I cant laugh when my 61 year old aunt falls in love with Jin Dong

 I cant laugh when my 61 year old aunt falls in love with Jin Dong

The fake Jindong hid behind the warm smile of the real Jindong, and they booed the elder sisters every day, and then asked them to help their younger brother and pay for the Sanwu products in his live broadcast.

She said that she had never experienced love in her life, for the first time, because he understood her.

Her so-called understanding is just a few clich u00e9 s, such as sister dressed in cold weather, I know its hard for you to let me take care of you, even if I cant be together, I will always love you This is a trick that swindlers have long been used to.

Under the fake Jin Dongs account, such messages are everywhere.

Through these crazy women, I see the inhumane loneliness.

Ms. Huangs subsequent hysteria was not because she could not see the reality clearly, but if the relationship was false, she did not even know how to face it in the future.

Such a story can not be simply interpreted as another Yang Lijuan 2.0 who pursues the stars and is possessed by demons. Instead, a woman living in a stagnant water is given the right to dream again by chance.

Unfortunately, no fairy tales have ever been written for them.

I think of Xu Anhuas film [aunts Postmodern Life], which is a seriously underestimated work and one of the few works that reaches out to the spiritual world of middle-aged and elderly women.

She has the arrogance and slowness of an old-fashioned intellectual. She dislikes her coarse husband when she goes to the countryside. She abandons her husband and daughter and returns to Shanghai alone for several years.

She creates her own elite image everywhere, speaks traditional London accent english and lives in the lie of daughter in Los Angeles. She keeps 14 parrots and a jar of fish. She has nothing to sing about Beijing opera. She is good at calculation and exquisite.

Swindler pan Zhichang happened to appear in her life at the right time. He knew what he was interested in. A few authentic Peking Opera tunes stirred her heartstrings.

Her aunt, who has been striving for her whole life, has no choice but to bid farewell to her pursuit of postmodernism and return to the home where she tried to escape decades ago. She endured her husbands untidy spitting and her daughters son-in-law who quarreled day and night to meet her trivial life.

At the end of the film, the fashionable aunt has completely become a standard northeast peasant woman.

She set up a shoe stand with her wife. She was white on the temples, wrapped in a turban, and folded her hands. She shrank into a thick military coat.

When eating salted vegetables, she specially looked back and saw that no one was paying attention to it. Then she picked up one from the lunch box and ate it on her own with steamed bread.

At the back of the radio, a sad singing voice came out: when the auspicious day is good, when you laugh, why does the shark bead turn into tears? At this time, I realized how to taste the rich in the world. There are also hungry, cold and sad embrace, there are also frustrated wailing. If the people in the sedan chair play different tunes, they will have a secret feeling in their hearts. .

There are also many such writers in literary works. For example, the third fairy in the marriage of little erhei and Emma in Madame Bovary.

Sanxianggu is the Chinese version of Emma. She loves beauty, boldness, and pursues freshness, excitement and romance all her life. However, when she was 15 years old, she married an honest peasant who had no resonance with herself and would only die in the field.

Whats different is that Flaubert showed his deep sympathy to Madame Bovary from beginning to end. He even said, Emma is myself..

What he explores is the contradiction of human nature and the root cause of social tragedy.

But this kind of compassion to the soil of traditional Chinese values, immediately acclimatized. She became a typical villain in Zhao Shulis works, who was obscene in nature, uneasy about his room, fond of leisure and hate work, selfish, and set female shortcomings in one.

Such women, like Pan Jinlian, are either dissected by Wu Song, or they have to undergo ideological transformation and become a simple working woman.

If their husband is some kind of son of a bitch, they can still get a trace of sympathy from the world, but they are married to be honest and honest people.

Their common characteristic is: honest, but not interesting. They are more like the innocent victims of a marriage than their earthly wives.

Tiktoks husband can not say that he doesnt care about his wife. He sees that she is in a bad mood and actively takes all the household duties. She only has a lot of time to brush her mobile phone and indulge in her voice.

But he didnt understand her.

He advised her that people are stars, have a wife, how can you like you, it is true, but the meaning conveyed is full of contempt for his wife.

He didnt want to take a moment to ask his wife what she was thinking and what her inner desire was. The purpose of a womans marriage is to live a solid life. Chen Yu said something similar to Zhong Xiaoqin.

However, once in age, womens pursuit of happiness becomes a joke that no one asks.

In particular, Huang Yue, a rural woman with low education level, is a desert that even womens rights are reluctant to set foot in.

They are only worthy of living as old people should be. They should be diligent and thrifty, save money to buy houses for their children and look after the next generation for them.

No one talked to them about their lives other than oil and salt.

So they finally came, one after another Jin Dong..