to gently scrape the inner wall of the uterus to ensure that there is no embryo residue.

At 5 to 6 months of age, dilated curettage is required. Two days before the operation, we need to plug dried seaweed sticks into the cervix of the mother to be. Only when they are fully expanded and the cervix is large enough, can the fetus be taken out smoothly. The doctor will use the curettage forceps to tear the fetal limbs from the trunk. At this time, the fully developed head of the fetus is relatively hard and needs to be crushed first and then cleaned.

If the fetus is more than 7 months old, induction of labor is needed. First, inject the pregnant womans abdomen to let the fetus die quickly, and then use the same method to dismember the fetus.

Although the market painless abortion propaganda everywhere, but painless flow of people in addition to the process of no sense, no reduction in physical injury, still may lead to various complications.

For example, the process of abortion of endometrium damage, may lead to infertility or habitual abortion; surgery may cause tubal blockage, resulting in ectopic pregnancy and internal bleeding.

u2462 Psychological injury

The two major psychological problems women may face after induced abortion are anxiety and depression, accompanied by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A study on the stress risk factors after induced abortion shows that more than 30% of women suffer from PTSD after induced abortion, and they will feel guilty, irritable, self-criticism and self hatred repeatedly.

On the other hand, the pressure from society will make it difficult for abortion women to get emotional catharsis channels, but fall into a deep sense of shame.

In 2013, American scholars pointed out that: abortion women are degraded as bad girls or degenerate women, and this kind of people has always been unable to obtain the full recognition and acceptance of the society.

The stigmatization of induced abortion results in womens inability to obtain the social emotional support they need. In order to avoid social accusations, they also tend to choose informal institutions for unsafe abortion, even risking their lives for face saving.

In September 2011, China Womens development foundation and other four units jointly launched the care to Iraq, care after abortion (PAC) project, to promote contraceptive knowledge to women and their spouses or male partners, and help them to choose suitable and timely effective pregnancy avoidance measures to avoid the harm of repeated induced abortion. The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University has been listed as PAC quality service hospital since November 2014, providing high-quality care services after induced abortion for more women of childbearing age. The obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University Medical College has also opened abortion contraception consultation clinic.

The black hand behind the pain of 0.02 million women

u2460 The price of decadent ideas

Just now, we have been talking about intraoperative and postoperative, but the root cause of abortion is actually peoples stigma for sex.

In the view of many people, sex is still a secret, shameful thing and should not be talked about publicly. Some people even think that the more ignorant is, the more simple it is. Sex education is a hard thing to say.

As Li Yinhe once said: there is no lack of generous talk about sex in our modern society, but few people talk about sex correctly.

In 2017, a school used cherish life - sexual health education for primary school students compiled by the childrens sex education research group of Beijing Normal University as a sex education textbook. However, parents questioned that the content was sensitive and the scale was too large. Later, the school was forced to take back the book and the textbook was taken off the shelves.

Parents cover up on sex, while schools dont talk about sex, which leads to the extreme lack of sex education. Many people have vulgar jokes, but they dont know about scientific physiological knowledge and correct contraceptive measures.

Teenagers can only gain knowledge about sex by stealth. Post Bar Forum, film and television works and street advertisements have become channels for young and ignorant boys and girls to learn. Various unreliable contraceptive methods are also emerging in endlessly.

In 2017, a survey on contraceptive knowledge conducted by China Womens development foundation showed that 18.8% of people believed that it was absolutely safe for men to ejaculate or stop ejaculation, and 13.5% thought it was absolutely safe to have sex during the safe period. Another 5.5% thought that women would not get pregnant if men did not reach orgasm, and 3.7% thought that they would not get pregnant if they took a shower immediately after having sex.

The seemingly ridiculous findings reflect our huge loopholes in sex education.

In addition, the youth films full of abortion surgery and the small advertisements full of wire poles also influence peoples understanding of abortion imperceptibly.

According to the survey, after accidental pregnancy, 86% of female adolescents will eventually choose abortion.

Artificial abortion, which is the last resort after an accident, has been taken as a contraceptive method by many people.

So, what are the real scientific and effective contraceptive methods?

At present, the main contraceptive methods can be roughly divided into male and female.

Condom is the most common male use, if you can adhere to and use correctly, the effective rate can reach 98%. Another common vasectomy is vasectomy, which is not 100% effective, and some men have some doubts about it.

Female contraceptive methods include female condom, emergency contraceptive, intrauterine device and so on.

Female condom is not common, but it has no side effects. The effective rate of correct use is more than 95%;

Emergency contraceptives need to be taken as soon as possible within 12 hours after sex, if more than 36 hours, the contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced. But birth control pills can cause abdominal pain, nausea and other side effects,

The intrauterine device, also known as the contraceptive ring mentioned in previous videos, can cause greater stimulation to womens body, and even lead to vaginal bleeding, uterine spasm and pelvic infection.

u2461 The importance of sex education

Correct and timely sex education is the only way to avoid the harm to women caused by induced abortion.

Sex education can help teenagers understand sex correctly and learn to protect themselves better.

Some people may think that talking about sex in public can make children have sex earlier, but research shows that sex education can delay the time of first sexual intercourse and reduce the number of sexual partners.

Turning a blind eye to contraception is not the solution.

Sex education in Sweden starts from kindergarten and forms a complete teaching system. Some data show that the phenomenon of teenage pregnancy and induced abortion in Sweden has decreased significantly since the implementation of sex education in schools.

Families, schools, communities and media in Holland will popularize sex education, and people can easily get relevant information. As a result, the Netherlands has one of the lowest rates of unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages in the world.

Sex has never been a monster. Shame and fear of sex are.

In the modern society with relatively backward science and technology, such shocking ways as taking castor oil orally, stuffing foreign bodies into the uterus and beating the abdomen have emerged in an endless stream, which has also brought great harm to womens bodies.

When modern abortion surgery first appeared, it brought relatively safe and reliable choices for women, but this progress has become a harm to women in the abuse.

Perhaps the first step to avoid this kind of harm is to face up to and understand sex; for girls who have no choice but to choose abortion, what we can do is not stigma and prejudice, but understanding and caring.

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