Home is the container of life. As chaotic as the home is, the more chaotic the mind is

 Home is the container of life. As chaotic as the home is, the more chaotic the mind is

A few days ago, a lot of my colleagues are still nostalgic about the National Day holiday.

Only one girl had a melancholy face.

It turned out that the room in her hometown was used as a storage room. When she went back, she saw that the place was full of things.

This feeling is not a fuss.

Because the work is busy, or the house is rented;

Many people just take home as a place to sleep and have no intention to take care of it.

Little do you know, home is the most easily overlooked, one of the root causes of depression.

Today, lets have a chat;

Those small problems in the latent home are how to make people depressed.

There is a variety show in South Korea called novel arrangement.

In the show, the stars invite professionals to clean up their homes.

Do not see do not know, these beautiful appearance of artists, the home is full of chaos.

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Clearly living in a spacious villa, but can stack each room into a warehouse, no place to go.

Because they cant distinguish clean clothes from dirty clothes, some people cry in the laundry several times.

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Although we ordinary people dont have so many things, many peoples rooms are in a mess.

Some people may be curious: just a little chaos in the home, will really lead to psychological problems?


A messy room can lead to an increase in stress hormones, which can lead to anxiety.

If its your roommate or partner who is sloppy, it will also affect your relationship.

By the way, many people now worry about procrastination.

There is also a substantial link between procrastination and clutter, the study found.

As a matter of fact, breaking away from home itself is also an act of pressure relief.

Throwing away unnecessary things can bring us a sense of liberation and enhance our self-control and acceptance.

Because clean, so happy; because clean, so not anxious.


Commuting time is consuming your happiness

Q: Ignoring other factors, who do you think is more likely to be lazy at work?

Employee a: half a city away from the company, commuting four hours a day.

Employee B: you can get to the company within 15 minutes walk.

The answer is employee a.

When a person leaves work, whether by subway or bus, this commuting time will be default to working time.

Even, there is no salary during this period, which makes people feel like they are working overtime in vain.

In order to balance the mood, people who commute for a long time are more likely to be lazy at work, not to mention the bus congestion is really tired.

A scientific research article points out that:

The longer people spend commuting, the lower their job satisfaction.

Even for office workers who commute for many years, they still have high levels of stress hormones when they come to the company by bus and subway.

In spite of this, moving is not just a trip, and changing jobs is not so easy.

What we can solve is how to minimize the anxiety of commuting.

On the subway in the morning, many people will choose to listen to songs or brush videos to relax.

But doing so may increase work pressure.

Relaxing for a long time before going to work will make it more difficult for a person to enter the working state and interfere with the ability of state transition.

Try to prepare your speech for the next morning meeting 10 minutes before you get off the train and arrange the schedule for the day.

Switching to work thinking ahead of time will make you more efficient and reduce the burden.

As for after work, just relax. After all, there is no salary for commuting time!


Some treasure has a magical product called noise counterattack artifact.

Countless people who complained about their lively neighbors resolutely chose to buy them back home.

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Some people are more easygoing and think Ill adapt to it.

But the reality is grim

Whether its the noise of children in the neighborhood, the car whistle on the road outside the window;

No matter how long you put up with it, you cant fully adapt to the interference of noise.

Even, people sometimes suffer from cognitive impairment in order to adapt to noise.

Cant think of it, the neighbor sooner or later decoration, but also reduce your IQ!

Its not just noise, but any attempt to defuse negative emotions is harming our body and mind.

Many people always think that its OK to be patient and not really face it.

Can endure for a while more think more gas, step back more want more loss, the final disease from the heart.

There are a lot of negative factors in life that cant be subsided with time. Its more important to eliminate them in time.


No place to exercise u2248 no place to be happy

But it is often ignored for psychological benefits, especially many friends who lose weight, when it comes to exercise, it is tired.

This is actually related to the motivation one gives to sports.

If you expect to lose a few pounds by running a few laps, or if you have to run a few kilometers at the first attempt, exercise will put pressure on you in turn.

But in fact, in people who exercise a lot, the brain secretes a peptide that governs peoples psychology and behavior.

And this magic peptide, can make the central nervous system get moderate stress, relieve anxiety symptoms.

Especially rhythmic aerobic exercise, such as aerobics, cycling or swimming.

On the other hand, if a person doesnt have room for exercise at home, there is no running area or gym nearby.

Or to put it simply, Ta is lazy / doesnt like sports.

In the long run, the persons way of looking at problems will become more pessimistic, and depression will be easier to come to.

And after suffering from depression, the active sports activities will be more exclusive, forming a vicious circle.

I really dont have time. Doing housework and taking a long walk after work are all sports.


The influence of a persons living environment on physical and mental health is obvious.

In a variety show, artist Huang Yali once shared her home decorated by herself.

He painted the wall himself, opened the ground to grow vegetables, doodled on the dishes, and named his own family.

This love of life has nurtured her infinite creativity. Finally, she made her own stage and costumes and stepped onto the new years stage.

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The heart of home management, itself is a full of happiness.

Between the so-called square inches, there is a world.

No matter how small the house is, it can be a haven away from depression.

As you live, life gives back to you.