Fu Bang inherits the qualification of August 1, and each team gives two players to help build the team

 Fu Bang inherits the qualification of August 1, and each team gives two players to help build the team

According to the truth, Fubang group should get the CBA quota for the Bayi mens basketball team to withdraw from the CBA. Fubang groups previous statements also show that they have the idea of forming their own team to play CBA. However, Fubang is facing great pressure in terms of human, material and financial resources to establish a CBA team in a short time. It is reported that Fubang once hoped to transfer the players and coaches of Bayi team directly to Fubons new team, but it was rejected. This has also become the biggest obstacle for Fubon club to participate in the CBA. The Red Star News reporter learned from an insider that the league has basically determined that Fubang group will inherit the CBA qualification of Bayi team. CBA company has proposed that each club support two Fubang club players respectively and form teams to participate in the CBA of this season as soon as possible. The proposal will be submitted to CBAs board of directors for deliberation and voting by all shareholders.

In addition, it is reported that there was a reverse delisting scheme for the introduction of Bayi players, but it was strongly opposed by Bayi players, this is understandable, because for players, this scheme can not maximize their interests. In the end, the plan went to nothing. At present, there is a high probability that Bayi players will not be able to play this season.

Previously, it was speculated that CBA may expand the army next season, but according to the information learned by the Red Star News reporter, it is unlikely that the CBA will expand to 22 units next season, because it involves the grouping problem, which will cause the problem of rotation.

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