How to deliver tea to leaders to reflect the value? Dont be silly to say the price, the master uses three hidden rules

 How to deliver tea to leaders to reflect the value? Dont be silly to say the price, the master uses three hidden rules

Therefore, no matter within the system, or outside the system of private enterprises, private enterprises and foreign enterprises, there are professional rules, and gifts that affect the performance of duties are not allowed. Therefore, this paper firmly opposes the gift giving behavior. The following words are based on (outside of the system) human exchanges in the business field, such as thanking the leader of a company for his care, a leader helping him to do things, asking a leader to help solve problems, etc., which does not belong to the scope of bribery.

First, the disadvantages of sending tea.

First, it is difficult to price tea. If you send tea, if you dont make a price tag, others will not know what you mean. Even if you put a price tag, people will not believe it, because the price of tea is too high. Especially for those who dont know about tea, if you send him high-grade tea with a unit price of 10000 yuan, he doesnt know. Youre not casting pearls and sneaking.

Second, the purchase of tea cost. You go to buy high-end tea, if you are not a professional, easy to be cheated. The water of high price tea is too deep, you may have bought inferior tea at high price, even expired tea. You paid a lot of money to send water goods, which may offend the leader, and stealing chicken will not erode rice.

Third, tea is sometimes in season. Tea, in China is a kind of culture, tea has a shelf life, there is also a seasonal period, when to send what tea is exquisite. If you dont know what to do, you will lose the talk when you deliver tea. If you spend money, you will be despised by the leaders. If you give me expired inferior tea, is this playing with me? If things cant be done, the relationship will collapse.

Fourth, the storage period of tea is short. General brand of tea, leadership is not lack, even can not drink. The tea you buy like cutting meat may be thrown away by the leaders at will, and your strong intention will also be idle.

Tea delivery is a popular gift giving tradition 20 years ago. For example, when the tea season comes, the company will purchase a batch of tea and visit the superior, customers, Party A or related parties separately. Its good-looking, light, practical, and a little elegant.

Therefore, we should look at the problem dialectically. Sending tea leaves has both disadvantages and advantages. For example, the opacity of tea price is objectively a disadvantage, and subjectively it can also be transformed into advantages. It is because the price is not easy to define, it is easy for leaders to accept, there is no psychological burden. Now and in the future, the workplace ecology is becoming more and more decentralized and contractual. Of course, with the increase of income and the improvement of living standards, the superiors dont need to complicate the workplace relationship for a little gift. In terms of human nature, no one wants to be ungrateful. They prefer to maintain a simple workplace relationship with their subordinates. Leaders do not lack that little gift, the key is to know your heart, know that you have a heart of gratitude is enough, everyone hates the white eyed wolf, giving gifts is not important, showing the most important intention.

If the leaders dont understand tea, you cant say how much the tea was bought, turning emotional communication into a transaction.. The leader thought, you must have something to ask me, do you want to ask me a price? Let the leader naturally have a psychological burden, may be rejected because you dislike. You can hint, never say so. You can say lightly: leader, I heard that this kind of tea is very delicious, refreshing and healthy. You usually think deeply about problems. Today, Id like to invite you to have a taste of it. So far. The boss is not stupid, he is more knowledgeable than you, use a mobile phone search to know.

Third, the skill of delivering tea.

In todays society, tea delivery has both disadvantages and advantages. Even in some cases, tea delivery is the only choice. For example, you cant judge the relationship between you and the leader, and the things to send off are not appropriate. For example, giving money, cards and other expensive gifts are all suspected of bribery, and the other party dare not accept them. For another example, if you dont know the leader, you can only visit the office and send gifts such as tobacco and alcohol, which are taboo and have risks. The leaders dare not accept it. Pushing and shoving are not good-looking. The key is that leaders think you are not sensible and have no eyes. They blame you not for giving gifts but for causing trouble. In the face of this situation, sending tea is a better choice, which can be advanced or withdrawn. If you put two boxes of tea in the office, you can understand. After all, in the office, everyone wants to drink tea.

So, to deliver tea, we should pay attention to practical skills. If it is good, the leaders will accept it happily and remember your intention; if it is not delivered properly, you will soon be forgotten.

How to let the leader know the price of tea? Stupid people send text messages, but high people do these three things.

u30101u3011 Send tea with sincerity.

If you know tea, you can choose it by yourself; if you dont know tea, please choose it for you. Do not deceive others, spend a small amount of money to buy that kind of Sanwu tea, the package is very beautiful, fake high-grade goods. You let the other party see flowers in the fog, others are not stupid, if you want to hide from the sky and the sea, others will let you go out of the house, do not point out in front of you, and you will be black in the heart.

u30102u3011 You should be able to deliver tea.

You send a pile of ordinary tea, the leader put it casually, and forget it the next day. Since we want to give it away, we should be able to get it. We should have a unified price for the relatively high-end, familiar and clear at a glance, so as to make the value manifest. If you want to send a large brand, even if you spend several hundred yuan more, dont send the goods of ordinary quality. If you send them, you will also give them in vain. There is a big gap between the cost performance of the two.

u30103u3011 Tea should be delivered according to your heart.

The other party never drinks green tea, but you send green tea. The leader does not like your gift is the second, the key is that he thinks you dont understand me. If possible, you can ask the leaders what kind of tea they like to drink? No conditions, you go to his office and take a glance at the coffee table. You can say this: leader, my relatives want to do this black tea business. I know that you have a deep knowledge of black tea, so I specially sent two boxes of authentic black tea from the manufacturer. Please help me to taste it and I will pass on my opinions to my relatives. It is clearly that you give him a gift, but it seems that the leader is helping you. If the leader has feedback, you will send him two more boxes next time. Thank him for his comments. If you come and go, you will be his person.