Men live show off the number of young women, surrounded by countless people: please, help them!

 Men live show off the number of young women, surrounded by countless people: please, help them!

The trumpet of a middle-aged man records and takes care of the lives of his daughters.

Just this sentence, there is a foul smell on the screen.

According to him, there are three working daughters.

One is Yingying, a 20-year-old daughter slave she met online;

His tweets are almost all Daily for him and his daughters.

In words, its all foul language.

I havent changed my uniform yet...

His keyboard under the Tong, just like a good child..

For his animal desire, Tongtong will respond to his request.

Another day without shame.

Did he use Twitter as a pornographic site?

No, its disgusting!


On June 4, he tweeted to find junior high school students in Nanjing who were short of money.

On June 7, he began to show off:

In Nanjing these days, I spend ten thousand yuan, but I can sleep without Tao..

What makes people think deeply is still to come.

There were 314 people in the group, and there was no bottom line in the conversation.

Two men and one woman or two women and one man? Or three boys?

It turns out that they not only love children, but also love the same.

Some people offered to drive another wave of baby carriages.

Some people openly recruit prostitutes..

15, 240 at a time, 500 per night..

Some people may ask: are these not against the law?

Dont worry, there will be veteran to popularize legal knowledge.

What is an old hand? Must have been through a lot of fighting.

There are even people who chat live in the group.

Release a large number of private photos of underage girls.

Its name is: resource sharing.

Every picture is shocking

In order to satisfy the animal desire, these monsters can do anything!

Nevertheless, the victim guilt theory still comes.

Its strange that girls are too young to be mature.

Im a little jealous.

Compared with paedophilia, the bystanders tremor and cleverness are more chilling.

But we dont know that the devil is around us.

In the first half of 2019, there were 114 cases of child molestation.

In the past two and a half years, 8332 cases of child molestation were concluded.

These are just what we see.

How much more is hidden in the corner, no one knows.

Remember the domestic version of room n?

There are a lot of indecent images in room n in China.

One of the forums has more than 8 million registered members.

According to the source, in the home page of the website, there are a large number of photos of the body exposed by the minor Luo.

There are some very exciting words at the bottom of each picture.

What makes people helpless is that there are tens of thousands of people replying to the posts under each photo.

Its easy to see these pictures.

If it is 50 yuan, if there are 100 people to charge, that is 5000 yuan.

Think of 8 million people charged, is not counting money to count soft?

Is it really tolerable to take such huge profits?

But what Im more curious about is, why do they dare?

After a thorough inquiry, it is even more despairing.

For example, a forum website, its registered address is abroad.

2u3001 The platform is extremely rampant.

Even if the platform is frozen, users can use the records of recharge members to refund.

In other words, after-sales service is guaranteed.

The platform is not available. The package is refunded.

Then turn around and look for the next platform.

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

Few people know how terrifying paedophilia can be for victims.

83% had thought of suicide;

60% of them tried to commit suicide;

30% of the people, nightmares become reality, life is not like death.

Photo source: B station @ Ted selected speech

In other words, most of them live in the shadow every day.

But sadly, few people can really hear their cry for help..

On August 24 and 25, 2019, a 17-year-old girl in Hangzhou twice tried to jump into the river to commit suicide.

Fortunately, they were rescued by firemen twice.

After the fact, the girl was molested in 2017.

One time before class, the teacher in charge of a class in his 40s took the reason of analyzing the examination results.

Bring her into the office and molest her.

The head teacher also threatened her: dont tell the parents.

As a result of long-term torture, the girl was unable to communicate with others.

She didnt know whether to tell her parents.

Later, he was enlightened by a psychologist.

She tried to use simple words to tell the pain in her heart.

Trembling, she wrote down the words office, school uniform, blood, pain..

After looking at those crooked words, I felt stuck in my throat.

Obviously, he held back a thousand words, but could not say a word.

I once saw a real story.

Her name is Anne kelucas. Shes a victim.

There, she was beaten, abused and even turned into a sex slave every day.

In this way, he was imprisoned for six years.

According to statistics, in six years, she was qj1716 hours in total.

I cant imagine, this is just a girl under 10 years old

And this is not the end of the nightmare.

Good people raised her up and continued to sexually abuse her.

She had never seen a glimmer of sunshine in the best time of her life.

Fortunately, she was very strong.

She said, I want to live.

Finally, she managed to escape the abyss and regain her freedom.

Unexpectedly, it was spurned by the whole world.

People around her called her slut, promiscuous...

Obviously, he is the victim, but he is accused by thousands of people.

She said: all the pain that the sense of powerlessness and shame has caused to me is a sharp pain.

When she was interviewed, she choked and wiped tears.

Im cured, Im a child, Im a victim, its not my fault.

Yes, its not her fault. It doesnt need to be judged by the world.

Its time to beat and scold. The devil who pushed her into the abyss.

But what about the devil?

They are at large and lawless.

Cant a child go to law if hes sexually assaulted?


But more parents will choose silence.

Because of the litigation law, the result may not be satisfactory.

Wang Zhenhua was sentenced to five years in prison.

Wang Zhenhua didnt give up his heart and yelled: Laozi wants to appeal! I want to be acquitted!

His five years, the life of an underage girl.

What the hell is that?!

You know, if you put it abroad, you may not be so lucky.


Chemical castration is used to suppress the sexual desire of child sex abusers, and pedophilia is not allowed to show any signs.

Even dolls that are too lifelike are banned.

he republic of korea.


For sexual violence crimes, chemical castration was carried out to eradicate pedophilia.

In some countries, even without chemical castration, they will be flogged.

For example, Singapore.

So we are really kind to the devil.

Only wish the law to punish severely, do not let go of every devil.

Let every child grow up smoothly and grow up in the sunshine.

But I would like to tell you more than to call on the law to severely punish the devil and condemn the devils shame

How to protect the child well.

I know, a lot of people find sex education hard to talk about.

I dont even think its necessary. The kids are young.

Some time ago, a teacher taught children about pregnancy.

It has aroused strong dissatisfaction from some parents.

The parents said, my daughter is only 9 years old. Is she a grade who can listen to these things?

Im really sweating for this parents child.

You think the child is too young, the devil will not wait for the child to grow up.

Ignorance, no sense of self-protection of children, is the devils favorite target.

Sex education.

Every parent should wake up to prevent their children from being sexually assaulted!

1) Dont be shy about sex.

On weekdays, through different scenes or occasions, introduce the children to various parts of the human body.

When it is touched by an outsider, it should be informed in time.

When you find that her behavior is abnormal, be sure to check it.

It cant be ignored, including her emotions.

3) Prevent undressing in front of strangers.

Tell the child not to undress in front of strangers without a guardian.

No matter when and where.

4) If the child is unfortunately sexually assaulted, dont be silent!

When misfortune happens,

1u3001 Alarm;

2u3001 Take your child to a psychologist.

Dont hide, it will only bring immeasurable shadow to children.

Liu Cixin once said: people are used to separating everything from black and white, but unfortunately, the reality is all gray.

We can never imagine how many evils are growing in places where the sun cant shine.

Our children can only be protected by themselves!

At the same time, everyone should resist spontaneously, expose and report every demon.

Lets start now! Do your best to protect the children!