Huaweis response to Swedens ban on its participation in 5g Construction: unfair and unacceptable

 Huaweis response to Swedens ban on its participation in 5g Construction: unfair and unacceptable

On October 21, the Russian satellite news agency reported that Sweden banned Huawei and ZTE from participating in the construction of its 5g network for security reasons. According to a statement received by satellite news agency, a Huawei spokesman said in the statement that the company was surprised and disappointed that the Swedish post and Telecommunications Administration had banned its equipment from entering the 5g network.

A Huawei spokesman said Huawei was 100% owned by employees and the Swedish government accused Huawei of posing a security threat, but there was no factual basis to support it. The statement pointed out that the Swedish governments exclusion of Huawei was entirely based on groundless assumptions and unfair and unacceptable.

Huawei has never, and will never, pose even a small threat to Swedens network security, the statement said. Excluding Huawei will not make Swedens 5g network more secure. On the contrary, competition and innovation will be severely hampered.

A Huawei spokesman added that the company would carefully assess the impact of the Swedish Telecommunications Authoritys decision and hoped that the Swedish government would reassess the decision in the spirit of fairness and open market.

In response to this, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden responded on the 20th that China firmly opposes the abuse of the concept of national security. Without any factual basis and conclusive evidence, it violates market rules and the principle of fair competition, excludes specific enterprises in specific countries, suppresses Chinese enterprises with the charge of no need to have and artificially blocks cooperation. China urges the Swedish government to follow the market principles of open development and fair competition, re-examine relevant decisions, and provide Chinese enterprises with an open, fair, fair and non discriminatory business environment to safeguard the overall situation of mutual opening up.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 21st that China is strongly dissatisfied with the Swiss decision. Huawei and ZTE and other Chinese enterprises have strictly abided by local laws for many years, actively promoted Sino Swiss information and communication technology cooperation, and made positive contributions to the infrastructure construction of Sweden. The Chinese market is also open to European companies, including Sweden. In the absence of any evidence, the Swiss side, on the pretext of national security, shamelessly discredited Chinese companies, overtly suppressed Chinese telecom enterprises and politicized normal economic cooperation. This practice is contrary to Swedens market economy principles of freedom, openness, fairness and non discrimination, and also violates the rules of international trade and investment. Switzerland should uphold an objective and fair attitude, correct the wrong decisions, and avoid negative impacts on China Switzerland economic and trade cooperation and Swiss enterprises operation in China.

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Chinas response to Swedens ban on Chinese enterprises participating in 5g construction