Ant group takes Hangzhou custom plot, the price of this area will rise again

 Ant group takes Hangzhou custom plot, the price of this area will rise again

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By Yang Bingke

This is a clay pat waiting for the official to announce the fall of the hammer.

On October 21, the whole city of Hangzhou was paying attention to the bidding, auction and listing results of Zhijiang commercial land. Almost without any suspense, ant group won the plot with a total price of 2.698 billion yuan, a floor price of 5194 yuan per square meter and a zero premium rate.

According to the bidding, auction and listing information, Zhijiang plot will be listed on September 21, 2020, with a deposit of 2.4 billion yuan. The application will start on October 11. Specifically, Zhijiang plot area is 207800 square meters, floor area ratio is 2.5, the total aboveground floor area is not more than 519545 square meters, the green space rate is not less than 25%, the building density is not more than 45%, and the height limit is 130 meters.

In terms of geographical location, Zhijiang commercial area is adjacent to Qiantang River in the East, Zhijiang bridge in the south, Hengda Crystal International Plaza under construction in the west, Zhipu Road Station of Zhijiang Ocean Park under construction of Metro Line 6 and Zhijiang future community under planning.

Strict bidding conditions are set for the plot, requiring the bidder or the holding company of the actual controller of the bidder to have an annual consolidated operating income of no less than 100 billion yuan; the transferee shall not transfer all the real estate and land within 10 years from the date of passing the land review and acceptance; after 10 years, it can be transferred as a whole, and can not be transferred separately.

As soon as the bidding, auction and listing information of the above-mentioned commercial sites in Hangzhou came out, many people in the Hangzhou market agreed that this was a customized plot of ant financial services, and the news that ant financial services settled in Zhijiang also changed from rumor to final confirmation.

A week ago, Hangzhou municipal government and ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework. According to the agreement, the global headquarters of ant group was officially settled in Hangzhou. This official announcement once again points to the plot to be shot on the Hangzhou river.

Today, the rumored news was finally defeated, and ant gold formally entered Zhijiang.

Before the official fall of the hammer, smell sensitive speculators have already begun to act.

Zhao Qi, a Hangzhou real estate speculator, told the interface news reporter that he had heard the rumors that ant gold had settled in Zhijiang, he went to one of Alis 18 Arhats for confirmation.

After getting confirmation, Zhao Qi immediately went to Zhijiang to buy second-hand houses. At that time, under the market rumors, many buyers flocked to Zhijiang to see the house, but not everyone dared to buy the house of Zhijiang.

The project of Yuzhou u00b7 binzhijiang is the most seen and transacted project by customers. According to the statistics of my love family, from October 12 to October 18, there were 12 second-hand houses in the property, with a unit price of 36800 yuan / m2, which won the first sales in the main urban area last week.

From the listing price point of view, yuzhoubinzhijiang all housing collective rose 300000-500000. We should know that a year ago, the owners of binzhijiang were still complaining about the slow development of Zhijiang plate, and the fine decoration quality of binzhijiang project itself was too poor, which was not the 5000 yuan / m2 publicized by the developers at all, and the fine decoration standards announced by the project did not match the name.

Not only is the binzhijiang project, with the news of ants settling in the river, the price of the second-hand houses of the whole binzhijiang plate has risen. Zhao Qi said that after he found a house in Zhijiang in early September, he could no longer find a house with high cost performance. Everywhere, landlords were reluctant to sell or even raised prices on the spot.

In terms of new houses, there are only two new housing projects on sale in Zhijiang plate, namely, yanheng Xiangsheng u00b7 coral century and Xiangsheng u00b7 Yunjing. Among them, the latest lottery of Yanlord Xiangsheng u00b7 coral century was on September 27, with a total of 85 houses, attracting 1237 groups of customers to sign up, and the winning rate was only 6.87%, which was the lowest since the project opened.

In addition to residences, Zhongrong Blue City Co. C ideal city, an apartment project in Zhijiang plate, is also highly valued by the market. A sales reporter told the interface news reporter that dozens of units could be sold in one day at most.

Because of the landing of ant gold, the situation of Zhijiang plate has been completely different. Before that, most of the buyers chose the river as the result of the second best choice. They valued the product building ability of yanheng or the educational resources of the West Lake District.

Now, what buyers are talking about is ant gold service, which means that the future population within the plate has strong economic strength. For Zhijiang, with the arrival of heavyweight enterprises, the plate as a whole will usher in better development opportunities.

In July 20th of this year, Alipay group ant group announced that it would launch a plan to synchronously issue shares on the Shanghai stock exchange and The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limiteds main board.

On August 25, the prospectuses submitted by ant group on Sci tech Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that from 2017 to 2019, the operating income of ant group increased from 65.396 billion yuan to 120.618 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 35.81%. In the first half of 2020, the operating income was 72.528 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 38.0%.

In the future, with the successful listing of ant financial services, millionaires and even Billionaires will be successfully mass produced. According to incomplete statistics, ant financial will have at least 60 millionaires after it is listed. These people will be potential buyers of Hangzhou Zhijiang plate.

Source: responsible editor of interface news: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541